What to do if you're having issues with myTube 2.0

Since the launch of myTube 2.0 for Windows Phone there have been many reports across the board that folks trying to get hold of it are experiencing a number of issues. Some just can't install, some are being asked to buy it again, and sadly there's a lot of frustration around right now.

The developer hears each and every one of you, but hasn't the facility to reply to each email he's received surrounding the issues. But, he has reached out to Windows Central with some instructions on what to do if you're having problems.

Firstly, here's what's going on with the bugs people are having installing the app.

"It seems that a very large number of users (and including myself) are unable to install the app. I uploaded virtually the exact same .appx to the to the beta and it installed correctly for all the beta testers without issue, so my only guess is this is a bug with the Store."

Sadly the Store support team hasn't been able to help resolve the issue at this time, but others are reporting that completely uninstalling first helps to eradicate the problem. Some have also said installing it from the Windows Phone Store on the web also works, so definitely try one or both of those if you just plain can't install.

Then, moving on to issues where previous buyers are being asked to pay again. Here's what to do.

"The other issue is that many users are also reporting having to purchase the app again, despite having purchased it in the past. For users experiencing this issue, they should go ahead and download the free trial (if they don't get the bug). I'll be implementing a method within the app for them to get the paid version as soon as I can. There will be an option in the app to email me about it, then I will provide them with a key. They will only have to use the key once in either the Windows or Windows Phone version, and the paid status will be automatically applied to both versions."

The developer is also experiencing issues with his Azure server, so in-app messaging is also not working at the moment. Rest assured he's working tirelessly to try and resolve all the issues, but in the mean time definitely try what's been listed here first. If you're still having no luck, sit tight, fixes will be here as soon as they possibly can be.

Update: The developer has been in touch again with some more information.

"In my original report I stated that some users are able to get the update by uninstalling and reinstalling, but it seems that reinstalling is actually what's causing them to lose their paid license and have to pay for the app a second time, so users shouldn't try reinstalling. It appears to mostly be happening to those who receive the specific error 80004005 when trying to install."

Those who were able to fix by re-installing may have been on the trial version. In any case, work is still ongoing to rectify the issues.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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