NBC Nightly News enters the Marketplace

You've got USA Today, BBC News, AP News (recently updated) and other news apps over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Now you can add NBC Nightly News to your news app line up.

Taking full advantage of the metro design, NBC Nightly News lays all the daily news items across a five page hub. The app does feature Brian Williams a lot but also brings you news videos, full broadcasts of the news show, and categorized stories ranging from politics to weather.

There is also a Facebook tie in that allows you to share stories on your Facebook wall. NBC Nightly News is a free app and you can find it here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Amir for the tip!

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  • Isn't the BBC News App/(s) unofficial? There is an official ITN News App.
  • Oh good. I was first using the BBC app but it seemed to lock-up and scrolling was kinda sticky. Then I tried a news app that seemed like it was NBC but it had similar problem so I uninstalled both of them when the USAToday app came out. The USAToday app is definitely tops for news but I'll have to give this new NBC app a run to see if it holds up well.
  • M gonna try this one.!
  • I like the idea of this, but what I really want is a "News and Information HUB" like the Music and Video HUB which could aggregate all of the apps' articles to a single location. I'd love to have a "Breaking News" pivot, "Favorite" pivot, "Top Stories", and a History pivot. Once you click on an article it would take you to the related app using deep linking that is coming to Mango. Because of Deep Linking MS could even integrate this into Bing so you could link to your favorite site or application for their particular take on the topic. You could still pin the app, magazine, or article to the home screen.I'd also like a "Periodicals/Newsstand" HUB that works the same way for subscription magazines, comics, newspapers, etc. This would truly be the best for both companies who make their own apps and for MS's ecosystem. I think Apple is trying something like this with News Stand, but MS could take it much farther with the architecture they have. It also would be more coherent because of the Metro UX.
  • Well, is there anybody else out there with this app who IS NOT receiving any updates in it?I am on a HTC Arrive from Sprint.No "latest program", no "full broadcast" videos come up. It worked the first few days after I downloaded it, now nothing. It looks like it's loading, but getting nowhere. :( What gives?