You might actually cry after watching this new Bing video promotion

Microsoft hasn't issued a new TV commercial for its Bing search service in some time, but a newly posted three-minute video on YouTube may be one of the best promotions ever made for Bing. In fact, it might make you cry at the end.

Ironically, the clip wasn't even designed as a commercial for Bing. The video's description says:

"A few months ago, to celebrate Bing's birthday, we put together a video. It wasn't designed to be shared broadly, it's not an ad, just a thank you to the people who work on Bing. They liked it and asked if they could share it with their family and friends. So, here it is."

The video, titled "Three generations", begins with a woman messaging her dad on Skype that her military husband has just left on deployment for the next 12 months. She also learned on that same day that she is pregnant. Her dad vows to help her out and uses Bing to get railroad times so he can go to her daughter.

The rest of the video shows Bing being used by other devices by the woman and her dad on Lumia smartphones and Surface tablets to prepare for the birth of her baby. We won't give away what happens at the end but you might find a tear or two coming down your cheek when you see it.

Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!

Source: Bing (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Touching.
  • Getting title not found under videos with Windows central app. That reminds me, are we getting a Windows 10 windows central app?
  • Probably. This one sucks.
  • It's beautiful!
  • I believe a universal app has been in the works for quite a while, which I would expect has been postponed to incorporate W10 features.
  • @kenzibit:
    Hope so. The current one sucks badly.
    It dropped Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Through mobile it works.
  • Well that sounds cool.
  • I remember that song from Heroes - love that song :)
  • They need to show great ads like this to sell windows and Lumia. This kind of ad would be great at the start of a movie at the theaters.
  • Now THAT'S how you do an ad!
  • I don't cry, I'm a man.
  • It's enough to make a grown man cry. :)
  • "but not this grown man. Get back in that eye tear!"
    -cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
  • Lol..
  • A real man can cry. ;)
  • Yeah... Real men cry bro, don't act tough, its a cliche.
  • What a stupid comment, tears doesn't have anything to do with our gender. Your parents sucks if you think that way
  • I will shower in your tears, you wimps!
  • Tears❔
  • I've read somewhere that only weaklings can't cry
  • So says a weak man. . .
  • I hear ya. Also, I'm sorry about chopping these onions over here.
  • It is because In America it is socially unacceptable for a male to cry because it makes him appear "weak".
    How is it in Europe? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Also...
  • Blubbing like a five year old who's dropped their icecream in the 90 degree heat which has hit the UK today...
  • That's around 32 degree Celsius if you don't understand that old fashion Fahrenheit rubbish!
  • Fahrenheit 451 is old fashioned but not rubbish, just saying.
  • Lame. But not rubbish.
  • I assume you're also in the UK, how come you're using F not C? Must be older than me :')
  • "Video not found."
    Indeed, I'm already crying...
  • Made my day ahahahahaha
  • I didn't think I would :'(
  • It's a great commercial. Not sure if I am going to share it in social media. Too many ignores anything with the mere sight of Microsoft products, it's ridiculous.
  • I cried /jk /notjk :')
  • I teared up
  • Damn, that was hard to watch. Great video!!
  • I started crying at the moment that I saw an iPhone in a Microsoft ad
  • LOL :D
  • @Narciso Neto:
    Fair enough...
  • + Steve Ballmer
  • Lol haha
  • lol. It was a good move, however.
  • Microsoft knows WP is dying, hence the iPhone..
  • Effing Microsoft and its touching video. Damn ninjas cutting onions in here.
  • I know right.
  • Loved it
  • I didn't cry either
  • Nice Video !
  • What phone that use for navigation going to the hospital?
  • 1020
  • Good old 1020
  • It's just a white Lumia 1020... 
  • @gino barana:
    At least judging from its backside (when we look through the windshield into the car) it's definitely a Lumia 1020.
  • Don't worry, it's still a 1020 from inside the car. Oh man! I think that I'm going for a walk. :D
  • They don't show the bit where, to make conversation during the journey, he discusses upgrade strategies and ponders when there will be a true successor to his 1020 ;)
  • Aww hell naw, I'm supposed to be a man :'(
  • Is that the New Lumia flagship phone..?
  • i dont think thats new phone its nokia brand not lumia 
  • Looks like a Nokia Lumia 1020.
  • Link don't work :(
  • I thought her name would be Binga! Lol j/k
  • I'm crying because "Video not found"
  • a video to be shown worldwide on prime time tv...
  • Do you think that MS's marketing department is that smart, or in touch with reality❔
  • It's too long too be used in a commercial and editing it down will probably take away a lot of the emotional elements.
  • I didn't cry I am a machine
  • You won't win. Coz we got Arnold Schwarzenegger on our side.
  • I've been waiting for you
  • The wait is over, my robotic friend.
  • Link does not work, use the YouTube app that one does !
  • That was a good one from MS.. Which rarely happens in MS Ads
  • Bastards at Microsoft... How can any dad watch that and keep a stiff upper lip. You destroyed this Englishman!
  • Damm you John you made me cry.
  • Yea, thanks for that....I'm at work!, Cough, ahem..I'm not teary eyed, I just got, um, computer dust in my eyes.
  • Why the iPhone though? :/
  • @ttsoldier:
    Because of Satya Nadella's multi-platform mumbo jumbo...
  • That's part that's supposed to make you cry. An iPhone in a MS ad
  • Cus this ad is focused on thanking the people behind Bing and not the Lumia smartphones? Bing could be on any device?
  • I didn't even realize there was an iphone until it was mentioned in the comments in here! :D
  • And they used an iPhone. :facepalm:
  • The dad used a Lumia but this ad is not for Lumia but for Bing and it can be in any platform. Think about it mate!
  • I didn't cry but like the ad. Only pregnant women watching this will cry.
  • Nah, it'll touch a lot of parents.  Not just pregnant women.
  • Not just parents, but also people who haven't traded their heart for a phone.
  • I love it, but...where is her husband? :D  
  • Ohhh...I read the article )
  • You missed the first message, he was deployed in the military for 12 months.
  • lmao
  • I cry evrytume
  • lik dis if u cri evry tiem
  • nice & touching video.
  • Ah crap... I cried!
  • Touching video.  I like the way they promoted not only their hardware, but their software as well. Well done Microsoft. I teared up at the end.
  • That's the kind of advertising that connects. Kudos! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WTF nokia here maps never told me if my destination was on the left or right.
  • that totally popped in my mind too ! time to tweet here maps
  • I was thinking the same! Maybe upcoming feature in the pipeline? Because I personally find it so aggravating that Here Drive+ is such a great app, yet it can't tell me which side of the road I should be looking for my destination on.
  • And Garmin's had it forever, on my N95 even!
  • This ad is funny because they are ending skype app for non RT based machines, beside iPhone part
  • What about making Bing better outside US? Or making Cortana available to more locales..
  • On July 7 grandpa will no longer be able to sign into the Skype app.  But the latest version is waiting for him featuring free group video calling and screen sharing.  Grandpa better download that desktop version!
  • I cried, I lose.
  • Dammit!!! It actually did!!!
  • i registered just to say this might be the dumbest ad i have ever seen
  • I thought, way i would cry...but having kids it made my eyes water :)
  • Why don't they video the effect of a Skype call not ringing on another's person device. That makes people cry daily.
  • Last week, I uninstalled Skype and then reinstalled it...  I don't think I've uninstalled it fully for a quite a logn time. I think it made my skype experience better thus far and haven't yet noticed missed calls since.  Might be worth a shot if you haven't tried already.
  • I don't get people like this, if the "cry" line was not in the title none of you would even mention it. Sure its a nice video, but get real it's nowhere near that emotional.
  • My thoughts exactly.
  • Nice, but long.
  • That's iPhone made me cry in a Microsoft video.. :'(
    Jokes apart very emotional video.
  • No, not crying. Ma eyes are sweating though....
  • Defenite tear jerker. Why aren't their TV ads this good? None of their ads shiw what their products do and this one actually does.
  • Wow! This touches your heart. "I am naming her after mom" was the one that moved my heart.  This did bring tears to my eyes.  My mom has passed away few years ago and this ad did really touch my heart.
  • Nope
  • Nokia brand in the video and an iphone make me cry LOL
    Maybe marketing ppl at MS are the best to be kicked out after Elop and Harlow
  • The only time I cry is when my wife makes me watch Grey's Anatomy with her and she takes my tablet away so I can't play Hearthstone.  That makes me cry like a baby wanting a bottle!
  • That was actually beautiful... I like how their "not ads" make better ads than they're actual ads. Like damn, whoever made this needs to be put in charge of advertising pronto.
  • Aww man. That really hit me. After a few moments I got kinda lost in the narrative. Well done Microsoft.
  • Am I the only one that noticed the husband is only mentioned in the first what, 2 seconds? Don't get me wrong, I think it was a pretty good ad, and definitely adds a strong "emotional" factor. However, part of me is like "why did they even reference her husbnad?". WIsh they had tied that in, too. Even if it had jsut been a 2 second Skype segment here and there, showing the soon-to-be-father what all is going on. Regardless, nicely done, Microsoft.
  • Yes, not even a phone call... Guess Daddy was too busy killing civilians.
  • This is what I was thinking exactly.  A lot of lady and her pops.  Where's the kid's father?  All that IT, and they can't pop 5 seconds of a VTC in there? A phone call?  Anything?
  • This!
    Just because he deployed doesn't mean he's in a fox hole for 12 months. I know plenty of guys who have kept in close contact with family through a deployment. Especially in that situation. Good effort MS...but left a glaring hole in the story.
  • Exactly! I read through the comments and felt like i must have been expecting too much, as no one else had pointed out this issue. To be honest, I found it really bothersome. I have several friends who have recieved this kind of news while on active duty. It really would have been nice to see them add this in, and I don't feel like it would take too much effort.
  • The video was touching, but I kept wondering when the hell they would Skype the baby's father. It was very distracting.
  • Where's grandma through all this? Should we assume she died?
  • That was the impression, as the daughter names her child after her mother (the grandmother). No need to mention her outside of that, if she is not around. The ending is there as a real tear-jerker.
  • Sentiment is for the weak! They won't survive the winter!       *sniffle*
  • Dammit tear, you better stay in my eye or else!
  • Well... What to say? 90% of this don't work outside Us...
  • Lovely. My eyes filled with tears begging to be set free... By the way, Grandpa hardly has any Bing rewards points. Probably searched with Google prior to the making of this video.
  • He probably already cashed 'em in for Skype credit.
  • Interesting that the father uses only Microsoft products and the daughter only uses Apple products. :/ #therealworld
  • They're demonstrating the software is capable on multiple platforms.
  • That was great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great commercial, got me misty eyed
  • Damn, it was kind of hard to control. Good stuff. But still not convinced with Bing.
  • What's there to convince you of? I've switched and am getting points for free coffee, free gift cards, etc. I rarely use Google - maybe once or twice a month when Bing fails to give me a good search result.
  • Hate to break it to you bro, but Indians don't have access to Bing Rewards (if you're referring to reward points that is). Else I would have done exactly what you're doing right now. :/
  • Damn it, got me at the end!
  • Eh... iPhone
  • Omg, I actually cried on this one. Very emotional.
  • I was afraid she was gonna name her Bing or something
  • Cute although I laughed a bit because no woman looks that well made-up after delivering a baby, especially with a natural birth.
  • Hopping onto the feels train
  • The ad they didn't do turns out to be the best ad they have ever done. How ironic, only Microsoft for heavens sake!
  • It's crap that the husband/father didn't communicate.
  • OK why is microsoft promoting the iPhone for, you couldn't use a Lumia 920, 925, 930, 630, 640, 640xl, 1320, 1520, 800, 830, icon, 540, 725...damn do I have to name all the phones? Google or Apple would not use microsoft's shit in their ads!
  • They were promoting the cross-platform availability/capabilities of their software and services.
  • Don't make me cry.....;( ;( ;( ;(
  • You were right.
  • Touching video.....But I won't cry..
  • How come my here drive doesn't say whether my destination is on the left or right?
  • That was amazing. A very efficient use of bing and cortana services. Actually I din cry but happy.
  • very cool ideo. should be on TV around the country. nice.
  • Yup. Tears still streaming actually. Touched me because just 3 days ago was the 5 year mark of losing my mom. Absolutely beautiful video. Shared with Facebook and Twitter.
  • My eyes got watery at the end I think something entered my eyes.
  • that made me smile actually :)
  • Bing is great and much more personality than Google. One beef with the video. Though I get the storyline here. Dad was deployed. Not shot into space. Would have been a nice touch to have included one small bit of sharing with him.
  • That was a powerful add
  • They bought the book for nothing! NO!
  • The final part where the mum calls her new born daughter after her late mum got me the most.
  • Sorry, don't get it. Although not as pathetically saccharine as Apple ads, I don't get the tearjerk reaction people are having.
  • #Truedat #Despo #reeksofdesperation #PantpissingscaredofGoogle Bing is the lame, cheap & desperate. They will even team up with & promote facebook to pull Google down. They missed the search emergence and since then are just desperate to win back people. Gorgeous HD images on Bing? Really? Rewards? Pay people to use a free service? really microsoft? Are you kidding by putting a search button on Windows phone permanently? Who heads Bing and how did they brainwash MS CEO? Remember scroogle? that was cute. This ad is not. It is desperate & lame. Microsoft was once respectable but they screwed up. They themselves are responsible for Google & Apple's runaway success even though they were bigger then both. MS's, Apple's, Facebook's and Samsung's Goal for the top management is increasing ROE by 8% over next year. As long as thats how the world is, they cant stop Google in time. Even if in 15 years MS is dominant in (#Godforbid) search. Just for perspective: MS is bigger than Google in revenues, profits & almost double in employee count while being neck & neck & even lower in Market cap sometimes. I respect Satya, he's doing good stuff but #somethingsneverchange !! BING = Bing Is Not Google and should never be arrogant enough to try to be.