Nokia Lumia 928 Pureview Camera sample

It’s hard to get that excited for the Lumia 928 considering how little we actually know, but one thing is for certain: it should have an 8.7MP OIS PureView camera on board a lighter, thinner phone, giving those on Verizon something to brag about.

Earlier today, a single sample shot taken of a beer was posted online by a Nokia employee (and then it was quickly removed) and now two more photos have been found on Flickr by The Nokia Blog (with verified EXIF data)..

Nokia Lumia 928 Pureview Camera sample

The photos show just two motorcycles, taken outside on a bright sunny day. It’s hard to judge a camera with those conditions since they can best be described as “ideal”, but even under the perfect conditions some smartphone cameras are just crap. Luckily the Lumia 928 seems to hold its own with accurate color reproduction, even light balance and most importantly, sharpness.

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We’ll of course reserve final judgment for finalized software and once we actually see the phone. But it should be clear by now that the 928 is getting very close to release.

Source: Flickr, The Nokia Blog