myTube update brings product key recovery system, bug fixes [updated]

Third-party YouTube player myTube scored an update today that brings loads of bug fixes, along with a way for users who lost their paid status after the 2.0 update to request a new product key.

Here's a full breakdown of what's new and fixed in myTube version

  • Product key system implemented. Those who lost access to the paid version of the app can now submit a product key request from the "about + extras" section
  • Fixed bug where trial mode waiting timer would never end
  • Rearranged settings panel
  • Fixed bug where the app sometimes wouldn't open to the subscriptions panel
  • Re-implemented developer messages (including ability to comment on the messages)
  • Fixed bug that may have caused a crash at launch for some
  • Additional fixes and improvements

Back in January, myTube was revamped in its version 2.0 update. Unfortunately a number of users reported issues with the update, including losing their paid status if they had purchased the app prior to the update. Fortunately, with today's update, it looks like those users will be able to enjoy all of the app's features once again by submitting a product key request through the app. If you were one of the users affected, be sure to snag the update from the store link below.

Update: We've been in contact with the developer of myTube and he's given us the following information on how to go about recovering a product key if you previously lost access to the paid version of the app:

"The product key menus will only be visible to those running the trial version. Here's how it works: - Go to the 'about + extras' section of the app and swipe over to the 'extras' panel - Tap on the 'product key' menu item - Tap on 'request a key' - Enter a short description of how you lost the paid version of the app - Hit the request button, then wait a few days for me to approve of the request - Come back to the key request page a few days later, if the key is accepted they will be shown their product key and the paid version will be automatically activated without having to enter the key manuallyThe product key will be stored in the app's roaming storage (Windows/Phone 8.1's cloud settings). What this means is that the key will automatically be applied to all devices linked to the same Microsoft account. The product key will remain even after hard resetting a device, or getting after installing on a new device, as long as the same Microsoft account is used.For those who are still unable to install the update due to the Store error codes c101a7d1 and 80004005, I will be making a private "beta" for those users which should be ready in a few weeks. This "beta" will be listed on the Store as a beta, but it will be the same as the official version, only receiving the official updates rather than the beta updates."

The developer also notes that product key requests will initially only be accepted through March 21 as he deals with an influx of requests. He expects to reopen submissions shortly after, but it may take him a few days to get to respond to each request.

We also have some bad news concerning the potential Windows 8.1 version of the myTube app. It looks like the app has run into some issues with the certification process in the Windows Store:

"The app was rejected due to the Store providing users with "multiple apps that access, save, and share content from YouTube." Having since spoken to Dev Center support, I have been told that as long as myTube remains a YouTube app it is likely to fail certification on the Windows 8.1 Store."

Thanks to Chad for the tip!

Download myTube for Windows Phone 8.1 (99 cents, free trial)

QR: mytube

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