During last week’s Nokia presser, the company unveiled a new list of exclusive apps coming to the Lumia line. While some details were given, today the company has taken to the blogs to go into even more information.

Most of the apps seem to feature NFC--the ability to wirelessly share information and data with other NFC-enabled devices. NFC for many is the future as there is no pairing and it's relatively low-power to use. Although it is still growing for commerce transactions, the ability to tap someone else's phone and instantly send them over info is tempting...

Vimeo looks to have tight integration with the PureView camera found on the 920, allowing you to easy record and share videos to the service. NFC is now supported for sharing videos amongst friends. Finally, HD video playback is finally engaged, making good use of that PureMotion HD+ screen.

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Probably one of the more interesting things is Groupon. While there is a solid app already for Windows Phone users, those with a Lumia will get some impressive bonus features including

“…Wallet integration enabling quick access to purchased Groupons, wallpapers and multiple-size Live Tiles for notifications to the start screen. The Groupon Scheduler tool will allow users to schedule appointments associated with service deals; additionally, seamless app to app integration will allow users direct access to Groupon’s mobile app via embedded deals within Nokia Maps.”

The popular file sharing service YouSendit will allow Lumia users to have yet another popular option (always good for those with work requirements) and this version will have NFC enabled for quick local, file sharing.

Angry Birds Roost

The “enhanced” Michelin Guide will also be NFC enabled (we’re seeing a pattern here) allowing people to share restaurant information amongst each other or get recommendations via tapping a Michelin NFC sticker. You also get a Live Tile with regularly updated images and Nokia Maps integration.

The Lumia-edition of WhatsApp will have many readers intrigued as everyone is hoping for it to be speedier. Not much is said about the revamped messaging app except “a new user experience that takes advantage of a more panoramic look and feel, additional languages, emoticons, and more.”

Angry Birds Roost is basically a gamer hub for the popular series, giving users access to news, wallpapers, ringtones, walkthroughs and a special new feature, ‘Bird Cam’. The latter gizmo will allow to take a pic, add your favorite Angry Bird to the photo and share with everyone who already has lost their respect for you.

Other apps like Bloomberg Hub, StyleSaint, and World of Red Bull also get detailed though are slightly less exciting. For more information, head to Nokia Conversations to learn more.

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