You might actually cry after watching this new Bing video promotion

Microsoft hasn't issued a new TV commercial for its Bing search service in some time, but a newly posted three-minute video on YouTube may be one of the best promotions ever made for Bing. In fact, it might make you cry at the end.

Ironically, the clip wasn't even designed as a commercial for Bing. The video's description says:

"A few months ago, to celebrate Bing's birthday, we put together a video. It wasn't designed to be shared broadly, it's not an ad, just a thank you to the people who work on Bing. They liked it and asked if they could share it with their family and friends. So, here it is."

The video, titled "Three generations", begins with a woman messaging her dad on Skype that her military husband has just left on deployment for the next 12 months. She also learned on that same day that she is pregnant. Her dad vows to help her out and uses Bing to get railroad times so he can go to her daughter.

The rest of the video shows Bing being used by other devices by the woman and her dad on Lumia smartphones and Surface tablets to prepare for the birth of her baby. We won't give away what happens at the end but you might find a tear or two coming down your cheek when you see it.

Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!

Source: Bing (YouTube)

John Callaham