Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 928 leaked, shows high quality camera on board

A shot taken by the Lumia 928 was uploaded to Picasa by a Nokia employee (according to the associated Google+ account). What's interesting is that the photo was quickly pulled, but remains available thanks to @evleaks where the shot was published again. We're still attempting to create a collage with pieces of information on the Lumia 928, but evidence of the Windows Phone in action is certainly pleasing.

Taking a quick gander at the photo above, it's clear to see there's definitely quality present. MyNokiaBlog managed to save the Exif data (meta data for an image):

Lumia 928 Exif

So what can we take from the shot and data? Well, it's of high quality, with good results in a well-lit environment (where the Lumia 920 still fails slightly in some regard) and according to the Exif data no flash was utilised so we can assume there's flash assist and OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) on-board. We're looking at an f2.0 aperture, and a resolution of 1278x720, which could be limited by the automatic photo upload in Windows Phone (although the Lumia 920 will auto-upload at 1277 x 717)

The Lumia 928 is set to head for Verizon and is believed to look more like a Lumia 720 than the current Lumia 920. More details will follow soon, that we're sure of.

Source: @evleaks, via: MyNokiaBlog; Thanks, Vinayak, for the tip

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Excited for all the Verizon customers!
  • Indeed. :)
  • Yesss!
  • I'm on AT&T and I fully agree with your sentiment.  Out of all the major carriers here, I think Verizon is the best at promoting devices.  If they made a strong push for the 928, it could be a turning point for WP8.
  • This picture tells us nothing. But I'm hoping we know in the near future. HTC has already caught up with the Lumia 920 on their One with low light performance.
  • Sorry they dont compare, htc is grainy in low light but 920 is sharper
  • caught up? did you see the noise and artifacts in the low light pictures from the ''one''. plus on pocketnow there were situations were it didn't actually caught low-light photographs, but more natural/dark looking ones,of course with noise attached. but i agree htc should feel really proud of themselves. they made a big sensor with large pixels,combined it with ois and they still barelly managed to catch up to nokia and their 8mp/ois sensor.problem is that nokia still has more data to play with and not that much noise in it's picture.and with that gdr2 update,they will get even better.i don't know how htc had the nerve to diss the 808 pureview in their marketing before the ''one'' release
  • i am inclined based on the tests and reviews i have seen the one isnt all that impressive as a camera, i mean its good but it isnt great.
  • If your modern day flagship is just matching your competitors flagship from last year, you haven't cought up. Lol. Because they're probably gonna blow away their last attempt if they're smart. But matching specs isn't the end all be all. A beautiful photo is much appreciated on any mobile phone. Phones have been some of the worst offenders when it comes to picture quality.
  • The one camera is good but is not better than the can see a comparison in
  • have you seen the comparision??? caught up with nokia??? never happen.
  • Its the resident troll - mr malik. 'nuff said. :|
  • 9:33am and the dude was drinking? Fair play I guess!
  • Hey, its 5 o'clock somewhere.
  • Black Raven FTW!
  • It is taken at Malt & Vine in Redmond, Wa.
  • Nokia Theme Song The Touch by Stan Bush
    You got the touch
    You got the power After all is said and done
    You've never walked, you've never run,
    You're a winner
  • You just brought back some good Transformers memories.
  • I want to watch the original Transformers movie now. Rodimus Prime Ftw.
  • I don't believe that this was taken with the 928. Instead if showing off a sample photo I'd rather see the phone it self. I can also take a photo of a beer cup and separately send out "proof" that it was taken by the 928. Besides obviously this image wasn't taken at work either... Since there is...uhm.. Beer
  • The EXIF data was taken from the photo itself. Hard to fake those.
  • I really hope you're being sarcastic..
  • What if he worked at a bar part time? You know after he goes home from product engineer at Nokia....
  • Then he had plenty of time to take a picture of the phone it self
  • Wow, stfu. -.-
    If the phone isn't officially announced yet, there is no reason for you to be demanding a photo of the phone. You're lucky you got a photo.
  • Lucky of what? A picture of a mug? Galaxy S4 photo leaked and that's a next Gen device... Do some critical thinking you moron, before you start pissing people off.
  • You're demanding a photo of a phone that hasn't even been announced?
  • The phone has been announced just not by verizon
  • If he reveals the phone, he would be fired for sure. Posting a picture of beer taken with the phone warrents a reprimand. If you were him, would you post a picture of the phone?
  • Well this is why website like this one exist, and yes it is a risk.
  • Hopefully Verizon pushes the Lumia hard and we get new people.
  • I just hope the 928 comes to VZW before the One and the S IV.
  • GS 4 is announced tomorrow, wonder if it will release in weeks following like apple or be delayed like everyone else.
  • Come on , T Mobile! Get something high-end please.
  • Ah, Malt & Vine.  Redmond's finest beer retailer.  Figured it out from the photo (where else would you find a Black Raven glass but with refrigerators in the background?  Certainly not at Black Raven itself), and verified with the lat/long of the exif.
  • You beat me to it. First thing I thought of when I saw the exif was to see where it was taken. :wink:
  • Shwinggg
  • Now I really want a beer.
  • I wish Sprint would team up with Nokia! I know at some point they are suppose to get something with Samsung and HTC But now all this BS with Samsung. This might be a good time for Nokia and Sprint to get a top end device a Yellow Sprint Nokia device would be great.   If Spint don't do something by this summer I might be going to Verizon. :)
  • think i just found the location where this photo was taken lol 
  • The location is already known. The exact city and bar.
  • It's less a bar and more of a beer retailer that happens to have tables and taps.  It's a great lunch spot if you grab a gyro from next door.
  • I hope it does end up looking similar to the 720.  I love the squared look.
  • If true, that is a definite wow!
  • The picture is nothing different from what my 920 takes.
  • Just said high quality camera on board not better than 920. You don't need better than the 920 cuz the new HTC one doesn't even take better pics than that I love my 920 best phone I've ever owned
  • Looks nice excited hope the device does well Nokia deserves it
  • Picture was taken one month ago - could have changed a lot by now!
  • From the uk so not overly bothered but will say this. That's some well stacked fridges.
  • Is it too much to ask for a Lumia 920 running on Verizon's network.  I absolutely love the 920, but hate the fact that it isn't available on Verizon.  Why is verizon getting the half-assed versions of Windows Phone 8?  If the Lumia 928 looks like the Lumia 710 then screw it, Not interested.  I currently have the Lumia 822 and want everything the Lumia 920 offers that the 822 lacks.  4.5" High Res screen, better camera, integrated wireless charging, Colors.
    Once again Verizon is getting a bumped up budget phone.
    I was looking forward to the AtivS but nope we get a half-assed Odyseey.
  • Once again Verizon is getting a bumped up budget phone
    WTH are you smoking? Verizon is getting a sleek metallic bumped up 920 in multiple colours and better camera (xenon), and you are complaining?
  • If it is a bumped up Lumia 920, with a 4.5" HIGH RES Screen.  Then no I won't complain.
  • I find it more interesting the photo was taken exactly a month ago. A fake mistake? Let's map it and check out that bar.
  • Just checked it out. google maps has an indoor view (using street view) of that bar too.
  • That beer!
  • The pictures looks nice, I think it will be a great camera
  • This is my next, if it is made available in the UK.
  • give me viber and im done
  • I believe the photo was taken at 17.33 that would be 5:33pm. I've had a few drinks at 5:30pm before. The gps data seems correct. 
    Taken at a Seattle pub, Malt & Vine.
    I guess someone could fake the info, but why?
  • This phone needs a Global availability
  • Why is everyone complaining about the Lumia 920's daylight performance? I've had great results so far!
  • Mmmmmmmmmm, thirsty
  • Congratulations on perfecting the art of taking a rumor and confirming it with speculation and assumptions.The phone has not been announced, and until it is, all of these stories are just fodder for VZW customer whining and disappointment. This is not news.  It is still just rumor mongering about the amazing specs of advanced vapor ware.
  • Rumors ARE news. Welcome to the internets.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm I'll wait to see if this becomes available at AT&T and I'll wait to see if this is better than the Nokia Lumia 920.
  • More pics from Flickr
  • I wonder if I can convince Verizon to switch my phone when this comes out.
  • Meh.. Blackberry got an order today of one million smartphones. We are shit.
  • no way. just marketing trick, no source, nothing is confirm. even then, lumias should be at least 7 mil... BB is way overpriced and they shoot themself to ignore the low end market.
  • what a pic had to imagine thatthis pic is taken via a smartphone... yaw Nokia sets a benchmark again!!
  • 920 hardware is fine. It is the bad software that lets it down. The stock camera app is awful.
  • <p>Sorry but will this phone only be available on Verizon or will it be possible to buy it without contract?</p>