Multiplayer gaming in "Mango" using sockets [Developers]

Ricky Tan has published an insightful blog post on MSDN that covers implementing multiplayer gaming on the windows Phone platform. Using UdpAnySourceMulticastClient, Ricky walks us through enabling peer-to-peer support (over WiFi in this case) in a game for Mango (opens in new tab).

Fancy carrying this out yourself? According to Ricky, it's not as difficult as one would assume. Here's some quick points to get you interested (check out the links below for the article with full code viewing, downloads, etc.):

PlatformerGame.cs: This contains the game code and is where the sockets are initialized, and where the sends and receives are handled.UdpAnySourceMulticastChannel.cs: This contains the UDP multicast sockets code for joining the group, sending and receiving data.OtherPlayer.cs: This is a modification of Player.cs to add other players to the game.

Ricky has added peer-to-peer support into the platformer start kit developed by David Russet (opens in new tab). Read more information on this (plus the full download and snippets of code) over at Ricky Tan's blog (opens in new tab). Multiplayer gaming is most definitely in the works, we also have to keep an eye on Microsoft's progress with 'Switchboard' (opens in new tab).

Via: Channel9 (opens in new tab); Thanks, Mark!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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