More details on Marketplace's Phase 2

Some more news about the "second wave" of Windows Marketplace for Mobile has emerged from Microsoft Netherlands' Maarten Sonneburg and relayed by MoDaCo. (You'll remember that Phase 2 is when we're expecting to officially see the Marketplace on 6.0/6.1 phones.)

In Phase 2 (planned for late November / early December) Marketplace will also launch a PC environment. Then the user from other countries will be able to choose applications from other countries because of the so-called geo selector for the catalog eg U.S. users will be able to choose from and English-language apps released in other countries for downloaded. Then there will also be hundreds of apps, paid and free. Also nice is that in Phase 2 Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices will be made available. Then the users of these devices will be able to download applications.

So, more apps, desktop access to the Marketplace (presumably the Web access we've been expecting), and users can download apps from any country they darn well please. Bring it on, Microsoft.

Via Unwired View

Phil Nickinson

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