HTC set to unveil the HD3 on September 15th

Rumors are circulating that HTC has scheduled a press event for September 15, 2010 in London to introduce the HD3 Windows Phone 7 device.

The HTC Windows Phone 7 is reported to have a 4.5" AMOLED touchscreen, dual core 1.5ghz ARM-based processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, 4G capable, a 8mp camera with HD recording capabilities, all powered by a 1800mah battery.

We've seen signs that the HD3 will be headed to the UK provider O2 as the HTC HD7. However, some are reporting the HTC Windows Phone 7 is headed to Australian provider Telstra on an exclusive 3-month deal.

Hopefully, after the 15th, we all will have a better picture on the where and when the HD3 will make it to market. We're also curious to know if anything will be mentioned about the U.S. market time-line.

via: Unwired View

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  • I'm all for a bigger screen but 4.5" might be too much for a phone, 4.2" seems about as big as you can get before it stops being a "phone" and turns into more of a PMP/mini-tablet. Only time will tell how true any of this is, but it should be interesting either way. On another note IE9 beta 1 comes out on the 15th as well.
  • This is incorrect info, from a site that is known for making stuff up. They basically put together the fact that a "HD7" device was recently spotted on a supposed leaked O2 inventory list, added in the ANCIENT rumoured HD3 specs and came to the conclusion that this is what the Sep 15 event is all about. This has been known for a while to be an android event to announce the G2 and desire HD. Dont get your hopes up for any WP7 news at this event.
  • I doubt there is even a 4G radio chipset on the market.
  • For a sec I got excited when i saw 4G capable.. I thought "it's about time a CDMA WP7 phone" Then i saw it's going to O2. Now I'm bummed again. come on Sprint Get a WP7 phone that can compete with the EVO.
  • Definetly vaporware specs
  • Holy shit.
  • stupid GSM,sprint needs to get this. I don't know why microsoft made the minimum space requirement 8gb instead of 16. and as for that fandroid STFU!! and stay on android central. gosh u ppl are making me hate android.
  • My thought is that HTC will hold off anouncing any WP7 phones until the MS press event. Unless they are no longer a premier partner.
  • HD3, yeah right. Keep dreaming:
  • I'm Iranian and I'm enginier .
    I want to have a touch HD3 . I love HTC .