Mobile Justice: SMS your phone for its GPS Location

Here's a neat little app: MobileJustice. If your WM Phone has GPS on it, this little app can run in the background and listen for a certain SMS message - the one you send it asking where the heck it is - to which it auto replies with GPS coordinates. They recommend using it for lost or stolen phones, but I have a much better idea: Strap your phone on the back of a stray dog, wait two days, then go looking: extreme geocaching!

MobileJustice is a freeware anti theft application for Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices that allows you to monitor and search your mobile phone via GPS coordinates.The application consists of four modules:1. SimMon (sim card monitor, started at windows startup)2. RemoteMonitor(parses incoming SMS messages and sending replies)3. GpsReport (get GPS position and send it to phones listed in command line)4. MJConfig (configuration utility)

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WC Staff