MyFitnessPal ( as a service is top notch.  If you’re into keeping track of what you eat and the calories you consume, then it’s indispensable, especially since it combines so nicely with our favorite activity tracker Fitbit. But as a Windows Phone app, it leaves a lot to be desired, as can be seen by the pitiful user ratings in the Store. Sure, it looks great, but problems with stability and the scanner keep it from being truly useful.

Some people have complained that they can’t find the app in the Store (we had no such issue) but the good news is an update is coming soon. Version 2.1.2 is currently in beta testing and at least according to one representative, it’s aimed directly at stability:

“…this version is focused heavily around resolving issues our members have been experiencing with the barcode scanner and the app continuously loading.”

Likewise, the MFP staff confirmed the news today via their Twitter account, noting:

“Our apologies, we are currently working on an update and hope to have it available soon. Thank you for your patience.”

Since the MFP team is evidently beta testing the app, an update to resolve current issues should not be too far off. Considering the last major update was in December, it is certainly long overdue. You can find the current version of MyFitnessPal here in the Store.

Do you use MyFitnessPal? How has your experience been?

Via: Reddit