Netflix now plays nice with Continuum via Microsoft Edge

Though Continuum holds the promise of turning your Windows phone into a near-full PC experience when docked and connected to a display, the feature still falls short in some areas. One of those pitfalls is a little app called Netflix, which hasn't worked with Continuum either through the app or via the Edge browser. Now, at least one of those appears to have changed.

As first spotted by, Netflix will now work over Continuum through the Microsoft Edge browser. If you own a Continuum compatible phone, like the Lumia 950, Alcatel Idol 4S, or HP Elite x3, then you should be able to stream to your heart's content over Continuum — so long as it's through Edge. Unfortunately, the Netflix app still doesn't work over Continuum.

As WindowsUnited points out, streaming also works (and has for some time) for Amazon Prime Video content via Edge. You'll just have to make sure that you have Edge set to desktop mode to see the streamable content.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I have been able to do this since forever. Well, at least since december 2016 already...
  • Yeah, what are they talking about?  I've been doing this forever.
  •  does this mean uwp will discontinue in continuum for mobile?
  • Just tryed it... didn't work.
  • It's always worked for me. I watched nearly every episode of all the seasons of House of Cards on it, since earlier this year, in fact. 
  • Netflix has always worked for me through Continuum on Edge. Must be a regional thing.
  • I've been using the browser for this for almost 2 years now. Both wired and wireless. Also, if you're wired and switch to mirroring mode you can use the native app. Sadly the app won't work wirelessly while mirroring
  • Why would I want to stream Netflix from my phone to my PC? Looks 99,99% useless to me.
  • interesting question .... since you asked it, why not give some possible answers? Meanwhile the rest of us will just watch Netflix on our TVs from our phone ....
  • I thought thats the whole point of Continuum? Your smartphone is your PC on the go.
  • Continuum is not really about streaming from your phone to your PC. While streaming to your PC is possible, it's more for using your phone with a display that has no PC or smart capabilities (e.g. connect your phone to a monitor, projector, or TV directly). The original idea was that you don't have to lug your full laptop/tablet with you everywhere.
  • Is Continuum still a thing?  I recently got a Galaxy S8 from Nokia and went to a Samsung DEX event. While their implentation of this idea is problematic because it only works with their hardware (they said it's the #1 feedback they get) it suppoted multiple apps in resizable windows, something Continuum never did. So I was able to open Excel and Word and work with both just like I do on my PC.  This is all Android 7.0 by the way, not some Samsung specific APIs (Samsung software is usually bad, they would have messed this up). It didn't take long for Google to add the mouse/keyboard support, Microsoft was just always too slow and a step behind with Windows Phone all the way back to even the Zune Player. Great ideas but only partial implementation. Now the only thing they have left as an advantage that could bring enterprise users in is X86 emulation with Continuum and Intel "threatened" a law suit there. 
  • Yeah, this isn't news, I've been doing this since continuum started (I use my phone connected to the TV in my room, I don't have a modern console in there so it's a good way to watch Netflix and Stan before I go to bed). I thought the app was finally Continuum enabled, guess not.
  • Yah I was confused because it's always worked from Edge. And you can set continuum to mirror mode if you really want to watch netflix from the app.
  • ^THIS^ I use mirror screen mode for many apps that arent continuum enabled. It's a great feature in W10M and allows me to use apps like NRL (in Australia) so I can watch games on the big screen.
  • So, some ****** writers in other websites just realized you can watch Netflix in Edge browser in Continuum mode (which you can actually do since Continuum exists), and then MSPoweruser and then WindowsCentral announce this fact as a new thing??? Seriously, get to know your phone's Continuum features better before reproducing this fake news. Continuum + Netflix + Edge has always worked!!! Get it? You should delete -or edir-this article as MSPowerUser did too after realising their big mistake.
  • Another inept article from WC! ....Must be the Eclipse thing!
  • The next article should be how to open the Windows Phone task manager in phone itself. lol.   But seriously, it is a neat trick. Turn on dev mode, device portal and device discovery, and get a pairing pin. Open Edge and type in the current IP address of your phone. Enter the pairing pin, and voila!