Introducing you to the new camera app for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is being shown off by Microsoft here at Build 2014 in San Francisco. There are plenty of changes coming to the new version of Windows Phone. Microsoft has just announced a new camera app for Windows Phone users. This is the default camera app that all OEMs and users will have access to on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Let’s check it out.

We’re really liking the changes Microsoft made to the camera app. They found a good balance between the needs of a more advanced photographer and the average user.

Let us know what you think of the new camera app for Windows Phone 8.1.

Sam Sabri
  • Looks amazing. Waiting for more new features to come.
  • Waiting?
    I keep screaming "Cortana Cortana" to my 1520, but I'm getting no response.. WTF is wrong with this phone❔❔❔❔
    Seriously... If the search button takes me strait to Cortana then we don't get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Bing image of the day anymore?.... We should at least be able to see it in the background temporarily before Cortana starts to display information..
  • LOL!
  • Any news on ability to save games on sd card
  • Good question!... Sam❔
  • Check the wp 8.1 full feature list.
  • You are commenting this on EVERY single news post about WP 8.1 >_< Calm down! If there's any news about it then they will be posted! As far as I know though you CAN save apps on the SD card if it's Class 6 or better. So I'd assume games are the same thing.
  • Lolz
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  • Ok.. Maybe we need a break from all this WP stuff for awhile... Lol.
  • No breaks! WP is not for the faint of heart. That's what iOS is for. Cortana likes manly men. Siri likes girly men.
  • THIS!
  • This post rings as very misogynistic... I really hope you were joking.
  • Of course I was :)
  • Oh please, you're gonna come here and complain about posts being too misogynistic? Even when they aren't, Jesus Christ. All he said was that siri likes girly men, grow up. And plus, if you couldn't see that he was joking on your own and if you had to ask that then you don't deserve to be here. People like you, people that are overly sensitive feminists just bothers me so much. The truth is that extremist feminist s are just as bad as sexist men, they are just as sexist.
  • Actually I was more concerned with the "bitches come if you show them you got money" part of his post. He didn't give any emoticon or anagram indication he was joking, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping down his throat irrationally. (example: Your response to me) I think everyone can see who really needs to grow up... BTW, I'm not some "extremist feminist". Just a guy that respects women.
  • You do understand that Cortana and Siri aren't real women right? Do you really not get the reference to hip hop culture? Do you really have such a poor sense of humor that you need an anagram or emoticon to indicate that it is a joke? I respect women too but I also have a very good sense of humor. I've made such humorously depricating jokes about men too and no one has anything critical or defensive to say when I have. Lighten up dude!
  • u can setup the lockscreen to show awesome bing wallpapers like i did :D
  • Likely you'll long-press the search button to activate Cortana.
  • (1) Is there a "swipe to zoom"?  In Nokia Camera, swiping up or down zooms the image... it's great. (2) Can we zoom while taking video? (3) Any way to take a high quality shot faster on my 1020?  The lag between shots can be brutal.
  • Just noticed the swipe to zoom in and out for pics and during video and assumed it was the app everyone is talking about. Found the Microsoft camera app and it doesnt have the swipe to zoom or zoom while taking video. 2 features it does have that the nokia camera are missing is a shortcut on screen for the front facing camera and swipe to the right to view your pics. Shot speed seems to be the same.
  • Can't wait to test it by myself. I love how WP is turning out to be so robust with all the updates.
  • This is great!!
  • Will it solve Lumia 620 front faceing camera problems? :o
  • It will solve it because it's a brand new software.
  • hope so -_- becouse my camera is really bad after gdr2 
  • Awesome! Can't wait!
  • I hope it will not RIP nokia camera
  • The new camera app, gets almost the same thing as the Nokia camera, so yes it will burn it.
  • There's still a few useful features in it though, such as manual focus, and some people might prefer the Nokia Camera UI, so I wouldn't be so sure :)
  • Yeah, on the 1020 the manual focus is a necessity!
  • I hope not. I use manual focus and shutter speed pretty often on my 1020, and I don't see the options here.
  • Can you create folders for pictures you've already taken with 8.1 straight from the camera roll?
  • Good question. This is my biggest complaint... I need a way to organize my photos on the device. Big question is.... How does this play nice with my OneDrive backups.
  • Hopping to see all features of Nokia Camera merged with Microsoft's own version long term, they need to start adding filters and etc... for both live photos and videos taken/recorded.
  • no file manager???  
  • i've got issues with camera, looks great till hit the button but picture always came up greenish L920
  • April 10th, they mentioned as much the other day.
  • 8th. was written on the slide when joe was speaking.
  • windows 8.1 update 1 on april 8th
  • I'm sick to see you have others 8.1
    I want it now :):):)
  • Does video mode support zooming,pause options
  • This is some pretty basic basic features but it seems ms has missed a chance to include these with this update.
  • Autofocus yet?
  • So did they nix the slide out button that revealed the slider adjustments for ISO, focus, WB, etc? That was my favorite feature...    edit: oh wait - this is an update to the defaul MS camera app that I ditched a long time ago, not the Nokia app. nvmd. 
  • I hope it has built in modes . I don't like to download a separate app for stuff like panorama and burst mode
  • Hope WP8.1 solves Nokia Lumia 720's camera quality issue after Amber and Black updates.
  • Does jt have burst mode?
  •  New camera app is good news.  Any option for 4K video resolution there?   
  • Fantastic!
  • I'm happy with Nokia camera on my 1020...
  • Whts the problem with ur camera..iam using 620
  • How about stop worrying about the software and lets get some quality apps you know ones that work the way they are intended
  • Well, brings absolutely nothing new to the table really. And this is going to be a damp, damp squib in the face of Galaxy S5, HTC M8, Xperia Z2 et al. I wish it wasn't so, but it is what it is. At least for the sake of sounding pompous, they could have had the 801 in it. Seems the only extra things to look out for are the WP8.1 and the colours. And Cortana ain't event coming outside the US yet. SMH.
  • ...and you were expecting...?
  • except the HTC M8s camera sucks....just saying
  • Posted this comment on the wrong article. This was meant for the one on the Lumia 930 announcement.
  • Can anyone please tell me where to get that software to get windows 8.1 as preview
  • where's yellow version :( but green on looks pretty awesome
  • Hey Sam! Will it save the videos on a separate videos folder?
  • Where to get that preview update vala software?
  • Developer mode me sign up karna hoga, but shayad it cost around 1.2k. Google it. Or Bing it.
  • it's free. search for it.
  • +720
  • Missing a flash toggle still.  But the Nokia camera takes care of that.
  • Looks great to me.  Minimalist to a fault.  I like.
  • I'll let you know in 18 months when it comes to AT&T...
  • Great
  • Here in Spain and the UK the "integrated podcast support" has never been enabled on WP! I assume that this was to make the phone lighter thus reducing shipping costs
  • The thing is, it doesn't look as powerful as Nokia's camera app.  I'll likely be sticking with that.  And my Lumia 1020.  As soon as they come up with a new Lumia with a camera as powerful as the 1020 but the rest of the specs of the 930, I'm on it!
  • Nokia Camera post image processing really needs a serious tweak. Though it's still the best.
  • Didn't Nokia camera introduce RAW data on the camera
  • Man General Sham they are working you hard today! But still this does look good because the ability to switch camera and stuff are more prominent. Be easier for my dad to figure it out. 
  • Will Nokia remove windows native camera in wp8.1 Also with Nokia camera dragging the take button brings up setttings for iso etc. Does wp8.1 have this
  • What phone is that? Your windows keys rotate?
  • Interesting. A Samsung device? I dunno.
  • Where is file manger app wtf
  • I doubt will be as good as Nokia Camera, but we'll see.
  • I'm hoping Nokia camera is default on lumia
  • I really hope they bring stereo recording to Windows Phone 8.1... I love Nokia Camera but it's just too sluggish and cumbersome for me at times, even on my 1520.
    Either that or improve the performance of Nokia Camera. The whole "get in, get out and get back to life" slogan they started with is slowly becoming less of a priority.
  • Did they get rid of the sliding animation when you took a picture? Also, what about swiping to the side to go directly into the camera roll? I really like that feature and it seemed that they kinda hyped it up before so I am surprised that they would change it. It's nice that you can swipe back and forth and don't have to keep hitting buttons to switch between camera and camera roll.
  • I am a big fan of WP Central and I love my Windows Phone but it has a GLARING weakness that WP Central seems to ignore as compared to other smart phones on the market. I'm all for in depth reporting but I'm more for reporting that hi-lites a device weaknesses so that the hi-lited weakness can be addressed for the betterment of the product, in this case, Windows Phones. The weakness i'm referring to is the ability to edit video! I mean c'mon, what's taking Microsoft or Nokia so long to give customers the ability to edit video on the phone itself. They give us a beautiful device that captures amazing video but there is no way to create a movie with it! This is the one feature that keeps me wanting an iPhone and if Apple delivers on a bigger iPhone in the very near feature and further enhance their built in video editing features i'm gone like the wind. It's very sad that WP Central has not focused on this more then they already have, which is very little. I know the Windows Phone community has expressed this frustration on many occasions but it seems to fall on deaf ears which includes WP Central, Microsoft, and Nokia. Very sad indeed.    
  • Question; did they nix the feature of sliding to the left to display previous pictures? That's the main reason why I don't use Nokia Camera. I want that feature, it's useful and easy!
  • Why is there no timer on the camera app