MSI releases BIOS update to address Intel Skylake's freezing issue

MSI is rolling out a BIOS update that will address the issue of Intel Skylake processors freezing when performing a high workload of mathematical tasks. Fortunately, this issue should not affect the average owner of said chips and only occurs while running intense applications like Prime95.

The problem was discovered by mathematicians working for tor the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). Intel stated a patch would be released to address the issue and now we're seeing initial signs of manufacturers looking to fire out BIOS updates for consumers to flash their motherboards with.

For the time being, this update is only available for the Z170A XPOWER Titanium and Z170A Gaming M7 motherboards. MSI has confirmed with Overclock3d that other motherboards part of the Intel Skylake LGA 1151 line-up will receive the same update soon. Should you be affected by the bug, be sure to check out the newly released BIOS updates here.

Via: Overclock3d

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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    I want to reinstall Windows 10 Pro (clean install) on my 2 in 1 tablet because its becoming very slow. 1. If I do a backup and after the clean install I restore (the backup), will it be the same as if I had kept it the way it was (slow; without taking into account the components itself: wear and tear the parts may have and inability of them to process information fast) or will only the files I want be restored (for instance, everything but the files that are kept when someone installs some program and then uninstalls it)? 2. What are the ways I can do a clean install? Which one is the best (and easiest)?
  • Run in safe mode, it will give u an idea if ur parts are going bad. It should be very zippy in safe mode. you should back up to a external drive for files. Then do a complete fresh install and use the external drive for anything you need. Also if your 2-1 allows hdd install look at an ssd to replace it, this alone is a significant speed boost.
  • How can I enable safe mode?
  • Waaaaaaaay off topic, use forums!
  • Tried, couldn't get any response so turned here. I tried also to see other threads but they are too complicated for me since I'm a newbie here. I don't even know what iso files and the media creation tool are! Could you explain?
  • The creation tool either allows you too upgrade or create an ISO (virtual disk) which you can burn to dvd or Usb drive. I think the link is
  • So basically the ISO file allows you to perform a clean install right?
  • To go to safe mode when you're at login or start screen, click power icon, then hold down the shift key as you click restart, when it has "choose an option" choose "troubleshoot" , then "advanced options", then "startup settings" then "restart"
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  • Ok thanks for the advice :) I'll do that next time since I've got the responses I was looking for :)
  • Joke. You know whats better then this board? i386
  • Need for ASUS Maximus VIII, hope it comes soon.
  • Oh dear, I imagine some system builders must have gotten a heart attacks when running Prime95 to test system stability of their over clocks lol.
  • So Skylake isn't stable either?
  • It's perfectly stable and fast. Only problems on some applications.
  • So... not stable then. Stable means it doesn't hang at all. I think you mean "mostly stable". Between this, the sleep issues, and the lackluster increase in performance from Broadwell, Skylake is turning out to be kind of a dud. I think I'm glad I decided to wait one more year before rebuilding my gaming rig. Hopefully Intel not only fixes the issues, but also boosts performance in the Skylake refresh later this year.
  • Are you sure this is BIOS? I thought UEFI was standard on Skylake-ready motherboards.
  • BIOS, UEFI, Firmware.... What's the difference.
    Same thing by a different name, choose one.
  • UEFI is a type of BIOS, as opposed to what is now called Legacy BIOS (pre-UEFI). So BIOS is a correct term, UEFI BIOS is a verbose way of putting it.
  • That's a sexy mobo fashow
  • Everything seems to be buggy nowadays.
  • That's because people keep demanding to have things NOW. You can either build software quickly or make it stable but you cannot have both.
  • Nothing too damn of a problem. Only happens in few applications.
  • This has happened on Intel and amd price in the old days... But, I do agree with you and think it's a terrible trend. MS maybe the worst offender
  • hy
  • I guess I wont be buying a Skylake chip. Wait for the next model.
  • Wow, that's a massive over reaction.
  • Unless you're planning to be the next Einstein using a PC, chillax...
  • I have to run data with SAS on a daily basis. Is this something I need to be concerned about? Can a BIOS update really solve the issue? The reason I write is because I just ordered a new Skylake laptop and wonder if I should hold out for next generation.
  • I just got a msi b150 m3 mobo for my first build and I'm using a skylake i3 and I'm not having any issues