Nokia announce more app exclusives: Bloomberg, Michelin, YouSendit and Angry Birds Roost

With the launch of the new Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has also announced new group of exclusive apps coming to the Lumia line of WIndows Phones. The apps making it to the demo during the Lumia showcase was Angry Birds Roost which will be Nokia only for the first three months of availability.

The new Lumia handsets will boast NFC technology and Nokia have secured exclusives on apps that take advantage of this. YouSendIt which will also be a three-month exclusive will allow NFC file transfers as well a NFC travel app from Michelin which will allow retrieval of specific information at Michelin 2012 NFC enabled restaurants.

Bloomberg will be hitting the platform too, again with that three-month exclusive moniker. The app due to launch in the “coming days” will enable host of features for checking business news, market data and even portfolio tracking tools. The app is said to take full advantage of live tiles to ensure your business interests are kept up from and centre.

Bringing yet more augmented reality to the platform, they also announce that a Groupon app will get a six month exclusive. Said to include Windows Phone 8 wallet integration along with app-to-app communication and ability to schedule appointments based on offers. Sounds like a heap of fun, we’re keen to find out more.

StyleSaint is also on the cards, looking to help with all our style needs on the go, that one is going to stay Nokia only until the end of the year. The popular messaging app WhatsApp is also set to get updated to better take advantage of the new Lumia’s. The update is said to include a more panoramic look and feel along with more languages and emotions.

Getting back to Angy Birds Roost, it's a companion app to the franchise that will give users news, wallpapers, ringtones and access to buy all the games. That's right, all the classic Angry Bird games are coming to the Lumia family in 2012, including Space and Seasons.

What do you guys think of these new exclusives, will they be enough to convince you that Nokia will be your Windows Phone 8 device? Let us know..

Source: Nokia

  • Something New for WP7.8 or something about Xbox music ?
  • Lumia 920 without any doubt in my mind, I think HTC might even cancel their presentation!!
  • Apple can cancel their iPhone 5 presentation too and start working on the iPhone 5S.
  • Instagram? A functional Facebook and Twitter app?...and yes I know those two are built in the OS, but it's always nice to have that real feeling app. I think a Pinterest app would go well with wp8 as well.
  • why? the fact that i never need an app for that stuff is why i actually HAVE windows phone.
  • As you said, Facebook and Twitter are integrated into the phone but they already have separate official apps that are quite good. Search in the Marketplace and you'll see them.
  • I have both and feel they need improvement.
  • On top of them needing improvement, they aren't even WP8 apps. I know they will work on wp8, but they were written for wp7/7.5
  • all windows phone 7.5/8 can run on wp8
  • +1
  • This wasn't a software gig kayn...that will come soon :)
  • Yes I know but on the 920 and 820 is already Xbox music I thought that somebody already could try it :)
  • Having over 1000 equities of Nokia I should say I was impressed by that presentation, especially wireless thing and camera posibilities. The only competitor is Iphone5, hopefully Apple won't have a chance without Jobs.
  • If Nokia can use its marketing muscle to bring apps to Windows Phone, have a short window of exclusivity, then released for everyone, that's a good thing for the platform. Some biggies that the platform needs is Epocrates (an app widely used by doctors and nurses), Contour (expenses app a lot of businesses use), and Comixology (one of iOS's consistent top revenue making apps.)
  • Epocrates and micromedix would make my day. MPR is just dandy, and gets the job done, but I could use a more interactive solution.
  • so true, what ever happen to Instagram for #windowsphone ? and those are some nice app, but the most important thing is what about the pricing and realese date for the Lumia 920 & 820. and I still want to know when is 7.8 going to be shown ?
  • Never been a fan of this exclusive apps stuff, however the phone stands on its own merits. I can't see anything else beating it not even the iPhone 5 which imo could be a disappointment.
  • It's too bad that their design for the 820 and 920 is a downgrade from the original 800 and 900. I'll be getting a Samsung Ativ S unless HTC comes out with something amazing.
  • I own a L900 and would like for you to explain what's downgraded about the design?
    1. People have been asking for larger screen 4.5"
    2. People wanted better camera....Got purview & much more
    3.  People wanted the curved glass of the 800 on the next model...Got it
    4. People wanted more that 16GB of storage....32+ expandable
    5. people wanted dual core...Got it in S4 chip
    6. People wanted higher screen resolution....Got it
    The fact is the many people on this site will never be happy and probably should give up cell phones to keep their stress levels down or symple design, manufacture, and sell your own devices; but that won't work either because once you see the cost involved, you will re-use designs and just upgrade features as well....
  • Poster mention design, not specs. I think the current Lumias look a tad better. But that's more personal preference.
  • People weren't complaining about the design of the current Lumias with the exception of:
    1. Wanting the curved display of the 800 on the 900.....Got it on the 920 now
    2. Some peope wanted the USB port on bottom instead of top...Got it on 920 now
    3. People wanted larger/high res display....Got it on 920 now
    Aren't those design changes? People were asking for minor changes in the design and Nokia did what they were asked and provided more accessories, Camera improvements, and Software upgrades as well. Heck even the iphone hasn't changed much, they will change their adaptor, add mapping, increase the screen size, and provide the latest iteration of their OS. Have you seen the chasis videos of it and the leaked video provided by the verge??? Overall, the iphone will not change much, because the base design works for them according to customer feed back......Same applies to the Lumia line with Nokia, minor changes were request, and minor design changes were given
  • Preach
  • Thank You! OMG55, Thank you. People here are just crazy. They are never satisfied, they are experts, they can always do better than thousands of engineers in these big companies. It looks like these sits are full of children so sometimes I'm like these are just children but thn I read that some of them are fathers with 3 children. Others have been married for 11 years... Messed up ain't it?
  • I appreciate you listening to reason in my statements above. I'm not trying to be rude to anyone here, I'm just trying to point out facts that I've gathered by reading through the WPCentral forums. In these forums, those are the things people were asking for and now that they have them, their still complaining. For Example: I upgraded to the L900 despite reading many articles here stating that it probably wouldn't be upgradeable to Apollo(WP8); So when it was stated it would only get 7.8, i was a bit disappointed, but I understand that I had the choice to wait and chose to upgrade my plan even though the articles and signs were there that i wouldn't be upgradeable. Just like I decided to upgrade to the L900, I will either add a line to my plan or come up with the funds to purchase the L920 somehow without complaint.....
  • Just to add, they even changed the chrome bezel around the cam which got some bad feedback..
  • Here here :)
  • >4. People wanted more that 16GB of storage....32+ expandable
    No MicroSD slot, so how is it expandable ? (Sky drive does not count, as the cloud is limited by your carriers 2gb limit, not good for streaming video/music)
  • Any word on carriers yet?
  • I'm dying to know too, hope is on every carrier!
  • it's being decided today in finland who will get it and the prices
  • No exclusive Wells Fargo banking app?
  • And nothing against Nokia but only reason I would get one is exclusive apps. Good thing im not too worried about that though. :-P
  • Marketplace changer (look on XDA) or wait the 3 months....
  • I guess I'm sticking with my Lumia 710 until i hear anything about the Lumia 820 or 920 coming to T-mobile.
  • If Angry birds is coming..that mean tha Angry birds rio ,space,seasons and updates are on the way to ---------> WP8 :D
    Hope to not cost 2.99$ or 4.99$
  • Angry Birds "space and seasons" were mentioned by name during the presentation at about the 1:20:17 mark of the presentation.  No mention of Rio .. but anything is possible.
  • nokia's custom apps are just fabulous. samsung and htc should give up on wp. 
    these new lumias coudnt be beaten by any other wp's, like they said at today's presentation, the only real windows phones are the lumias. 
    just look at the augmented reality apps of nokia, the maps will use it now and the gps as well.
    the camera lens function will also kickass. 
    i have a lumia 900 but no doubt i'll get a yellow 920 when it comes out... hope its available very soon.
  • Well if Nokia was the only option WP might not do as well as not all of us want Nokia devices. I appreciate all they are doing for the os but not big on their phones. Maybe if they do more than just the lumia line of phones. Until then, Samsung just might win me back with their new phone.
  • im getting a red one a red one aa RED ONE!!!!
  • I couldn’t care less about WP. Facebook app sucks, Viber sucks, no Instagram, not enough games/apps, most apps are poorly engineered, compass points the wrong way. The only good thing is the start screen, but that does not make a good OS. So no M$, maybe next time.
  • Then what the hell are you doing here, troll?
  • See ya!!!! Stick with your stale, static, 30+ year old desktop replicated phone OS in Android, Apple, BB10, Symbian, Bada, etc. At least with wp, the whole interface along with specs change. All of the other platforms on increase proccessors, memory, graphics.
  • Uh, I do own a garbage WP powered phone. Plus, iOS is still the best OS in the market. Say whatever you want, deep down you know it!
  • Why would I have to know it deep down? When if I thought that, I can just walk into my cellular provider and purchase an iphone or android device? I currently have an iphone 3GS, 4, 4s, WP7 Trophy/L900, and Have also owned several androids. So As stated before, if you don't like WP, just go elsewhere and stop sitting in forums complaining about it and do something. You remind me of an employee who stays on a job for 15+ yrs yet complains everyday about it and never took advantage of training he/she could have received through that same company and simply moved on. They stay there and whine and complain the whole time. Don't give me to old, "I'm locked into my contract speech", because provider offer good deals for you to move to another platform all the time. Don't bother replying, because there's nothing more to say because, "DEEP DOWN YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING IS TRUE".
  • LOL !!!
    that is so funny... best one I heard all day !!!!
  • The compass points the wrong way? Haha that's the worst hating on Windows Phone I've heard yet!
  • Bloomberg ? There was a free app for Bloomberg in the marketplace that just showed the live feed...
    I have a XAP for it
  • What's angry birds roost? And will these apps be avaliable for 7.8 devices because I can see how lumia 800/900 owners on 24 month contract would feel cheated?
  • I'm personally sick of angry birds of anytype but, I do hope they make a 7.5 app...
    Anyway about it, if they release it for 7.5, HTC users can just get a marketplace changer (look on XDA) and get a copy (you still will have to buy it)
  • Please people try to read before commenting. Its coming to the lumia line, all lumias
  • Anything pertaining to Angry Birds: I'll believe it when I see it.
  • I haven't played angry birds in at least 6 mos. It's gettiing old an stale to me as well.
  • Could not agree more... Can't believe I actually paid for that game...
  • Why bother with exclusivity on apps when the next Gen lumias are right around the corner?
  • Still waiting on instagram
  • When I use my WP at school my friends like the UI and then the questions come. Instagram? Keek? Mobli? When I say no they shrug and move on. These are basic apps that a lot of kids use. If they were available for WP they would probably move more phones. The new Nokias with all those bold colors and all these social apps would be pure win.
  • I'm glad bloomberg is coming. Used that all the time on blackberry. And now I can get rid of markets and me which has gone completely down the pan with all the updates.
    Can't no longet all portfolio updated at a glance. Have to go into each stock to see price movement.
    Shame really... It worked ok 3 updates ago.
    I think they're pushing people to buy it.
    One thing I would like to see in the marketplace is if you do an upgrade of an app and it doesn;t function like you want it too, you should have the option of rolling back.
  • How about exclusively free to Nokia, paid option option for the rest of us. Remember us those who supported this platform before Nokia off their a## and put out their first phone. Come on Microsoft we had your back...?
  • Nokia works the exclusive deals with the app makers, how about HTC & Samsung come on?? My first gen WP7 was the focus and I now own the L900 and Nokia cares more about their WP customers than Samsung & HTC. Those are still too wrapped up in Android to care, but once Apple gets finished with them, then the will put more effort into the WP ecosystem, but i may be too late as Nokia will be domintating in the WP Arena
  • Well nobody mention about battery. I think it is time for all phone manufacturers to improve batteries performance
  • About dam time