Let My Trips handle your travel plans so you don't have to

My Trips

My Trips isn't a new app, it's been around for some time but we haven't talked much about it in recent times. But, if you're a frequent traveller it's something you should definitely look at. It hooks into the popular service, TripIt, which manages travel documents and itineraries on your behalf by pulling confirmations out of your inbox and organising them into trips for you.

The problem with TripIt is that the Windows Phone app is pretty poor and the future for it equally so. The developers have previously told us that there are no plans to make it better in the short term, so that leaves us with My Trips. Which is fine, because it's a really good app.

And it's also available as a universal app for Windows 8.1, as well.

My Trips

Because My Trips hooks into your TripIt account, there's very little interaction required on the users part to get up and running. Just sign in to your account and My Trips will pull in all of your existing travel details. That includes all your past trips as well as future ones, shared trips and received trips.

And that's not all it pulls in. If you're using the points tracking feature of TripIt Pro it'll drag in your frequent flyer accounts and keep you up to speed with all your recent transactions. You're not limited to using TripIt, though, you can manually add trips with flights, hotels, car hire and a whole bunch of other things. And for an extra purchase you can get some additional, sharing features that includes tap-to-send via NFC.

The good news continues with My Trips being a universal app. TripIt is available through the web, but on a tablet in particular a dedicated app is a welcome addition. TripIt never made one, which makes My Trips even more valuable. Especially when you can pin a live tile for each of your trips to the Start screen.

If you travel often, TripIt is one of the most valuable services you can use, but the official support for Windows and Windows Phone is lacking. But it's not the end of the world, as with a third-party client like this we're not missing out. Grab it for Windows or Windows Phone at the links below.

Richard Devine
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