Photo sharing service Molome coming to Windows Phone, may have been spotted in earlier video

Last week the Verge ran a story noting that poplar photo-sharing service Instagram was headed to Windows Phone this fall.  Later, VentureBeat squashed those rumors saying that ‘no’ in fact Instagram is not being developed for Windows Phone, either 7 or 8.

An eagle-eyed viewer started the controversy seeing what looked like an Instagram-like Live Tile pop up during a Nokia promo video. Later, the Verge backtracked noting that instead it may be Vimeo (who do have an updated, Nokia-focused version on the way).

But a new explanation has come forth: Molome.

Is the mystery tile really Molome?

Over on Nokia’s Conversations blog, they ran a story about the extremely popular photo service that is found on Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. One major area of that story was that Molome is coming to Windows Phone too. The service has recently celebrated its 1 millionth download and indeed, it really is a gorgeous website and well-designed app.

Looking closer though and one of our readers noticed that the ‘heart’ and ‘comment’ bubble layout looks a lot like that Live Tile in that video, perhaps bringing an end to this wild internet adventure.

An example of the Molome interface with 'heart' and 'comment' icons

We won’t really know of course until Molome finally launches on Windows Phone and there is not ETA on when that is happening. We’ll just have to keep an eye out.

As far as Instagram coming to Windows Phone? We’re mixed. Two major news sources are flat out contradicting each other and we’ve heard that Microsoft will back alternative services if companies don’t want to play ball (see IHeartRadio and Last.FM versus no Pandora for an example). In other words, if Instagram won't come on board, Molome may be the alternative.

Source: Nokia Conversations,; Thanks, Daniel R., for the tip and observation

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • We need instagram on Windows Phone! that one app would bring tons of people to switch , especially paired with the Nokia 920 pureview!
  • +1 Even though I hate instagram...
  • +1000!!
  • Yeah wish we had instagram. Its the app i miss the most and also the one that could make me go for another os... I love wp though.
  • +1 I totally agree, paired with the new Nokia 920 camera it should be a no brainer for Nokia & MS to get the app done somehow. Make it a Nokia exclusive for a little and I guarantee it'll help sell more 920s. It could be a decision maker for those people that are already using the instagram app on an iphone or android, who are thinking of switching to wp8.
  • Daniel, did you just thank yourself for the tip!? Lol jk
  • Yeah, as I was writing I was like "this looks odd, I'll just add his last initial to...oh wait", lol
  • Should I really be on windows phone if no one wants to make apps for it? Neither wp7 or wp8. Should I really get a Microsoft surface if no one will make any apps for it?
  • Don't confuse "not wanting to" with "not able to". Instagram the company is about a dozen people..that's it. It's beyond tiny. Sure, they have more money now but they still don't make money either. They hired 2 devs for Android and it cost them some money--so it's a cost-benefit analysis. I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm not 100% sure they're coming anytime soon either. If they are coming, we'll know at the end of October, for sure.
  • If it was just cost/resources, wouldn't ms and Nokia already have provided them? Perhaps its evil apple and google behind it?
  • Yeah, I know. I love all these ms products. I just hate seeing all my friends being on something and me being left out. Its not just about apps and games. Its about connecting to the world with networks, pictures, even games. Not everyone has or will have a windows phone. Nor an iPhone or android phone. The word is diverse but we need to connect. C'mon Microsoft. WP is known for being social.
  • *Microsoft can help developers or push them a little was my point.
  • We definitely need Instagram :O
  • Yes we do. And we need every single app ios app if we want to succeed. Alternatives won't cut it.
  • At one time no one knew what an Instagram was. Same goes for all these other popular apps. There's room on WP for new stars. Every app doesn't have to be a port of another app on another platform. Let's see other devs rise up and be the next great thing.
  • Even if you make a stellar app on WP, the low user base wouldn't make it rise like an Instagram. Think, if Wordament was born on iOS its exposure now would be mental.
  • Exactly my point, Tahiti Bob.
  • Likewise... iPhone didn't start out with a huge userbase either. There's room for new stars as the platform grows.
  • iPhone started when there was zero competition, different market.
  • Yes we won't get the people who faithfully use instagram but there are people like me who could care less as long as I can post pictures to social networking. I can go for alternatives as long as they work well... Such as the third party Pandora app. Plus I like IHeart Radio just as much along with last.FM... People are a little more flexible than we give them credit for. And if people are like some friends of mine .. They are not all that app happy anyway.
  • There are more people who want Instagram than people ready to settle for alternatives. If you want a successful OS, make it so that you offer all the top apps, simple.
  • I beg to differ... There are around 60 million smartphone users and I doubt there are even 20 million instagram users that's less than half. I bet 20% of the people are people who just download the app just to see what it about and hardly use it. Not saying it is not important to have on the platform but it's not going to make or break the platform either... MS will get it's fair share of newcomers or people who just really just isn't that deep into smartphone app culture.
  • Do you know what newcomers do? They ask their friends for advice. And if their friends see a platform that has no Instagram, no Words With Friends, no Draw Something, whether you think it's important or not they will not recommend that platform. And newcomers follow these advice, that's just how it works, people don't want to settle for alternatives. Don't kid yourself, an app like that is very important.
  • 80 Million as of July.

  • I need instagram. It is my biggest hurdle to switch (on iphone 4 today). Other services with similiar functionallity won't do. At all. It is the people/network at instagram I need. And many other people with me. Facebook, twitter and instagram are the big ones. Most other functionallity can be replaced with other similiar apps. Microsoft would be crazy not to help instagram to write the app. Or do it for them. Would do more for the platform than any notification center or other new secret feature. And they should have it ready for the WP8 launch. That would make a splash. Can't think of any other announcement they could make with bigger impact for the sales of Windows Phone 8.
  • +1 couldn't agree more. If they had instagram ready by launch or holiday season, it would really help wp8 take off. Hoping it's one of the secrets they are keeping for the launch :) *crossing fingers*
  • VentureBeat and The Verge are saying the same thing: Instagram isn't making a Windows Phone app but that doesn't mean Microsoft isn't doing it themselves like they did with twitter and facebook. I have faith in Tom Warren, so if his sources are saying it's coming I believe it.
  • The shape of the hearts are different.
  • As is the shape of the comment bubbles. The colors are different too...
  • And comment icon o.O
  • Instagram will come but it will be Windows 8 that pushes it. The guys that develop the app will most certainly wrangle up resources to write it. Then its just a few edits and boom, WP8 app. At least that's my theory. :)
  • I don't think they'll make it WP8 exclusive, not with the support Nokia wants to maintain for existing customers.
  • 100% confirmed. That tile is/was VIMEO. 
  • Even though this looks like a great app and service similar (or maybe even better) than instagram, if none of your friends use that app, it's no fun. I installed a similar app (SoMee), but have never used cause I don't know anyone on it. Instead I just use other photo filter apps before posting images to twitter or facebook. I'd love to be able to use instagram on wp8 when it comes out, so hopefully they are secretly working on it :)
      Anyway someone can start a poll for people to vote for the instagram app? I think if a poll was on this site/forum, it would be interesting to see how many votes it would get. Maybe if we can get a million votes for it, instagram will take notice lol. I'm new to this forum community, so just thought I'd throw out that idea.   
  • Amen bro.
  • Molome site confirms they are making the newest version of their app for all major platforms:
    I loved Molome on my Nokia N8, because of the great camera. I agree it may not be as great as Instagram as far as user base, but I could care less. I am sure some people are dying for an instagram app, but I have lived years without one.