More on HTC's September 15th Event

We are learning a little more about the HTC event scheduled for September 15th in London. While we are still expecting a press event to unveil the HTC HD3 Windows Phone 7, we have also learned that HTC will be hosting a public "meetup" as well.

According to HTC's Twitter and Facebook pages, the Meetup will take place from 6:30pm until 10:00pm at the Redhook Hotel in London. HTC posts, "We will have food, drinks, music and phones for you to enjoy. We will also have a few phones to give away to attendees!"

HTC is asking those planning to attend to RSVP through Facebook, their Twitter tag (#HTCLON) or their Flickr Tag (HTCLON). You can also visit the Redhook's website for venue information. You do have to be 18 years of age or older to attend.

It sounds like it will be an interesting evening. Anyone making plans to attend? If so, feel free to send us your impressions, photos and any extra HTC phones that are left over.

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  • If they are giving away phones you can forget any kind of WP7 event as that would be preempting the official launch of WP7. As I've said, its an android event all the way.
  • What makes you think its not both a Windows Phone and Android event? Their Android line is getting outdated and Windows Phone 7 is just around the corner. Perfect time to show the next wave of phones coming out of HTC for both platforms.
  • "Their Android line is getting outdated...." that's odd to say, as they have more high-end Android devices of any device maker. why do you think they are outdated ??
  • They've never had an event for 2 OS's, and it would be pointless since the idea is to focus attention on a new device launch. Makes no sense to launch a WP7 and android device at the same event, which do you prioritise and if you are going to do that anyway why launch both at the same time?
  • I would think that if there are any give away involving windows they would be redeemable coupons/tickets for when said devices are released from themselves.
  • I might have a Nexus One for you.. but its GSM so if you're on Verizon, then you can just forget about it..I do actually have a Motorola Droid lying here.. however, there is something wrong with the touch screen but it should be fixable