Camera360 passes the 100 million user mark

We knew that Camera360 was a popular Windows Phone photography app but apparently it has become the first mobile photography app to pass 100 million global users.

Granted Windows Phone can't take claim to all these users with Camera360 being available over on iOS and Android devices. But still, 100 million is impressive.  

Now that Camera360 has built a rather hefty following the developer will now turn their attention from being a photography tool to a multi-service provider.  There is a Cloud service in Beta that will allow for off-device storage in the works. Not sure when and if we'll see this feature come to market.

Camera360 is a uniquely styled camera app that has a nice assortment of filters and effects that can be applied as you capture new photos with your Windows Phone 8 device.  The app utilizes a creative compass, much like a dial on a DSLR, to spin you through the various filters and effects.  Camera360 also has a Photo Diary section where you can view all your photos, share them via social networks, edit the photos and view a photo calendar that sorts your images by the date taken.

Where apps such as ProShot is more oriented to giving you more control over the camera's settings, Camera360 takes aim more so at the creativity and organization side of things with it's filters and Photo Diary.  If you're looking for an alternative to the native Windows Phone camera app, Camera360 is worth considering. 

Camera360 is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Tech in Asia (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

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  • Congratulations!!! That's a pretty big accomplishment
  • Will this be the next Instagram?
  • Can't wait to make this my default camera app!
  • I think that was one of the most interesting things displayed by Nokia.  Having the ability to have a different camera app be the default camera app is really unique.  Having control over what hardware buttons do is huge.
  • we can do we do it pls tell..i want to make this my default cam app...pls tel
  • Nokia announced it as a feature coming with the amber update in summer, you can't do it just yet
  • will amber come in the gdr2 update or will it be avialable seperately
  • Separately but it will be released at the same time, here's a bit more info on it
  • This app totally deserves it! Great app!
  • I really like it, the diary thing is pretty cool. Good job.
  • Every picture I now use camera360 to upload them. This is my instagram fuck instagram until they give official app I think camera 360 is amazing
  • When the update that allows u to choose what app you want the camera button to default to, camera360 will be my default..can't wait..
  • This is amazing considering other companies make excuses on why they aren't on Windows Phone.
  • Hello guy, sorry if this is a stupic question. (i just newbe)
    how can i use my lumia to scran that bar code in the page?
  • Click the search button and then click the vision (eye) button. Regards, Guy
  • So proud. We Chinese must have downloaded it for lots of times for it's an excellent app designed by Chinese developers.
  • > Granted Windows Phone can't take claim to all these users with Camera360 being available 
    Yes, we can, screw Android and iOS
  • why? they have thier own advantages..personally i like android devices because of thier still lacks some basic needs..hope they will be solved in the 8.1 update..
  • Thanks editor! I didn't knew such a nice app exists. I wonder how did I missed it?!
  • Camer 360 deserves it. one of the best app in wp eco-system!
  • I love this app. i just wish they update it so it can have features like that of the android and ios counterparts
  • I thought its panorama app :(
  • Lol panorama doesn't do a good job
  • This app is great UI, and for free.. I didn't notice any ads too.. So for sure these guys deserves it.. Awesome job.
  • Nice application for photography and social upload. I think the greatest advantage that it has is the easy way to take pictures through the application
  • This is one of the app that is different from Android.....ui is the dslr thingy
  • I like this app. It does crash a bit here and there for me but it is good and I like it better than instagram and their filters.
  • camera360 is working with nokia since day one to bring the app to wp8 and more function is on the way.