Nokia details Windows Phone 8 exclusive apps coming to Lumia 820 and 920

During last week’s Nokia presser, the company unveiled a new list of exclusive apps coming to the Lumia line. While some details were given, today the company has taken to the blogs to go into even more information.

Most of the apps seem to feature NFC--the ability to wirelessly share information and data with other NFC-enabled devices. NFC for many is the future as there is no pairing and it's relatively low-power to use. Although it is still growing for commerce transactions, the ability to tap someone else's phone and instantly send them over info is tempting...

Vimeo looks to have tight integration with the PureView camera found on the 920, allowing you to easy record and share videos to the service. NFC is now supported for sharing videos amongst friends. Finally, HD video playback is finally engaged, making good use of that PureMotion HD+ screen.

Probably one of the more interesting things is Groupon. While there is a solid app already for Windows Phone users, those with a Lumia will get some impressive bonus features including

“…Wallet integration enabling quick access to purchased Groupons, wallpapers and multiple-size Live Tiles for notifications to the start screen. The Groupon Scheduler tool will allow users to schedule appointments associated with service deals; additionally, seamless app to app integration will allow users direct access to Groupon’s mobile app via embedded deals within Nokia Maps.”

The popular file sharing service YouSendit will allow Lumia users to have yet another popular option (always good for those with work requirements) and this version will have NFC enabled for quick local, file sharing.

Angry Birds Roost

The “enhanced” Michelin Guide will also be NFC enabled (we’re seeing a pattern here) allowing people to share restaurant information amongst each other or get recommendations via tapping a Michelin NFC sticker. You also get a Live Tile with regularly updated images and Nokia Maps integration.

The Lumia-edition of WhatsApp will have many readers intrigued as everyone is hoping for it to be speedier. Not much is said about the revamped messaging app except “a new user experience that takes advantage of a more panoramic look and feel, additional languages, emoticons, and more.”

Angry Birds Roost is basically a gamer hub for the popular series, giving users access to news, wallpapers, ringtones, walkthroughs and a special new feature, ‘Bird Cam’. The latter gizmo will allow to take a pic, add your favorite Angry Bird to the photo and share with everyone who already has lost their respect for you.

Other apps like Bloomberg Hub, StyleSaint, and World of Red Bull also get detailed though are slightly less exciting. For more information, head to Nokia Conversations to learn more.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • What happened to the games that were going to be exclusive a while back?  All I remember was Life.  Where did those go?
  • Windows Phone exclusive apps is a way to atract more users, but I'm not sure about the (insert_phone_name/brand_here)-edition apps.
    Having apps modified or tweaked for a exclusive device or brand can lead to complaints from existing users. What if the developers forget about their "mainstream versions" of their apps?
  • There are always mainstream apps. These are Nokia perks!
  • Like the ESPN apps.  I never realized how bad the ESPN app is on WP. I didn't use it until after I got my Lumia and the one on the Lumia is great plus the FFL app that is exclusive makes me feel bad for friends that have WP but not a Lumia.
  • Complain to HTC & Samsung for not doing their part to draw developers to the platform. They'll soon realize anyway when they start to lose market share to Nokia.
  • Now that is wat i call true support....keep up the good work nokia :)
  • Nokia and Windows Phone ads need to hit the day after the iPhone drops. Just one Nokia invention or special app after another. City lens could be its own commercial. Same with NFC, wireless charging, PureView. Tons of commercial options.
  • While I love all the support that's coming from Nokia to Windows Phone, I think this could really fragment the market in the way Android is fragmented. As a LG-900 phone user, I already feel this is happening.
  • Android fragments the market through different operating system levels. This is a variety of apps available. That's not fragmentation, it's diversification among vendors.
  • Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation, it's diversification among OS levels! /sarcasm
  • So wp7.8 won't be getting these apps? BS Nokia, BS.
  • Nokia apps... So I ask what's the incentive in getting an HTC /Samsung windows 8 phone.
  • Fewer reasons every day
  • My incentive would be getting a quality device on a quality carrier like Verizon. The 820 is a joke as far as current day phones go.
  • The 920 keeps sounding like the best option. I'm not entirely convinced that HTC won't hit back with something very competitive though..they need WP8 to be a hit for them and they have a history of bringing some really great phones to the market. Can't wait to see if they come out with guns blazin'.
  • If zenith is real...
  • This is not good on MS part. What happens to non Nokia users? Keep the features common across the OS. After iOS, I thought the WP is clean and integrated. But the advantages are exclusive for Nokia. Ok. Time to switch, not to Nokia.
  • As a wp7.8 user and an invested IOS user Microsoft will really need to do something special before I would upgrade to wp8..... Ots all about apps and OS
  • You're using WP 7.8? Wow, someone's way ahead of the crowd ... even Microsoft.
  • Comments like this boggles my mind. You can't be that ignorant can you? Nokia has a very vested interest financially with the success of Windows Phone more so than the other companies. They spend their own money and resources developing these apps alongside these companies to help them sell their phones. Microsoft makes the operating system not the apps and they could care less what brand you buy as long as it runs Windows phone. Nokia is the one bringing some of the developers that would otherwise not come at all and for their efforts they should get short term exclusivity that would entice you to buy their phone over another companies. I would direct your complaints to HTC and Samsung or whoever doesn't want to support their phone past building the device. By the way I have 3 Samsung Windows Phones and an HTC Titan I decided to buy a Lumia 900 off contract the day it came out because of their commitment to the system as a whole apps included.
  • It's true, MS makes the OS, but they are also giving certain app developers the ability to place limits on the apps.  And yes, I know very well HTC and Samsung could do this themselves.  I'm not arguing or mad that only Nokia is doing it.  I just think that, looking at the bigger picture, this kind of stuff is not healthy for the platform as a whole.
    Having said all of that, I'm getting the 920, the phone looks amazing.  I am kinda bummed it doesn't have an SD slot though, but I'll live :)
  • These apps are only exclusive for 3-6 months
  • Why are you blaming MS for the good Nokia is doing in their own best interest after putting their stock into WP instead of Android? Samsung, LG, and HTC are all putting real effort into Android and making one or two WP devices simply to appease microsoft because they've been partners for years. They're aren't spending money marketing WP or making comparable WP devices compared to the Android devices they've produced. Nokia on the other hand has put everything behind WP; why should the allow Samsung (Largets cell Manufacture in the world today) and HTC benefit from their work. Your also forgetting that the exclusivity if only for a specific amount of time. If, HTC, LG, and Samsung want to benefit, they need to do so by marketing and producing just as many WP device as they do for Android and work with App developers to bring the app to WP. As of today, they have not....NOTE: I owned a 1st gen focus, purchased my mom and son the focus S/Focus Flash, and my oldest son he the LG slider WP device (I forget the name)
  • *LG Quantum
  • You are all right from Nokia's perspective. But, doesn't this cause fragmentation in the OS, even for 6 months. I am already missing those exclusives on my current Sammy focus. Now wait for new 6 months to get these apps? I love Nokia. But you can't force everybody to Nokia. We cannot have a competition within the competition. Or can we afford?
  • Why do people keep calling this fragmentation? As someone has pointed out, app diversification is not fragmentation.
  • I think you are confusing fragmentation of the OS with differentiation by means of features, including apps. This no different from having a larger screen or better resolution.
  • I think you're confusing hardware with software.
  • Microsoft never announced that WP is exclusive for Nokia. Where was Nokia when WP 7 was announced? Wasn't Nokia waiting on the fence? Samsung and HTC put the OS into market. I don't want to be dependent on hardware. Forcing people to use Nokia by releasing specific apps does not seem to be fair. In Android world, manufacturers differentiate in hardware where I can make a choice. Also, I don't think Google announced specific apps for Motorola. In iOS its simple. One hardware and software. Microsoft should either think from OS stand point or just restrict WP to Nokia.
  • It's not their fault, they're trying to help themselves and WP. Why don't you buy a Nokia then? I mean, the 920 sounds and looks amazing really. iOS is boring.
  • microsofts has nothing to do with this nokia negotiated these deals on there own, from having contacts that go way back before they even came to wp, and new ones after them, i guess your next complaint will be nokia having a lanch party famous artist like miki minaj, why cant we have launch parties with famous artist's, boo hoo
  • As someone who is into fashion and style I'm looking forward to StyleSaint. It'd be great if Nokia could do a "best across platforms" Pinterest app. Its not Nokia's job to make life easier for Samsung and HTC although they are by letting their maps be included on their phones. Im judging the Nokia phones against other phones wp8 based or not. From where I sit the combination of hardware, wp8 OS, location platform and device support they are at least equal to Apple. Its them and Apple, nobody else is close. Unless Apple delivers some serious surprises I'd give the 920 the edge.
  • Still waiting for the announced Angry Birds Space (not for myself, but my kids would be impressed). Having a hub for Angry Birds when all you can get is just the original Angry Birds with less levels than other ecosystems...hmmm. Big downer for a lot of people, IMO. Getting the next version of Angry Birds on WP at the same time as iOS would be significant, more so than plenty other things.
  • Mot just angry birds but other big name games like Batman etc would be VERY big for the platform.
  • they showed the roost hub, it has every single angry birds game in there, even the new one coming out soon.......
  • Ahhh. Now we're talking.
  • I'm sure that will happen in the future due to the common code that can be shared between iOS and WP 8
  • I wonder about the NFC tap. I don't want to be tapping my phone against anything that's not a pillow.
  • Tapping for NFC us just marketing, its proximity based within 4cm or under 2 inches.
  • The way I see this is... Nokia engineers are making the apps for free for this companies...
    Because if u think about it.. How come this apps come first and well built to lumia line up first??? Yeah I get the fact that MSFT and Nokia are really pushing the brand but come on now???
  • Or Nokia is paying the companies...
  • LOL, can't stop laughing at Daniels comment "...and share with everyone who already lost there respect to you" .....haaaahaha. Great fun, not always you get a good laugh at a tech site, so cudos to Mr Rubino for making my evening much more pleasent.
  • Though happy with my old HTC HD7S, exclusive apps are making me going for a Nokia.
  • Same here, why consider hardware when you get no software.
  • The part about Angry Birds Roost and sharing photos with "everyone who has already lost their respect for you" was a nice bit of unexpected humor. Well done, Daniel. :D