Navmii launches official turn-by-turn navigation app on Windows Phone

Navmii is now available for Microsoft's Windows Phone. The turn-by-turn navigation service offers offline usage and boasts more than 25+ Million Users Worldwide. The Windows Phone Store already features a number of quality navigation products, but heightened competition and improved choice is never a negative.

Here are some highlighted features of Navmii:

  • Complete voice guided navigation
  • Incredibly beautiful HD maps
  • Fast routing - no data connection required
  • Automatic rerouting
  • Offline and Online Address search
  • Navigate via Postcode, City, Street or POI
  • Integrated Google Street View
  • Much, much more

Navmii makes use of on-board OpenStreetMap maps, sourced and updated by the community. As touched on above, mapping data is stored locally on your Windows Phone. This negates the requirement for an active connection, perfect for when you're travelling abroad or have limited data caps.

As an added bonus, the Navmii team are interested in feedback or suggestions, so be sure to get in touch and make your voice heard.

QR: Navmii

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Nothing to lose by trying it out
  • Love the UI
  • UI is only what worth in this navigation....
  • Just downloaded it, and... Didn't works in 625 always get force close
  • I got the same problem with my 625..
  • Same on my 521
  • Great!
  • Good... Official apps come on
  • Charge up your phone, man. Navigation requires a lot of battery. :D
  • Its usually smart to connect to a charging source while using Navagation in a car as a matter of course. Those that don't get the dead phone.
  • I use a GPS on my route home for traffic and warnings if i speed. I will give this a try tonight, if anyone wants to know what i thought just ask.
  • Do it!
  • In India here drive is good mapping system.But google maps is good for POI data. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Sounds really solid, especially that automatic rerouting! My have to check it out. :)
  • All sat navs have automatic rerouting.. It simply means when you miss an instruction or don't take a turn, it automatically reroutes :P
  • Ahh, I'm an idiot. For some reason I interpreted that at "automatic detour," like when there's traffic or something. Thanks!
  • I use Here maps since it inception on Nokia n95. Definitely like to see competition. I am looking forward to trying it and other users reviews of this.
  • Same here, I've been thinking the same thing. Here sits on such a huge amount of data still they are poorly taking advantage of it. I believe we will only see a change once their contract with MS is about to expire so they can charge users a premium for it.
  • Size is too large, 46Mb. Much more than Here drive+.
  • 46MB, that's not huge. HERE maps is far bigger once you've downloaded maps.
  • This is a navigation app, so it should be compared with Here drive+ & not Here maps.
  • After installation its 164 mb+ the maps that hv to be downloaded for a country( 100-200 MB)
  • Not all phones can install Here Drive. Maybe this is a good alternative for those people.
  • They seem to have a free offline map of Japan! (which no other WP navigation app has).
  • Due to it being OpenStreetMap
  • Which is the best navigation app for driving in India?
  • Crashes out on L720, not enough memory I guess
  • Going through same thing here. Hope its fixed soon. 
  • Can't downloaded it on Lumia 920
  • work on my Lumia 920 but is joke. totaly wortless navigation compared to Here+ very poor voice language support very poor maps without street names... dudes, in my small (and not important) country Here maps have street names for all cities and local voice navigation....  and only first 12 month maps upgrades is free....
  • I should try this. Here Maps & Here Drive doesn't work on my phone after the latest update.....
  • Delete them and reinstall.
  • Crashes on Lumia 520
  • Hello! Hello!
    Is my voice audible to you Navmii team :P
  • Consistently crashes while loading, on my 520.
  • Let's just say, there's a reason it's free and leave it at that...
    I use both Here Drive+ and bought Copilot USA on a deal and both are nice. Copilot is fairly advanced with better PoI etc.
  • Simply put, doesn't work on my Lumia 635 T-Mobile. Installed, started and got kicked out to the app menu. Tried several times with the same result. Uninstalled.
  • Bullshit application choose to use my data instead of WiFi and drained all my data.. How retarded are the developers to not ask for permission before using somebodies data!!
  • Well it's not exactly free folks. You get quarterly updates for 12 months free (4) and then have to pay. Also, you have to pay for some of the voices and any additional maps beyond your country's map. The special voice options being a charged feature isn't a big deal but what is a big deal is that it doesn't tell you how much they are, you don't get a sample preview and when you hit download and expect a transaction window pop up to give you the right details before doing anything, it just downloads it and you have no idea how much you were just charged. I have the Homer one now and accidentally clicked download on Mr Burns and the same thing. I hit cancel and stopped the download but do I still get charged?? Also, I set it to take me to work and while HereDrive+ is a logical route to take, this one had me set to drive 90 degrees away from my work for about 2km and then hop on the freeway in the completely opposite direction for several more only to loop back around the right way after that & drive all the way back on the normal route I take on HereDrive+. It completely missed the road a couple of mins away from my home that takes me straight towards work and straight onto the freeway in the right direction. That's not a good first impression so far. For the record I am on a Lumia 930 and in Australia. If I got charged more than 99 cents for that voice, or charged for the voice I cancelled right away, I'm going to be royally P'd Off.
  • Oh and one last thing: When I put the street address in for my work ex: "34A...." No results show up. If I just list the street I get a result but it just takes me to the middle of the street. When I put in the name of the nearest shopping centre by my home, no results. There are other search options and I switched to the google search for the shopping centre and it showed up, but you would think that the default search they set would be more reliable. Added: Ah, the google searched address actually went the right direction compared to the default search that had me drive in the opposite direction. This app needs some updates.
  • Why dont you setup a wallet pin, so that each time an app wants to initiate a transaction the pin dialog pops up and lets you decide whether to continue purchasing the offered services?
  • Thanks for the info, I tried downloading the app this morning over my WiFi but it failed. Looks like that was a blessing. Will steer clear of the app for the reasons you mentioned.
  • Just wish Here Drive+ would allow a user to search amongst the list of favorites and have speed camra locations for South Africa (or a way to import them).
  • HERE has a new competitor
  • Not in my admittedly short experience, so far I'd say horrible.
  • Horrible isn't a bad way to describe HERE either.
  • Scales problem on full HD screens. How to contact support ?
  • Again!!!! No Iran support!!!!!! Man!!!!!! Can we build some cruise missile with this stupid apps?!!!!!!!! Here drive block us!!!!! And now this app has every *********** country except us!!!!!!! We are normal people not a government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anyone else getting the method names on the buttons and search dialogs instead of the actual button/dialog text?
  • YES!! Thank god I'm not alone.
  • +ATIV S Same here
  • yes i am having the same issue. It made my phone hang again and again. Had to uninstall. Phone is still crashing. 
  • Think there is a resourcing issue with the app -
  • Nokia maps was great, But Here Drive is ridiculous why it is obsessed with country lanes I do not know, I hope Navmii will be the answer!
  • And I'm stuck in download hell. Attempting to download the maps for my state. It gets to 65-75% and then restarts the entire download. Between this and the resource issue described above, I don't think this app was ready to be released at all.
  • I have used this on blackberry, good to see this app here :) Thank you guys. you made my day :D
  • Wait until you try
  • Seems cool... Too bad it takes forever calculating the route here in Costa Rica, so it's useless to me (I waited 10 minutes and it didn't finish, tried on both Wi-Fi and 4G)
  • I have problem in Downloading navamii. unable to download on Wi-Fi
  • Wow.. Freebies
  • Won't open on my 1020. Downloaded the UK maps no problem, but when I click on it, it just opens home screen then closes again, very disappointed.
  • report it to developer...will have fix update soon... but before that try reset your phone and try again!
  • not downloading... says "pending". i have tried so many times
  • Good Luck with OpenStreetMap maps. I have always found those maps lacking unless you are in a major metro area.  Outside of the major metro areas, it fails.  Crowd sourcing sources things that are popular -- outside of that, it fails. I would rather see commercial maps with crowd sourced map corrections much like how TomTom does map updates today. Been burned before with OpenStreetMap so not for me.  For example, going to their website, my brothers home address and my mothers do not exist.
  • Need map for Kenya
  • I'll try it out
  • Unable to download too on WiFi.
  • Couldn't ever get it to download to my 929 via wifi.... just got about 5% in and never finished.  Restarted it several times and the wifi is solid so it isn't my connection.    I think I'll pass... (no pun intended)
  • Welcome to Best Platform....!
  • Doesn't work on my 520. Sad that the developer has released the app without extensive testing. Or maybe I am having this issue as I am on Developer Preview. Nevertheless should have been tested on all builds.
  • Add my 635 to the list of can't download. It started and then froze halfway. I started over and nothing happens on Wi-Fi or data.
  • I really like the GUI, but hoping this app will get better over time.
  • Yesterday night i installed Navmii a navigation application on my Lumia 730 with denim update on. The app is like that its incomplete (i am sorry as i am not a developer so cannot explain perfectly)
    For every buttons and options there are codes/commands. I downloaded local maps some how.
    After that my cell phone is hanging. Screen going off and is not coming back unless made a soft reset. Network not working. When i put ir on charging the screen comes but then it does not go off again. I uninstalled app. Some things are fixed but screen off and soft reset is still major issues.
  • Only thing missing is the ability to make it the default navigation app with in the system settings
  • First class scrap...
    Works not clear with Ativ S