Details emerge on Verizon’s upcoming Nokia Lumia 928 with PureView camera and aluminum body

Things are starting to heat for Verizon users as more and more information is coming out about the ‘Laser’ Lumia 928, an updated version of the Lumia 920. In our forums, an employee of Verizon (‘Honestabebread’) posted that “Easter time” was the release window for this phone, and now the Verge is claiming that the phone is coming in April.

The phone will reportedly feature an aluminum body (versus the current polycarbonate) and as a result be thinner and lighter than the current 920. In addition, the flash will be upgrade to a xenon-LED flash combo. Other features include a 4.5-inch OLED display and support for simultaneous voice and LTE (SVLTE) with a look more resembling a Lumia 720 (squared) than the current 920.

The Lumia 928 passed through the FCC way back in February, meaning the device should be cleared for release soon.

According to our forum poster who allegedly works for Verizon, the phone will come in numerous colors including white, black, cyan, and red and will feature 16GB internal storage + Micro SD expansion (though Tom Warren at the Verge disputes this, noting it has 32GB of storage and no expansion). Indeed, he shared with our forum some interesting insight about the process:

“Verizon's going to steer away from Android advertising until the S4 and whatever Moto launches in June. Spring is time for change, and the Z10 and the Windows Phones will be leading the pack.You would not believe the conversations about Windows Phones that the financial departments are having. They're about $100 cheaper to Verizon than Android phones, and about $150 cheaper than iPhones. This benefit will trickle down soon.I attended a meeting where the head of finance for a whole region specifically told us to make sure there was a specific reason a customer was NOT getting a Windows Phone. For example, if someone just browses the web and emails, they want that person in a Windows Phone. The phones are just cheaper to the company. Less subsidy and less tech support costs.”

Regarding potential pricing:

“It will probably be $550 off contract. On contract price will be $200 unless Nokia works a deal. Verizon never gives away the farm because phone pricing has never hurt them. I don't think the S3 has ever been less than $200.That said, I'm pretty amazed at how long the 822's been free, so maybe it will come out swinging.”

Needless to say, Verizon customers should start saving now as the Lumia 928 is looking to be quite an  interesting release for the carrier and the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Source: The Verge, Windows Phone Central Forum

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • The Xenon flash is the best part..
  • Yes, and the combination of xenon, and LED, will let users still use flashlight apps. Smart move by Nokia!
  • I'm happy for Verizon customers. Long time coming. They deserve it. Next should be Sprint.
  • I prefer to shoot without flash. The pics are so much more natural that way. AND, the 920 takes superb low-light photos.
  • Agree, but sometimes in really dark environments i need flash..
  • Think of how good a night shot would look with Xenous and OIS .:)
  • Yes i agree
  • Almost never used flash on my 920...
  • +1
  • oh snap. Lucky dogs. Sprint... You listening?
  • I have not seen the design of the L928, but I wonder if you will be able to swap out the current flash with the Xenon flash.
  • I knew I should have waited, I jumped ship and flew over to at&t. Patients is not one of my virtues. . . Sigh
  • Nahh the L920 is an awesome device, advice: get the device you want today don't worry about what will be released tomorrow..
  • True.
  • Your advice is great, if the coverage is comperable.  Never give up better coverage for a phone.
  • Neither is spelling...j/k
  • Lol, not nice :)
  • I've had my L920 since November. I wouldn't say wating till march or April to get this would be worth passing L920, but its good that Verizon is getting a flagship Nokia. The 822 has been doing good from what I hear couldn't imagine how they'd react to this.
  • Hang tight and dream of what the next Nokia for at&t will be, that should help. Because you know at&t will want to one-up the Verizon version, and that will truly be an epic phone! :)
  • I did the same thing back when the 900 was released, but I'm hoping it will pan out when the EOS is released. I have an upgrade coming in November. Until Nokia is in a position to release the same phone variation across carriers like Samsung, the carriers will always be leapfrogging each other.
  • *Patience 
  • Plus Verizon is horrible. ATT is amazing so far.
  • Patience. 
  • Hopefully they don't release it ON Easter Day (ahem Lumia 900!). I like the idea of it being lighter which is my main gripe about the 920, but I'd like a GSM compatible version.
  • Ha ha...had the exact same thought about the Easter release.  Hopefully a lesson was learned.
  • Weirdly enough I actually enjoy heavier phones.  I have an old captivate I had to use in between phones and it just felt too light. Just a personal preference though.
  • I am the same way. Feels like a premium device.
  • I can see what you're saying and agree to a point, but I think my 127g Nokia E71 felt pretty premium due to its overall construction. I guess that's my personal benchmark that I'm looking for these days and much heavier will dissuade me from buying
  • Catwalk will be the global version. 
  • Well Easter will be on March 31st this year so an Easter launch won't happen based on the April release rumor ;-)
  • Will it still have wireless charing built in?  Not sure if the aluminum body would effect it.  Call me crazy but I can't go back to phones without this capability.  Nice that it has micro SD support.  Sticking with my 8X since I bought it full price but glad to see this will be released.
  • Most phones can be charred wirelessly, should you really, really want to do that.  I believe that having an aluminum body would conduct the heat to other parts of the phone more efficiently than the polycarbonate, and perhaps lead to a more uniform charring.  Be sure to have at least a bucket of water nearby, because once you charred your phone, it may be too hot to handle.
  • Best. Reply. Ever. Thanks for the laugh, snowbound.
  • Your on fire!  sizzle, sizzle...plop, plop...wanka woo woo !
  • LMAO! I saw my spelling error but then I forgot to fix it lol.
  • Since it's coming to Verizon it's a good chance it will have wireless charging
  • ;)  LOL!
  • Should be fine, aluminum is non-ferrous.
  • We don't know for sure about the microSD but...hopefully!
  • bought the 8x as well, im happy with it, but ive always wanted a lumia device since they announced them. maybe my dad will take my 8x and i can get the 928.
  • You should probably stay with at&t. While the phone looks different its still pretty much the same as the 920. Not to mention the at&t version will have group text which has been removed from Verizon Windows 8 phones (HTC 8x)
  • This is going to be a beast. I may have to switch carriers from at&t. Jk. But still a beast.
  • Congrats Verizon bros! Enjoy!
  • Glad to hear this but I know I'll be feeling pain whenever it releases.
  • I have been using a Droid 2 for three years waiting for this phone to arrive. It cannot come soon enough. I have never been an early adopter when a phone releases but this will be in my hands the day it is available. The more traction WP8 gets the more we will see the ecosystem grow.
  • Come on Sprint! I'm off contract in 14 days. Give me something about your supposed upcoming phone 8 devices to give me hope or im ditching you ... Perhaps to Verizon now to get this masterpiece.
  • Don't worry about Sprint. I left them to ATT and I'm happy
  • I'm off contract with Sprint around the same time.  They better announce something soon.
  • I just switched from Sprint to ATT. Service is awesome. Had an agent welcome me to their family and Sprint never made me feel like they cared. Sprint never called or text to see how my service was at a store, ATT just did. And the speed is so much faster and more reliable than Sprint could dream of. Just my two cents. (been with Sprint. Ten years btw)
  • Are there any informations on this device's availability in europe? I'd love to buy one but Germany seems to stay in Google's hands. Why isn't MS pushing the ecosystem over here that much?
  • Any chance that this phone will be appearing anywhere else around the world?  For instance, on Telus in Canada?  Like AT&T, Rogers' exclusive 920 deal has held back sales here.
  • If I had to guess, this is Verizon customizing the device. So it may not. But Nokia has been rumored to go aluminum for a while, so you will get a choice at some point.
  • The Rogers exclusivity just kills me.  I would have been a day 1 920 buyer if it had been available on Bell.  The worst thing is that Rogers isn't even pushing the phone.  Walk into a Rogers store:  iphone on its own "feature" pedistal, Blackberry 10 on its own "feature" pedistal, Lumia 920 mixed in among the general phone population. 
  • I'm waiting for a Tmobile 920 Variant. I would really love to get a Nokia Flagship. My 8X hasn't EVERR given me a problem though (no fading colors, no battery problems, Beats Audio has been amazing) But I really would love a slim, amazing camera, great support, high quality, cool color windows phone.
  • Same here. Nokia Catwalk!
  • I'm with you guys
  • Same here and waiting!
  • Lets hope the Verizon people bite and arent too blinded by their droid love.
  • When does vzw license of "Droid" end anyways???
  • They have been. 822 is pretty successful.
  • Any chance Verizon will get group messaging by then? Its sad that I've waited so long, but will still be clutching my trophy without group messaging.
  • Group messaging works on my Lumia 822, I think!  At least I can send a text message to multiple people at once, if that is what you mean?
  • Group texting isn't coming for a little while, probably with GDR2, so unless they release this with GDR2 it won't happen
  • Are you talking about group SMS? I do it all the time on my trophy with Verizon.
  • To those who want it in Europe, just buy it when it goes on eBay. All new Verizon phones come unlocked for GSM use. But I doubt that it will be thinner and have a xenon flash.
  • Waiting to see the Blue phones in November.
    Hardware Rumors (none substantiated)i:
    Quad Core
    Closer to the real thing PureView
    Same body, flash and oled screen as above,
  • Good news for Verizon folks.  I want one for AT&T.  Xenon = 2 thumbs up!
  • Very interesting to read Windows Phone being $100 cheaper than Android phones. Are they comparing this to flagship devices on each platform?
  • It has to be flagship devices. If they were comparing mid level devices than the lumia 920 would super cheap compared to a flagship android device.
  • Can a Verizon customer pls help me with this one: Doesn't the 8x come unlocked, and was therefore compatible with t mobile and att networks? If so, then does anyone know if the 928 will also come unlocked? Will it work with GSM networks?
  • Yes the HTC 8X on Verizon is unlocked so you can use a SIM in it for ATT or T-Mobile.  I don't know about the Lumia 928 will come unlocked but typically Verizon has been doing this for other LTE phones with GSM radios.
  • Yes it comes unlocked, I have both AT&T and Verizon and am able to use my 8x on AT&T. However, there are software differences between the two so that, at the moment, you can't use group texting on the VZW version and you won't be able to turn on internet sharing. Probably other differences as well, but at this point thats what i've noticed.
  • My understanding is that a provision of the agreement between Verizon and the FCC requires that all LTE phones be sold unlocked.  This had to do with Verizon's acquisition of the 700 MHz frequencies.
  • The only thing that would make me jealous of that device would be if it is true it supports microSD cards. Other than that I prefer my L920. :D Also I was tired of CDMA, I wanted to jump to GSM.
  • Hopefully the part about Verizon making more money with windows phone is true. They'll be able to give better incentives to reps, and that means more sales for our brand. Which will mean more apps, and hopefully we start getting the windows phone app store sticker on all apps. But probably not, Verizon will just pocket the money.
  • Verizon doesn't make more. They spend less on subsidies and tech support with WP8. And they will never incentivize one OS over another in their commission structure.
  • so since they spend less, it means they make more money.
  • Not at all. Since they spend less that means their net profit is greater. Doesn't mean they are making more. Just means they have more left over after all their spendings.
  • More money!
  • Lmfao, try one more time to make sure he gets it.
  • Abe...any idea when I can pre-order my red 928 with Verizon ?
  • Xenon flash = Absolutely the best news
  • Hopefully, they will fix the camera, live tile/lock screen issues.
  • I really hope that once this phone is released and that The Verge is shown to be wrong (again), that people will stop using them as viable sources of information. They are getting as bad as Fox News.
  • This is the first time I've read someone stating that The Verge is as bad as Fox News. I'm not sure how to even make that connection.
  • The Verge has a habit of taking rumours and passing them off as fact via anonymous or unnamed "sources". Also, many of their writers are blatantly biased in one form or another and it greatly affects their writing style.
  • Tom Warren is quite a reliable source for microsoft rumours.
  • What is the benefit of Xenon flash?
  • if im not mistaken it produces a much more natural light and is brighter than led. IF Im not mistaken :D
  • I'm pretty sure they are better at "freezing" the frame also. Which helps a lot for low light shots.
  • Thanks!
  • Natural looking light man... LED flash produces light that washes out the natural tones of the pic.  Nokia focuses on natural producing photos -which is why they made the 920 superb in low light conditions.  I was shocked that the 920 didn't have xenon in the first place though.  Nokia is definitely known to include this big feat in all their high quality phones.  -I'd imagine it was probably due to costs.... Anyway, I hope Nokia includes xenon flash in their future high end devices from now on.  It's rare nowadays to find xenon in smartphones these days. 
  • Oooohh myyy gaaawd! Finally some details... How much longer till I get my Lumia?
  • It comes in cyan! If expandable memory is true it would be a home run!
  • verizon should get the grey one! think about it!! THINK ABOUT IT!!! they get RED get GREY and white and black and you get verizons colors :D
  • I just want wireless charging and a great indestructible case.
  • Laser and Catwalk will be awesome, I know on ATT high end Windows Phones are cheaper than iPhones, not sure about Android, have to imagine Verizon is in the same boat, considering the sleeper success of the 822 you know Verizon is very interested. Sounds fantastic. Hope the rest of the world gets the same love. And I hope Nokia brings more models to T-mobile.
  • The 'Key' addition here is 'Xenon' flash, that and only that addition makes the quality of low light pictures a 100% better, that means no more 'blurry' pictures. the way a Xenon flash 'freezes' the pictures can not be match by any LED.
  • Should have waited before getting an 8X...
  • I can grantee you folks, there will not be a new Nokia device in April. Earliest mid-may. April is all about BB. Your source makes assumptions. Verizon relationship with Samsung is worse than apple and Verizon only prefers Droids not androids. Also Verizon never launches two flagship os/devices at the same time
  • wow, you comment shows how smart you are  'Verizon only prefres Droids not androids'.  Are you kidding me? there is not such thing as a Droid. 'Droid' is just how Verizon calls their 'Android' devices. 
  • Droids are customized androids exclusively for Verizon. You should visit the website. Click on smartphones you'll Droids, then windows phone,iPhones HTC phones, Motorola phones, last Samsung phones. Where Samsung is the last and GS3 is not listed on the main page.
  • Nope.
    And then there are Androids...  Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Intuition, Spectrum II, ...
    DROID's are Verizon exclusive I believe.
  • Thank you!
  • droids are the androids customized by big red but they are still androids so are galaxies ones etc all androids.....:\
  • Some people are just plain dumb...  'I have a Droid, not an Android'  hehe.  
  • I'll belive the marketing push form VZW when I see it. 
    Regardless, it seems Samsung has taken over all advertising for their phones (they've got the cash).
    I can't wait to see the new Samsung S4 commercials starring all the smug, detestable hipsters.
  • now the only thing missing here is the same APP selection as Android and iOS
  • thats always been the only thing missing :\
  • However,  Nokia leads the pack in bringing a more robust stable of Nokia exclusives as well as timed exclusives from 3rd party devs. Approaching 150,000 apps now and the introduction of new and even top-tier apps (Pandora, etc) is picking up as WP8 matures. OS updates coming this summer and Blue by year-end, so even if this phone is a little late to market it has a lot going for it. The whole app argument is getting to be a purely psycholgical barrier for people who are really looking only for an excuse. I moved off my one ID to my Amreican ID meaning currently on WP7.8 I can't use my PayPal account and I am doing just fine with only free apps presently. When I move to WP8 it will more than likely be a Lumia, as HTC has left me behind after having one of the best devices out there: my Titan.
  • I will believe it when I see it. Some guy in a forum who says he works for VZW?? and the verge as sources. While I do not doubt that the 928 is real and is coming, I stated elsewhere back in November that VZW would get a 920 varient after the AT&T exclusive was over. Which puts it in... April. I am skeptical about the Alum. body such. Never hoped I am wrong more.
    Lets hear it for a non instagram news post!!! WOOT!
  • Actually, it puts it in may.. I thought 928 was launching at CTIA? Maybe theyve pushed launch date forwards
  • Oh dear. Not sure I'm keen on the change of shape. I love the 920. It all started for me with the N8. It took the rather lumpen N8 & turned it into a thing of beauty. I couldn't get that because it never came out in the UK, but when the Lumia 800 arrived in the same form I jumped straight in. The flat screen on the 900 was a bit of a disppointment, so I stayed with the 800 until the 920 turned up & stole my heart.
  • Oops! I meant it started for me with the N9. 
  • Left Verizon months ago for the 920 but regardless I hope this device sells well, and I'm glad those of you who waited will get your share of premium Lumia goodness.
  • Ditto
  • Oh shit I'm on the front page. Good bye job.
  • Dude, I hope that doesn't happen.
  • Genius
  • And this is why when u leak, u say its a friend in the biz lol
  • Don't worry. There's literally no way they could trace this back. Its all good. Its not like I'm posting from my work tablet or something. Lol
  • Nice story then!
  • I'm so jealous of you Americans :(
  • Haha
  • I believe this is the Lazer? 
    EOS and Catwalk still to get announced.
    I hope "EOS" will be; Waterproof with excellent low light performance along with Optical Image Stabilization like L920. Plus the sensor of 808 with lossless zoom. All this packed along with top notch firmware for sharp and fast zooming and excellent autoshoot options with new lenses. One thing I could only dream of, would be touchsensor to give option for manual focusing over auto focus. then top of that some excellent photo and video editing applications from nokia. 
    Bring this and I would never have to use any other phone, gps, computer, camera or whatever device and I would pay for it, alot.
  • +920808
  • About time. Anyone looking for a Verizon black 8X in good condition :)
  • Ha ha ha everyone is waiting to get the golden phone.
  • Hala Nokia vi vala Nokia forza Nokia all hail the king Nokia
  • Everything about this phone looks great... until they lost me at OLED screen. Why would they do this?! The speed and crisp LCD of the 920 is perfect. I don't have battery issues so OLED is totally the wrong direction for me. Why? Because out of all the OLED screens I have had, I have had screen burn in all of them in less than a year of use. I don't leave the screen on however I am a heavy text user. The text bubble in particular burned in. I love he screen on the 920 and with the wireless charging stands, I can use the phone as a desktop and bedside clock. PLEASE NOKIA! DO NOT USE OLED FOR THE NEXT PHONE AFTER THE 920!!!!!!!
  • Niceeeeeeee
  • Can we have it in UK within the month :'(
  • lol i have an 822 right now
  • There was a reason I wasn't winning bids on eBay or receiving messages on Craigslist for an 822. I know where my extra $200 will be going. Just bring it sooner rather than a rumor.
  • I'd take heavier in aluminum if it meant an even larger battery :)
  • Why would they change the screen to OLED? Strange.
  • As a current VZW customer I'm happy it is getting in on the action.  That being said, I already moved my wife to AT&T for the 920 when her Trophy died and she is incredibly happy with the phone.  Coverage is basically comparable - maybe a couple of places where VZW could theoretically have better coverage, but these are random occurrences.  
    Once Good for Enterprise hits WP8 I think I'll join her over on AT&T.  Not because I think the 920 will be better than the 928, but instead looking forward I feel like AT&T has proven it is willing to be more supportive of the WP8 ecosystem, and they've earned some loyalty points from me.  
  • Damn i want one. I love my 920 now, so I will be buying the 928 as well
  • Dammit! Hate being early adopters! You could never get all the goods. Its its like early adopters are mearly beta testers!. And damb I hate those dust in my front ffc! No fix, no warranty, nothing! Anyway, welcome back xenon flash!
  • Easy Tiger. Everyone who considers themself an early adopter knows there are risks such as getting incomplete devices or something better will eventually roll out. The reward is getting something cutting edge that is not mainstream yet. Just hang on and wait until this fall when the replacement comes out for the 920. It will surely top the 928 in specs and capability.
  • This is kinda good news.
    Am I the only one that thinks the price is too high?  $550 for a phone with internals that will be 5-6 months old?  The 920 was only $450 on AT&T when it launched!
    And yes, that's the price that's important to me as I'm one of the hated grandfathered unlimiters that refuses to let go, especially with the LTE upgrade. 
  • Damn I can't wait what's next for my l900 btw
    I have
    can't wait for my next wp8.5
  • I like the idea of 550 off contract. Would like to keep my unlimited data, so if I can get 200-250 for my 822 on eBay, this wouldn't be bad.
  • You could probably get around $150.00, remember you are selling a wp8 device and is on Verizon  
  • I don't really follow your logic.
  • Have owned an L800 since release. Used extensively, no OLED screen burn. Still an absolutely gorgeous screen. I now prefer OLED over LCD. I can't say the L928's screen will be as reliable, but I can say not all OLED screens are created equal. Maybe give Nokia a chance to change your mind on OLED?
  • So if you open internet explorer and close all the tabs giving you a plain white screen, are you telling me you don't see the dark outline of a text bubble? I had a Focus and another and within 6 months I could see the dark outline of the text screen no matter what I displayed on the screen. Even my friend who was not a techie looked at the screen when I showed him a picture of my son and within seconds he said "nice screen burn in". I like the 920 screen much better than any OLED screen I have had. It is quick with no motion blur and very readable in direct sunlight. Yes you could be right and Nokia may be using different tech than Samsung but everything I have read is that OLED screens simply degrade with each use. To me the tech is not ready for heavy use.
  • 16/32gb and a MicroSD slot ? Wow my 8X might be up on ebay soon.....Paying cash for this baby.....
  • Way back in December I bought a S3 because I was too impacient with verizon. I mostly bought it because ut was on sale for $50. I am now saddened.
  • So what about the floating-camera? Will it be added into the Lumia 928?
  • Great news. More Lumia friends for current 920 users. We can stop the argument now. Both 920 and 928 have their pros and cons. DRAW.
  • HonestAbeBread......any inkling on when pre-ordering for the Lumia 928 will open up on Verizon dot com ?
  • Come on Sprint get on the Nokia band wagon!!!