MSI is rolling out a BIOS update that will address the issue of Intel Skylake processors freezing when performing a high workload of mathematical tasks. Fortunately, this issue should not affect the average owner of said chips and only occurs while running intense applications like Prime95.

The problem was discovered by mathematicians working for tor the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). Intel stated a patch would be released to address the issue and now we're seeing initial signs of manufacturers looking to fire out BIOS updates for consumers to flash their motherboards with.

For the time being, this update is only available for the Z170A XPOWER Titanium and Z170A Gaming M7 motherboards. MSI has confirmed with Overclock3d that other motherboards part of the Intel Skylake LGA 1151 line-up will receive the same update soon. Should you be affected by the bug, be sure to check out the newly released BIOS updates here.

Via: Overclock3d