New $450,000 annual scholarship fund set to bring young talent into esports

Find Your Grind (FYG), an organization set on helping young folk explore careers they may not have considered, has announced a $450,000 annual esports scholarship fund, in partnership with esport infrastructure company ReKTGlobal. The fund not only targets highly-skilled players looking to break into the professional scene but also teenagers with a passion and interest in esports. The goal is to connect young applicants with opportunities in the fast-growing sporting scene.

Esports continues to attract attention from all areas and a new scholarship fund is the next logical step. "As we've hosted our live events with high school students around the nation, one topic that always comes up with them is their passion for esports and gaming," said Nick Gross, Founder of Find Your Grind. "It is such an exciting industry with huge opportunity for growth among youth, so we wanted to create programs that show students that if they are passionate about gaming, they can pursue it as a viable lifestyle."

With access to the FYG platform and curriculum, it's hoped that the two companies can work to show a younger audience that esports is a viable lifestyle, even if you're not great at playing video games. Bringing ReKTGlobal onboard should prove useful in connecting successful applicants with names and brands in the industry.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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