Mobilewalla lists top-rated apps of 2011

It just wouldn't be late-December without a horde of "Top (fill in the blank) of the Year" lists.  In that tradition, mobile analytics group Mobilewalla has posted their top-rated apps of 2011 list.  However, where most list makers simply compile the most popular or their favorites, Mobilewalla took a different approach.  Using an algorithm consisting of ratings, position within category, popularity, social media, etc., lovingly referred to as the "Mobilewalla Score," they compiled a list based on a score of 100.  From greatest to least, here are the results (click links to download):

  1. TuneIn Radio (Free): 96.7
  2. Penguin (Free): 96.0
  3. – Dictionary and Thesaurus (Free): 95.7
  4. gMaps (Free): 95.7
  5. PhotoFunia (Free): 95.7
  6. Phone 8 (Paid - $.99): 92.2
  7. Weather Live (Paid - $1.49): 91.7
  8. Fuse (Paid - $1.29): 89
  9. iFun (Paid - $.99): 89
  10. SuperTube (Paid - $1.29): 88.4

Apps from other platforms were also rated.  You can click the via link for the entire thing.

Source:; Via: TechCrunch

Seth Brodeur
  • It's strange that SuperTube is here while MetroTube is not?
  • MetroTube got huge since it's make over, no doubt. But that may have been too late to bump the numbers enough. SuperTube is very popular (partially because while not as pretty, it's more powerful). I should also mention that SuperTube is getting a makeover soon.