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Hundreds of products, lots of them phones, and one of the most insane autumns in tech history. 2018 has had it all, from the quirky and downright ludicrous to the fabulous and outrageous, but which products stood out? This is MrMobile's Best of 2018, bought to you by the folks at!

Best smartphone: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro is the reason my reviews of five other products have been delayed – because the second I saw it at that first New York City briefing I decided it was so compelling I needed to spend a week with it in London. And I don't regret it for a second. The Mate 20 Pro is just the kick in the pants the smartphone world needed in 2018.

The Disruptor: OnePlus 6T

It brings everything great about the OnePlus 6 (well, almost everything … RIP, headphone jack) and preserves the price tag that's kept OnePlus in the headlines for five years running. Overseas you've had your Pocophone fun, but here in the States, no smartphone has been more disruptive in 2018.

Captain2Phones:BlackBerry KEY2

This one is reserved for the phone so distinctive, unparalleled or just … weird that it forces you to adopt the lifestyle that earned me the "Captain2Phones" moniker over a decade ago. The phone that insists upon itself strongly enough that you'll carry an extra one rather than ditching it. This year's selection: the BlackBerry KEY2.

Stay Mobile Award: Nintendo Switch, Motiv Smart Ring, Sony WH1000-XM3

This award goes to three gadgets beyond the smartphone world, since (as longtime followers will recognize) MrMobile has covered the full gamut of mobile tech, from smartwatches to electric cars, right from the beginning. This year the winners are three – and to get the full story on 'em, you'll need to watch the video above!

Viewer's Choice: Win the best tech of 2018!

You've probably got your own opinions and you might have voted differently. Well, you've still got the chance! There's also a fifth award, which is where YOU can get involved. Five lucky viewers will receive one of the winning products (one winner per category), delivered in time for the holidays!

A shortlist of 22 devices including many of the hottest phones of the year and there can only be one winner!

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Nirave Gondhia