The Morodo Group has announced that their VoIP app, MO-Call, is now available for Windows Phones running Windows Mobile.

According to the Press Release,

"MO-Call is free to download and new users receive free credit to trial the service. After the trial is over, MO-Call customers only pay for the minutes they use. MO-Call’s low international rates start from as little as 0.7p per minute and can save customers up to 90% compared to traditional mobile and telephone network operators."

In looking at local rates, calls within the United States will run you $.01 per minute. International rates range from $.03 per minute to the United Kingdom to $.14 per minute to Tanzania.  VoIP to VoIP calls are free. You also have the capability to send SMS messages over Mo-Call.

Mo-Call can also be accessed through fixed line phones and your computer.  For the a listing of all the compatible Windows Phones, download information and rates head on over to