My Notes, a handy note taking app for Windows Phone

My Notes, as you would suspect, is a note-taking app for Windows Phone.  The app is designed to create notes, lists and countdown timers in quick and easy fashion.

Notes can be anything from cooking recipes to reminders on what size shirt your kid wears while Lists cover shopping lists, to-do lists, a parts list for building a tree house or anything else you need an itemized list for.  The countdown timer feature lets you set an event date in the future.  My Notes will then countdown the days until the event and send you reminders as the event gets close.  It's a nice feature to remind you of important dates (anniversary, birthdays, etc.)

Add SkyDrive backup, password support, Live Tile support, along with plenty of customization options for your lists, notes and timers and My Notes makes a nice first impression.  We found it to be an attractive note management app for our Windows Phone worth giving a try.

My Notes Main Pages

The main layout for My Notes contains pages for your notes, lists and countdown timers.  Along the bottom of the main pages are control buttons to search your content and add a new note, list or timer.  Up under the three-dot menu you will find access to your settings.

Settings for My Notes covers general issues such as setting up your SkyDrive backup and view the app’s tutorial as well as settings for the various pages and notes you create.  This would include the order in which your notes are sorted, font sizes, and the style of tile/icon you would like to use on the notes page.  You can also set-up password protection for My Notes and choose a theme for My Notes that includes the ability to use a photo as the background image.

My Notes Settings

When you create a note, list or countdown timer just tap the “+” button and fill in the blanks.  At the bottom of the creation page four control buttons are present that include a save button, a delete button, launch the dictation feature and launch the read feature (audio playback).  Note: Dictation and audio playback of notes is only available on Windows Phone 8 devices.  

Up under the three-dot menu you will find options to:

  • Add a photo to your note
  • Undo any changes
  • Pin the note to your Start Screen
  • Email the note
  • Send the note as a text message
  • Share the note on a social network
  • Copy the note to your clipboard
  • Access the app’s settings.

You will also have a set of options to choose from when creating a new item that cover categorizing your notes, setting a due date, password protecting the item, and choosing a unique accent color.  You lack the ability to add photos, dictate and read back the lists or countdown timers but most of the same options exist with the creation of these items as well.

My Notes Creation Pages

In using My Notes over the holidays to keep track of “to-do” notes on various tasks, the dictation feature worked rather nicely.  It is a great way to jot down notes or reminders while on the go.  My only nit is that you lack the ability to create a note directly from dictation.  It’s not a deal breaker but it would be nice to push one button to add a note through dictation and follow up later in setting any categories, reminders, etc.

There are plenty of note taking apps available for our Windows Phones and My Notes is a fine option to consider.  The base app for My Notes is free and available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  The free version does have some limited functionality (only one list and one countdown timer, etc.) and is ad supported.  Through an in-app purchase of $1.99 you can unlock all the features and remove the ads.

My Notes is available here in the Windows Phone Store (opens in new tab).

QR: My Notes

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