Mobilewalla lists top-rated apps of 2011

It just wouldn't be late-December without a horde of "Top (fill in the blank) of the Year" lists.  In that tradition, mobile analytics group Mobilewalla has posted their top-rated apps of 2011 list.  However, where most list makers simply compile the most popular or their favorites, Mobilewalla took a different approach.  Using an algorithm consisting of ratings, position within category, popularity, social media, etc., lovingly referred to as the "Mobilewalla Score," they compiled a list based on a score of 100.  From greatest to least, here are the results (click links to download):

  1. TuneIn Radio (Free): 96.7
  2. Penguin (Free): 96.0
  3. – Dictionary and Thesaurus (Free): 95.7
  4. gMaps (Free): 95.7
  5. PhotoFunia (Free): 95.7
  6. Phone 8 (Paid - $.99): 92.2
  7. Weather Live (Paid - $1.49): 91.7
  8. Fuse (Paid - $1.29): 89
  9. iFun (Paid - $.99): 89
  10. SuperTube (Paid - $1.29): 88.4

Apps from other platforms were also rated.  You can click the via link for the entire thing.

Source:; Via: TechCrunch

Seth Brodeur