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KDDI and Toshiba seem to revving up for the IS12T's release, expected sometime in September. The device was revealed in detail just a few days ago and now a new commercial is floating around. It's actually an extension of their website flash video but nonetheless, it looks pretty snazzy as a teaser of sorts.

No doubt it will be interesting to see how Windows Phone fairs in Japan upon release, notoriously a tough market to crack (even the iPhone took time), as it offers plenty of opportunity for Microsoft if it succeeds.


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  • The word you were looking for was "fares."I am unnecessarily picky ;)
  • It is Fujitsu's phone, not from Toshiba. Otherwise lovely commercial.
  • Technically it's both, aka, Fujitsu-Toshiba. IIRC they merged their mobile businesses in some sort of deal etc.
  • This is a very exciting commercial. I feel like it would make people excited about the phone.
  • I like it, it doesn't go into any specifics but does a pretty good job showing off the new UI.
  • The Droid commericals never do either. The last one I remember was them shooting lighting into a phone and saying it was 4G... and I should run to the store a buy it.
  • I wish the icons on my phone looked like the shimmering ones in that commercial. The OS would look so much better!We *really* need theming on this thing.
  • WOW love it. It looks more modern of how mobile technology should show there videos or TV Commercials. ALso i have feeling Windows phone 7 with new mango will hit it off bigtime due to fact japan is rich in business and business people in japan wants a smartphone that can work with there business needs and that is Windows phone 7. I do not think people in japan care about iphone which just a app phone not a business phone and android phones which is another battery phone is all i see in it. Wp7 takes advantage in having a personal and a BUSINESS phone to use. Japan will buy more wp7 when it realese in Sept.
  • This is the kind of marketing it needs, bring this stuff to the states. I watched it like 3 times :)
  • i like it , its really flashy . literally ,... they have lights flashing over the ICONS . lol...
  • Amazing ad. Shows the beauty of Windows Phone OS.