NAVIGON Europe for Windows Phone 8 now available

A few days ago we shared that NAVIGON USA for Windows Phone 8 was available at the Windows Phone Store. Well now NAVIGON Europe has made the jump to Windows Phone 8.

The NAVIGON apps are feature rich navigation apps that includes user selected downloadable maps. This allows you to travel without depending on a data connection for your maps.  It also helps save on storage space in that you only download the maps you need.

Just as with the NAVIGON USA app, version 4.5 of NAVIGON Europe has all the features of the Windows Phone 7 version save the Text-to-Speech feature which will be added in an upcoming update.


Just to recap some of NAVIGON's features, they include:

  • Traffic Live
  • NAVIGON MyRoutes
  • Active Lane Assistant
  • Speed Assistant
  • Safety Camera
  • Weather Live
  • Extended Pedestrian Navigation
  • Destination entry with coordinates
  • Can be used in portrait and landscape format
  • Automatic day and night mode
  • Direct access and navigation to contacts saved in the smartphone’s address book
  • Take Me Home function with a single click
  • Route planning function

NAVIGON Europe is running $99.99 and NAVIGON USA should run $49.99. Keep in mind that NAVIGON Europe covers maps for forty European countries. The U.S. version covers all fifty States but not Canada. You also have the Latest Map Guarantee from NAVIGON that guarantees you have the latest maps (provided by NAVTEQ) available on your Windows Phone.

You can find NAVIGON Europe here at the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store and NAVIGON USA here (opens in new tab).

Thanks, Diego, for the tip!



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  • Why do we need a gps if it has Nokia drive on wp8
    I'm asking because I'm planning to leave Android for a wp8
  • I bought it when I was using Windows Phone 7 (not a Nokia one).
    I guess you don't have to buy it. 
    The UI is different... more route options? 
    maybe more POIs.
  • Live traffic is a benefit of Navigon. I don't believe Nokia Drive currently has this.
  • Just wanted to add that you can get maps of Canada with the USA version if you shell out another $40 for the Freshmaps option (in app purchase).  That's a very expensive way to get Canada and USA ($90 total), and worse still if you only want Canada. BTW, they sell Navigon North America for only $60 for IOS and TomTom USA and Canada for IOS is only $50. Why the hate-on for Windows Phone users in  Canada?
  • I don't know if its just me, but running the US version on my Lumia 920 makes my phone super hot, and drains the battery at a rate of around 25% in about 35 minutes. Even with the phone plugged into the charger.
    I am running navigon Europe on lumia 920 and mine gets very hot also. Mine will initially charge the battery whilst running then once the phone gets very hot the battery will slowly drain. This does not happen with Nokia drive so i assume it is buggy software that will be fixed with an update.
  • So HTC 8x and the s does not come with any GPS app except for the wp8 one. No Nokia drive ? Or can Nokia drive downloadable if u have a HTC 8x or s ?
  • Well. Nokia is offering Nokia drive to other WP oems. Bit guess they want to make their own or not want it
  • Yes only thing you get is 'Maps' and that has no active navigation really. Eventually Nokia Drive should be released for HTC as well or something similar (e.g. HTC Locations). Question is when?
  • I don't think you can download Nokia Drive on a non-Nokia Device currently.
  • Not now. But Nokia announced it will (but no ETA)
  • Ok. Was wondering.
  • it's out for a few days now, but I still miss Navigon FreshMaps.
  • Am on nokia maps+/lumia920 and not looking back. I'd get that over my navigon any day to be honest...
  • Wait, I thought our WP7.5 apps were meant to run directly on WP8? Does that mean that Navigon uses native code needing to be updated? And no text to speech as of now? Seriously? ... I don't get it.
  • Does someone know if you need to buy that again, if you already bought in on WP7?
  • I purchased this app. It is very well done and even contains an "augmented reality" mode where you see things like in the WP7.5 early version Nokia City Lens, but only up to a range of 1Km. This through the camera view.
  • This app does not work for HTC 8S or any device with too little memory on phone, as it cannot use memory cards. You will not experience the problem until you have paid, downloaded and installed.