MOLOME photo sharing network finally arrives for Windows Phone, bugs in tow

The last time we wrote about Molome, a popular photo sharing network, was nearly one year ago in February 2013. Back then, the question as whether or not the app and service would arrive for Nokia Lumias are all Windows Phones.  Since then, we haven’t heard much about the app, which we first reported as headed to Windows Phone back in September 2012.

Today, nearly 16 months later, Molome has finally made its landing on Windows Phone 8, available for all devices.

So what is Molome?

Think of Instagram but with more social networks on board. The app allows you to create an account (or login with Facebook) and from there, it’s your fairly standard media social network where you can find friends (suggested, Twitter or Facebook friends), create a profile for yourself and of course add photos.

Molome admittedly has some nice filters, roughly 13 built in, and they’re easy to use through a familiar photo editor. That editor also allows you to adjust brightness, zoom in, add boarders, rotate, contrast and more. The “more” part is Molome’s claim to fame with boarder sets, stickers and ‘little toys’ to add to your photos. It’s cute, perhaps too much so, but for people who like to make funny photos, it’s a neat option. Stickers and boarders can be downloaded through the app and there are a few free sets.

From there, you can share your photo to many social sites, including Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Goolge, imgur, Pocket and more. Photos are added to your stream and much like Facebook, you can have the photo public, friends only or just for yourself.

Molome is yet another official app for Windows Phone and we surmise it’s a more popular service in Asian markets, rather than Western where Instagram reigns. That’s all well and good but the app itself, especially after waiting this long, is not exactly too inspiring. After initial use, the app consistently fails to load for repeat usage, making it pretty useless for us at this point on our Lumia 1520. Lumia 520 users are also complaining of the app not loading and the non-square logo for the Tile is an eye sore on Windows Phone.

These are all things that can be fixed, and we bet they will, but out of the gate, Molome has a lot of catching up to do, even when compared to Instagram’s ‘beta’ app.

Pick up Molome here in the Store for all Windows Phone 8 devices. Let us know your experience with the app in comments.

Thanks, Joseph H., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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