MSN Weather

As we get ready for Universal Apps to start hitting the Xbox One, we're already getting a look at one from Microsoft that's set to make the leap. As of the latest Preview Program build, MSN Weather has appeared as an app in the "Ready to Install" list on the console.

But while it's there and we've been able to install it, it's definitely not ready to go just yet.

The app was first reported on r/xboxone and we've verified it is indeed correct. While the Reddit post said you couldn't install MSN Weather, we've been able to download and install it but it errors out when you try to launch.

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The Store listing is there to see and Xbox One has been added to the list of supported devices for the app, alongside phone, PC and HoloLens. There are no screenshots of what the Xbox One version looks like, but a rough guess would leave us expecting it to look a lot like the PC version.

As we get closer to the launch of the Anniversary Update across all Windows 10 products, it's likely we'll start to hear much more about console apps coming soon. Exciting times for sure.