Mobile transition earns Microsoft second place in new brand rankings

Microsoft has earned itself the second top spot for being the world's most valuable brand, trailing Apple and leading Google. Thanks to a transition to mobile, Forbes is ranking Microsoft second and gives the company a brand value of $63 billion, which is up from prior years. Microsoft's focus on mobile, its successes with the cloud, and coveted NFL sponsorship all helped to bolster the company's brand reputation.

According to Forbes:

Microsoft ranks second with a value of $63 billion, up 11% after being flat the previous three years, as the brand works to make the transition to a mobile world. Microsoft has recently had more success with its move away from the PC and software licensing model towards cloud offerings.

The publication says that Microsoft still has a lot of work ahead as its Surface tablets battle Apple's iPad.

What do you think of the rankings? Do you think Microsoft should rank higher or lower?

Source: Forbes

Chuong Nguyen

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  • YAY MICROSOFT!   My fav brand in the world.  <3
  • Mine as well.
  • Yaa mine also
  • Apple is just so dull and boring and cliche... Microsoft always brings something new to the table!
  • And then 3 years later apple invents it!
  • Yeh, thee so late man. Apple says: "Welcome to 2012"
  • I beg your pardon! It does not invent it. Three years later, Apple INNOVATES it! :))
  • Sure... Maybe innovates way more lame than it already is...
  • Same here. I wish I could work there someday.
  • Internship!
  • Best brand in tech no doubt
  • Now google may cry.. :p -.-
  • +1
  • Finally, Microsoft gets what they deserve :D
    Apple can fuck off for all I care. Always selling their overpriced shit
  • They can sell overpriced boring crap over and over, people would still buy them because they have the apple logo lol.
  • I printed a white cutout of the Apple logo and put it on the back of my daughter's Lumia 521. She LOVES it!
  • LMAO. Nice one. Hope she doesn't recognize Cortana's sassy voice compared to the dull voice Siri has.
  • My Apple intensive company has jut bought a.......Surface Pro 3. Now for my company that is a start a really big start.
  • Make sure to show off how awesome it is and the useful things it can do!
  • Bring out the flagship innovative Surface phone then they can be #1. They need a device that people talk highly about. Not some low end phones.
  • #1 #PCMasterRace
  • Yes!
  • +780
  • Yeah 2nd is fine seeing how the media is all up in Tim cook's anus... Oops
  • Wrong but funny LOL +635
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  • Wow.... Just wow..... That's really funny, Lmao!
  • I see what you did there.....
  • Hey, that was his gift.
  • I hope no one from Civil Rights reads this, LOL!!
  • .... I can't even...
  • That was shitty.... MICROSOFT should be in first place!
  • Lol too soon guys?...... Hahaha
  • LOL +1020
  • I can gladly confirm that the media is shoved up there pretty deep
  • Wait, about a month ago, wasn't Microsoft 4th?
  • I think so!
  • It's time for Number One. Hopefully they will start to get the hipster cred they have been deserving of the last few years.
  • Yep, hipsters are what Microsoft needs to take off in their new direction. And you know what, I think Band might just be their key into the hipster world.
  • The hipster crowd is going to be VERY tough. idk how it is in other parts of the world but in the US the hipster/young generation that is NOT tech educated. They are going to be tough. And its not that they don't trust Microsoft products, they and their surroundings are so in to Apples ecosystem that I mean, what else can I say lol people line up 2 weeks before an iPhone release and don't know why... Google also faces this, but they've had the help of Samsung. Say what you will but Samsung has been the only company to break through with their marketing, almost resembling Apple if you will.
  • ipod touch/nano is the 'gateway' device for ages 5-13
  • That was for overall corporations.. This is just in mobile.
  • Forbes has been pretty nice to MS these days
  • Microsoft is at it's transition where PCs, media consoles and mobile devices are merging together. This hasn't been done before, and it seems like Microsoft is racing to be the first one to sync everything together. Good job Microsoft! Can't wait to see the outcome couple years from now.
  • Yeah, I can't wait... Nevertheless, we can see what terrific marketing has done for Surface...
    Imagine what it could do for WP.
  • Congratulations Microsoft!!!!!!  Now, you have to work on getting your partnerships with NFL and CNN to properly promote the Surface 3, Windows Phone, Microsoft Band, and Windows 8.1/10.  I recommend adding penalties, when mishaps occur.  Also, since, you have transitioned to focus on devices, why not create some breakthrough apps that can only be used on Microsoft platform.  Please consider at least some of these suggestions.
  • Agreed. They must release some great apps or service for only Microsoft ecosystem
  • Then the app will never get used. MS has to keep their stuff cross platform so there is a respectable adoption.
  • It's a little bit true. But if there is no such apps then why people will move to Windows OS?
  • A little bot of both, actually. Keep the apps cross platform, sure. But add exclusive features to users on Windows. Unlike they did with Qik...
  • I agree that MS needs to keep their apps "cross-platform" to get other OS users hooked on these apps, but what MS could do is limit the functionality of those apps on non-Windows platforms.  For example, Skype is available cross-platform, but add the ability to "record" video sessions with family members on Windows platforms.  Kinda like a "keep-sake" memory of my grandparents in Ireland moment kinda thingy...  iOS and Android users will still get to use Skype, but won't have the ability to "record" their family sessions.
  • Now how can MS get other OS users hooked if they limit the functionality? I say MS should not let MS users be left behind on features to other OS users. It's just absolutely ridiculous letting IOS and Android MS Office be better than WP MS Office for example.
  • It's absolutely ridiculous. It seems that they are slow poisoning WP OS.
  • That episode with CNN was simply disgusting. Using the Surface as a kickstand for the iPad?! Like, the Surface has it built in, you assholes!! And a keyboard. And a pen. That was intentional for sure.
  • Go Microsoft go!!!!
  • Woohoo!
  • Woohoo!
  • Microsoft is racing like black horse. Just a little more time it will be no 1
  • Microsoft is racing with a unicorn.
  • Good rank. But isn't Coca-Cola a larger brand? Lol
  • This ranks what they estimate it would cost to buy the brand, I believe.
  • Having monetary brand power is good for the shareholders. However, that doesn't mean much for Microsoft's capacity to attract consumers to its offerings. In that area, the consumer perception, the Microsoft brand is not at all on top. It's probably not even amongs the 10 top brands. And that's a problem Microsoft should address (though their constant US-centric vision of the World will not help them at all).   That Forbes article shows it very well when they write "announcers and players repeatedly refer to the Surface tablets as iPads and one player called them “knockoff iPads.”.
  • You are misinformed and narrow minded. Try a surface pro 3 in a university engineering environment and you will use your ipad as a coaster.
  • You are illiterate and idiotic. Otherwise you would know the difference between a product being good and a company needing better brand awareness next to consumers. I would suggest passing first grade before commenting. After you master putting A and B together, you should try to read my comment again.   (PS - I have a just lost a great opportunity to keep your mouth shut ;))
  • Almost everyone has a Surface these days. By Surface isn't made by Nokia...oh, ok, we aren't talking about phones.
  • Lol!!!! You can't speak the truth around closed minded fans...
  • he's not saying that, the article is.
  • The majority of consumers don't have a history of multiple concussions, so whatever those players say or feel is statistically irrelevant. ;)
  • still everyone uses pc. All that ios and android marketing with mobile apps doesn't make sense. pcs are for work,play everything. Microsoft's best made thing with its OEM's. just bcoz Microsoft doesnt advertise well that doesn't mean the product is bad or less valuable. All this mobile 3rd app adds are crappy in the play store. it just the hype marketing that has made it a sucess.
  • Android is gimmick.... No professionalism. Still PC with Windows rules
  • I agree that there is a "perception" thing, but more so than a "perception" or "branding" thing, I think it is more of a "naming" thing.  For example, I've heard people say "the Microsoft iPad is actually better than the Apple iPad."  Here, iPad is just a substitute for "tablet".  That's because for the longest time, people referred to the only real "tablet" out there, the iPad.  So, now, any "tablet" is referred to as an iPad.  This is very similar to what happened years ago with sodas.  It was very common when you went to visit friends or family they would offer you a "coke" (instead of a soda) and you would respond, "yeah, sure, what kind you got?  You got any Root Beer?"   See what I mean?
  • Sweet! Glad I'm working for Microsoft
  • OneMicrosoft!!
  • Does it really even matter? Just a question
  • How do I feel bout this? Gimme candy crush on windows phone and I will tell u
  • But we have candy crush on windows!!
  • Once win 10 comes to the phone, i am hoping that IE will be the same as the desktop including the java core.  That would mean candy crush and any other facebook need/game on the phone.
  • 2 Thumbs up!
  • C'mon Microsoft you can do it. I believe in you.
  • Can't wait to see what the stock does tomorrow!
  • Looking forward for surface pro 4
  • Yes, if they can make the SP3 that thin with the Intel Core i7 and a heat fan, imagine how thin they can make the SP4 with the Core M processor and no fan!  Even Apple fanboys will be drooling!  lol
  • Yes! SP4 should debut W10... Think about it.
  • Surface already win over iPad. We don't care about market share! We care about the premium quality and experience in Microsoft's ecosystem which Apple couldn't offer!
  • Well said
  • I dom't give a fuck about their ranking. Give me an SP4, Lumia 1030 and Cortana on Win10 and XBox,  all intergrated!  For that matter..with the Band that I must buy!
  • Now to defeat the evil fruit
  • I thought MS should ranked lower because I'd rarely seen MS products in my country except PC software. Having said that, I'm proud to be one of billion people to use the products of the world most high ranking company.
  • Microsoft has to do more, If I were MS I promote Surface and Windows OS devices in more sports, more tv, more movies etc
  • Face it, Microsoft is the new Apple, lol.
  • Hopefully sooner rather than later
  • I don't want Microsoft to become as Apple. Apple is getting more and more arrogant everyday and becoming more like the old Microsoft. I like this new Microsoft focused on innovation, cloud and being better altogether. This will be a winning strategy in the end.
  • Agree. Apple is the #1 brand name just because there are many people willing to buy some products which look good.  As long as Apple does not produce some things of bad quality, they can still keep such a good brand name for many years.  People using Macbooks, iPhones & iPads just "like Apple".  Does it mean Apple products are functionally more superior?  I don't think so. It takes time build up a good brand name.  Wait and see.  And I hope that MS' good brand name is not just some products which look good, but also help people get things done.  That's why I love my SP3 - it is both beautiful & useful.  It is pointless to persuade those people just looking for beautiful products without considering productivity....
  • Well said!  And I agree 1000 pecent!
  • I am so proud of hearing good news about Microsoft progress!
  • Probably should be a little lower (I think Google still commands a more powerful brand), but Microsoft is definitely getting up there. People are starting to notice, and occasionally even appreciate, Microsoft's modern advancements and offerings.
  • People at my work are finally recognizing the potential of my Surface Pro3. So, I call that a win. :P
  • Surface is a great product. It's mobile strategy is very good and quality of products is also improving. Overall waiting for good high-end phone in the coming months...
  • ...and now Windows 10 will form the head!
  • Microsoft takes it easy, slowly their arm's hug everybody... There is no way back.. Best products, surface for all and its cloud is unmatched. Windows phone is just a part of their growth. Slow but growing :)
  • "slowly their arms hug everybody... There is no way back"
    That sounds very creepy.
  • yupp. theres no need to hype or showoff
  • It is a mistake to compare the Surface to an iPad. This is a mistake made by Microsoft marketing up until their recent ads featuring Surface Pro 3
  • But that is what people see and know. Microsoft has to battle that, even if it doesn't make sense to someone who already knows it can replace a person's laptop and iPad.
  • b..but MS is doomed!
  • Right, seems appropriately placed. Though I'm not sure what all goes into their calculation its good press :) and they some of that.
  • Back at its place where MS was supposed to be.... :-)))
  • Even though MS beat Google in these rankings, the headline from the main page is "Apple And Google Are World's Most Valuable Brands 2014."  Fuck you, editor at Forbes.
  • Or, it could just be you are incapable of reading properly as the title clearly states, "Apple, Microsoft, and Google are World's Most Valuable Brands 2014," 
  • I said on the main page, I copied the text of the link and you clicked the link to the actual article.  Original link is here: Here's a screen grab in case they change it:      
  • Well it's nice to see that the author at least went to the effort of making the title right
  • No it doesn't . It says "Apple, Microsoft And Google Are World's Most Valuable Brands" in your link.
  • See reply above
  • No it's not.  Are you drunk or selectively blind? The headline says "Apple, Microsoft and Google Are World's Most Valuable Brands". I don't now if you're stupid or failing at spreading FUD.
  • See reply above
  • That's nice. They are supposed to be number one.
  • I actually work at MS and it is nice here.
  • Well done. Hopefully something to build on
  • I'm surprised but definitely excited!
  • LOL +1020
  • Microsoft: "ain't nothing micro about them" (their huge)
  • Go Satya!
  • I don't really care if Microsoft is on the top or not as long as they don't get their stuff working as it should. Xbox Music and Video apps are pretty bad (if not shitty), four updates in October and no real changes, really Microsoft? They even can't make a shortcut for the Data on the Action Center, is it so hard to do it? Their store is not available in my country, another fail, usually all their promotions are limited to USA, fail again. They care so much about Americans while they do not about MS... Still, there is a gap in apps compared to Google/Apple and Microsoft still releasing apps with more features on the competitors OS that on its own. Now why should I stick to Ms? Even more Lollipop is having more or less a Metro Interface :)
  • Good to go Microsoft, make sure you make a lot of your customers happy, continue innovating incredible stuffs, keep your promises and we'll have your back. :) Congratulations
  • And yeah don't forget about the outside market in other countries and continents such as Africa, South America, Asia and Europe the world doesn't begin and end in the U.S.
  • Good progress hopefully in a year or two they'll be at number one.
    It's good to see the hard work paying off. A lot of further hard work to get buy in from business and home yet. But really good news.
  • Apple doesn't deserve it's first place simply because they only care about rich people.
  • Ic
    I love Microsoft and its services too.There is no other integration of office and Microsoft service's in any other devices in full versions Microsoft will remain my favourite service provider thanks to Microsoft
  • Being second gives you the opportunity to dethrone number one. Go Microsoft! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Good news for Microsoft. They are truly working their way up. Now all we need to do is change people's perception of them as a company so they being to gravitate towards the four squares logo...
  • The Surface Pro 3 is simply the best computer/tablet out there. I think it's a matter of public awareness. Their is no comparison between a iPad air & Pro 3. I sold my iPad air to gazelle after 2-3 days with the surface. If only all the cell carriers had the Lumia1520 to compare to the other large phones/phablets than Microsoft may make a major move but when you have to search online for an unlocked phone that works with your carrier the average consumers going to pick what's easiest not best
  • Those Apple fans will likely to continue to use Macbooks/iPads instead of SP3.  It is hard to persuade them to switch to another brand.  I think MS should focus on selling their products to students.  Let SP3 be their first laptop.  Once they have used the SP3, they will never consider Apple.
  • I think this is just the beginning. Microsoft starts out slow. But, always gets its market share. Apple owns the US market in mobile and Google controls the market in the rest of the world rich now. But, Microsoft just keeps chipping away and get more and more market share. At the same time gets paid by other phone manufacturers to use the Android system! They will always have the first or second position. They are just good!
  • I really like Microsoft products. I got a X360, XOne, WinPhone, W8.1 and I hope I can get a Surface one day.
  • I love MS more than they love me.
  • Well done Microsoft #ms4ever Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android