Nokia announce more app exclusives: Bloomberg, Michelin, YouSendit and Angry Birds Roost

With the launch of the new Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has also announced new group of exclusive apps coming to the Lumia line of WIndows Phones. The apps making it to the demo during the Lumia showcase was Angry Birds Roost which will be Nokia only for the first three months of availability.

The new Lumia handsets will boast NFC technology and Nokia have secured exclusives on apps that take advantage of this. YouSendIt which will also be a three-month exclusive will allow NFC file transfers as well a NFC travel app from Michelin which will allow retrieval of specific information at Michelin 2012 NFC enabled restaurants.

Bloomberg will be hitting the platform too, again with that three-month exclusive moniker. The app due to launch in the “coming days” will enable host of features for checking business news, market data and even portfolio tracking tools. The app is said to take full advantage of live tiles to ensure your business interests are kept up from and centre.

Bringing yet more augmented reality to the platform, they also announce that a Groupon app will get a six month exclusive. Said to include Windows Phone 8 wallet integration along with app-to-app communication and ability to schedule appointments based on offers. Sounds like a heap of fun, we’re keen to find out more.

StyleSaint is also on the cards, looking to help with all our style needs on the go, that one is going to stay Nokia only until the end of the year. The popular messaging app WhatsApp is also set to get updated to better take advantage of the new Lumia’s. The update is said to include a more panoramic look and feel along with more languages and emotions.

Getting back to Angy Birds Roost, it's a companion app to the franchise that will give users news, wallpapers, ringtones and access to buy all the games. That's right, all the classic Angry Bird games are coming to the Lumia family in 2012, including Space and Seasons.

What do you guys think of these new exclusives, will they be enough to convince you that Nokia will be your Windows Phone 8 device? Let us know..

Source: Nokia

Robert Brand