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Camera360 becomes a serious must have app with Double Exposure in latest update

Camera360 for Windows Phone 8 has been bumped to version 1.5.0. It's a rather awesome update, so prepare yourselves for double exposure, bug fixes and more. If you've not heard of Camera360 before, it's a super popular photography app that's a must-have for anyone who enjoys snapping shots while on the move.

So what's new in the latest release?

You've got double exposure, essentially enabling you to have some fun with ghosting and adding other unique effects to your images. Fear not if you've never delved into this type of photography previously as the developer has you covered with an interactive tutorial that aids you as you go about your business. A cool intro when firing up the app is matched by small tooltips that help you out in creating your first image with double exposure.

Simply drag up from the camera icon, select "double exposure" and you're good to go. Play around with multiple techniques to create some interesting results and check out what you've managed to form in the viewer. While double exposure is the latest big thing in Camera360, but the developer has also managed to pack some other bits and pieces into the release, including:

  • Thumbnails load faster when browsing around
  • Photo saving failed bug has been terminated
  • "Sweet" filter bug in portrait mode has been addressed

So we're looking at a rather nice update with some awesome functionality. We strongly recommend you check out Camera360, even if you're not a photo buff. It's an app that can really bring something new to the table with multiple cool filters and effects ready to be utilised. Over 100 million users can't be wrong, right?

You can download Camera360 from the Windows Phone store for free. Who said you don't get much for nothing in life?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • no idea what's that.. but I'm trying it now!!!
  • It's a really good app...kind of my go-to "artsy" photo app now. The filters are excellent.
  • Double exposure isn't so easy to use. I mean to produce some awesome pictures like in the demo. Need to experiment a lot.
  • With all due respect to yourself, the developers, and others that are into "filtering" their photos- what's the point? If I'm taking a photo, I want people to see what I see. If I wanted them to see it in a different light, I would have changed the lighting. If I couldn't change the light from the source, I would have adjusted settings in the camera app. The same goes from images I am viewing. I will ignore the "artistic" looking meal that looks less appealing in sepia, vintage, etc. Sure, blurring the surrounding or dulling all colors around the focus of the image is useful in certain circumstances.
    That said, 90% of what I see these days is either done to cover up a terribly taken picture or to fit in with a fad. I will be the first to say I am certainly amateur-ish in my photography, but I'm not about to hide behind a filter to ruin the image I took. It either came out good and I keep it or bad and I scrap it.  I guess this whole fad of distorting what you see to show other people seems completely illogical to me. Worst of all, what's the point in taking a share-worthy picture if you are going to go and ruin it? Even if it's a total amateur looking photo, be proud of it. I'm sure all of us grew up with our horrendous grade school artwork plastered all over the fridge, walls, etc. and took pride in showing it off. Now, we take photos with rather impressive technology behind it and have to ruin it? I don't get that. It seems like the people that SHOULD be using these apps are the ones that still had their artwork plastered around school still in display cases because it was the top of the class in high school or college. I realize people find enjoyment out of it, but you would cringe at a neighbor that tried to create lawn/landscape art that looked terrible so why don't more people cringe with distorted photos?
    Daniel, I guess I feel about filter apps like you do when it comes to facebook.
    /end rant
  • tldr
  • One hell of a write up. But you seem to be getting this all wrong. It's your opinion and that's respected. But yu should know that, image enhancement is subjective. And what looks good to me, might look ugly to you, and vice versa. Soo.. For those who want that little bling to their photos, why not throw a little effect!?
    More so, people aren't like you. If that was the case, why would they take the trouble of developing apps and stuff to perform something like de. Enhancement is one thing and making images artsy is another friend. So you see, i may want to manipulate what i see to make it look like you're seeing something else. Lol. Don't hate imagination. ;)
  • I never said I hate imagination. I said I don't understand why people want to do it. If you look at the history of photography, it's minor touch ups here and there until BAM! Filter almost anything and everything we show to our friends. I don't see filters being used 90%+ of the time in anything printed for consumer use (ads, magazines, billboards, etc). Sure, things are probably photoshopped a bit here and there to take out imperfections, remove a blemish, but not alter the entire appearance of the photo. Once in a while a filter is used to make something look aged for a historic purpose. I do not see the connection between a quality picture you'd show off to your friends back in the day when it was on film and present day posting a filtered photo on instagram, facebook, etc. Outside of scrapbooking or a little girls bedroom or folder, you never saw people put stickers on the film photos they were showing you. Why all of a sudden the change? I suppose that falls into the same category of seeing a table of teens-young adults out at a restaurant, but everyone is deep into texting instead of talking to one another. It makes no logically sense at all.
  • tldr
  • I agree with you, but I guess it makes people feel a little more creative than they actually are. Probably not a bad thing overall.
  • I totally know what you are saying. There just seems like a disconnect in getting to that point. Kids don't go to art class in elementary school, make a "lovely" stick figure scene of the family using accurate colors, and then some how give it a purple haze. Those same kids are thought to be the ones with the wild imaginations, too. Sure, they might use odd colors to create the scene, but that's not exactly the same thing as filtering...even then, you don't see that very often once kids reach a certain age anyway.
  • Have you tried filtering your personal pictures? And yes, I mean with something like Instagram. It can be addicting seeing a different perspective on what you've seen in real life. 
    Kids usually learn the skills first, then they get creative after class. I guess I'm still a kid at 25.
    edit: your quote "If I'm taking a photo, I want people to see what I see" concisely explains part of why I filter. The other part is that it's now easier than ever to do.
  • Couldn't add this edit in my post above.
    edit: Your quote "If I'm taking a photo, I want people to see what I see" concisely explains part of why I filter. The other part is that it's now easier than ever to do.
  • Holy shit!!!!!! Write a novel why don't you
  • TL;DR
  • Agreed! WP8 has a lot of good photo apps...camera360 and thumba are my 2 favorites.
  • This app gets better and better. If only they had .99 cents for every user..
  • I think this might be the first app to offer double exposure. Definitely playing around with it. I like things like this over all the typical vignette Instagram filters. Move on people, geez. Amiright?
  • Actually Hipstamatic Oggl was the first one to offer double exposure on WinPho. But hey the more the better! 
  • Just got the update. Would give that a try. Its just one exposure away from native hdr imaging
    Edit: it seems kinds slow and I cant get it to work :/
    Edit 2: Got it to work. Weird result. Need more practice. Would be useful if it could use an existing image, and I don't have to keep it running when I move locations
  • Good stuff
  • My problem with this app is why the hell a camera app needs my location.
  • The Chinese NSA are tracking ya buddy... ;)
  • lol....LMAO
  • Add location into photos?
  • You can turn it off in settings.
  • Geo-tagging.
  • Doubel Exposure.. ???
  • Like double rainbow, without the rainbow.
  • Lmao
  • He means it is misspelled in the app.
  • Like refried beans but fried only once.  lol
  • Trying to take a picture nothing happens
  • The pulling up the cam icon is a selection step. Return to the previous screen to capture
  • Holy cow, the IT trolls in charge of our internet have blocked due to its category of “software downloads.”  Does it matter that the software is actually going straight to my phone and not touching my work PC?  Goobers.
  • Get back to work.
  • Not working , perhaps doing something wrong. It focuses , makes a sound, but no picture is taken. Weird
  • I knows when your trying to take a picture of your ding-dong. Maybe it's trying to focus too hard.
  • Who the fuck are you?
  • A moronic weirdo is who they are
  • What, me worry?
  • Actually I was doing the same thing. First drag that camera n swipe to double exposure. Then click the small button at the bottom. You will be taken back to the home screen. N then u can click dbl exposure photos!
  • Same here nothing happens just a noise and nothing 
  • It works just fine, I know I'm gonna be playing with it a lot now ,,thumps up for camera360.
  • is there magic skin here?
  • Learning curve is definitely not high but choosing photos or taking them in certain contrasts is going to be very very hard.  For those that are having problems, you might need to take a photo with higher contrast. 
    Or after you take the photo cap into your library to see if its there already. I thought nothing happened and tapped the camera icon several times just to find out it was capturing tons of photos already.
  • The developer added a musix intro into the app which makes the app size bigger.
  • Aren't there two versions of this app? The other being Nokia's? Does anyone know if both are on par in terms of features?
  • This one has live lens effects(lots if effects). Pro cam has only enhancements. Not effects.
  • I wasn't talking about Pro Cam. I was referring to the Nokia-owned version of the same app.
  • What case is that on the 925???
  • i am searching too, if you found it, please write a mail.
    I have a lumia 820, maybe for this too.
  • The splash screen reads "DOUBEL EXPOSURE" ... I'm assuming that's a typo?
  • Can it replace Nokia Pro Cam? Because I think of Nokia Pro Cam as the ultimate interface for a smartphone camera, and since it's not only available for the 1020 but also for 9xx series...
  • Should be a disclaimer that it doesn't take full resolution pictures.
  • Hello wpcentral-team,
    I like your homepage. You have so many great articles.
    Now my question: what mobile phone is on the article picture? What "case" ist that, I like the "corner safe".
    Where can I buy one for my Lumia 820?
    Thank you very much
  • I downloaded the new version.  I launched it.  It immediately played music.  My phone is set to vibrate only.  Not a good start.
  • Very hard to use. its lost on me
  • these application available in lumia 900 7.8??
  • The double exposure option now seems to have been removed?