New OS data shows Windows 8.1 growth in November, Windows XP usage falling sharply

Windows 8.1 had another good month in November 2014 as the latest PC operating system market share data from Net Applications shows that the year old operating system upgrade from Microsoft went up to 12.10 percent last month, over a percentage point higher than its 10.92 percent share in October.

In addition, Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer officially supports, saw its market share go down, from 17.18 percent in October to just 13.57 percent in November. The two year old Windows 8 went up slightly as well last month, from 5.88 percent in October to 6.55 percent in November. Combined, Windows 8 and 8.1 now hold 18.65 percent of the OS market share for PCs, up from 16.8 percent in October, which means that Microsoft's latest operating system is finally ahead of the 13 year old Windows XP. If this trend continues in December, Windows 8.1 should overtake Windows XP on its own next month.

Windows 7 continues to be the number one PC operating system with a commanding 53.71 percent share in November, which is slightly higher than the 53.05 percent share it held in October. One odd thing in this month's Net Applications' data is the rise of Windows NT, which is Microsoft's old server OS. November's numbers show a rise to 2.81 percent. Back in September, it was shown with only a 0.05 percent share, then it went up to 1.64 percent in October. It's possible that Net Applications is now showing some Windows XP installations as Windows NT in its latest data. We will contact the research company to find out more information.

While Microsoft launched a public version of its Windows 10 Technical Preview in October, the install base was apparently not large enough for Net Applications to record any market share numbers for that OS. Are you planning on getting a Windows 8.1 PC for the holidays?

Source: Net Applications

  • Gooood, Goooooood.
  • Let the data course through you.
  • Waiting for Windows 10 PCs
  • Yup. 8 is dead. Long live 10. I predict Windows 10 will surpass Windows 8.x share within the first year of release.
  • Especially if it is a free our highly reduced price, and a very easy upgrade.
  • Agreed. Should be free for Vista and up. Should probably also be open source, but that's another issue.
  • Please no. I don't want Linux fragmentation.
  • No, it should not be any of those things. Ugh.
  • Haha! Open source...
  • There is already an open source solution for those wanting that headache... Linux.
  • So, let's get this straight. Microsoft should spend several years updating an OS and provides free updates for something like 8 years after its release and they should do all this for free and give it away to the open source community? This is what the internet, and especially Google, has created. Everyone thinks software should be free now. The only way this will happen is if they can make up the revenue elsewhere. The windows store can make up some of that revenue, but I don't think it's enough. That means it has to be ad supported or they need to collect personal info about you to sell to advertisers. I for one avoid android and Google services for this reason. I would rather pay for a products and use it as I wish for several years.
  • Agree 100%, I avoid Android and the Google Mothership like the plague.
  • It wont be open source and thank god for that I never liked Linux or android because of that. You see it bad for business when there is to many cooks in the kitchen. Google found that out when the lost control of android and now there are version that are striped of all google services and that's bad for google example Nokia x what a abomination. Anyway Microsoft won't go the open source route and there the better go it. I mean look at Linux there's about 12,000 versions of it do you think Microsoft want 12,000 versions of windows that they wont make money off of floating around I doubt it. And if you ask google I bet they would tell you that there only regret was making android open source.
  • You can do open source but it's the way you allow it to work. It's no different than developers building apps for the platform. Google had broad intentions on being simply #1 and therefore set no borders so anyone using Android can use it to their descretion.
  • +100
  • I have a Surface 2 and a Surface Pro in the post. No more for now.
  • XP is like Android, you want it to die but it doesn't.
  • Android will die eventually, Windows 10 will kick its ass
  • That's my sentence! they both got lagy and need a factory reset/format every couple of months!
  • You guys should talk about how great Windows is, without obsessing over Android constantly.
  • Or, talk about how bad Android is, without obsessing over Windows
  • Or talk about how to train your dragon
  • Good is defined by the acknowledgement of evil.
  • I love Windows 8.1 more than XP, the me colored start screen, live tiles, store with apps + snaping apps helps me to be productive
  • If only Microsoft could actually communicate that message to consumers.
  • Die xp, die!!
  • People panic when they snap in 8.x as there is blank space on half the screen and no visual cue that they can snap something else.... Seriously lol. Windows 10 finally addresses this issue.
  • People need to understand that when they use a new product, they need to learn something about it. Just watch a 10 minute youtube video and you will learn everything you need to know. Pretty much every MS commercial shows side by side apps. I think people will get that they can add something there. In windows 7 you can snap a window to 1/2 the screen. I think most people know that they can snap another app to the other 1/2 without a visual cue that spell out " snap another app here".  It's not like there are many visual cues in OSX. These OS's seem easy because you are familiar with them, not because they are somehow intuitive. The truth is none of the OS's are completely intuitive. To make something intuitive, it has to be so simple that it would become unusable to get work done. The only thing that is intuitive about an OS is that clicking on an icon launches an app. That's intuitive because we have been doing that for something like 20 years on all PCs.
  • If Microsoft could get at least 20-30% of those Windows 7 users to upgrade to 10 in the 1st year or so...that will be a success...but they should definitely aim for the maximum
  • I think cuz it will be free they could do more than 20-30%
  • Those $10 windows tablets are driving this...
  • 10$ windows tablets!?
  • This! Where?!!!
  • it looks like people are getting new pcs lately. and people are finally going the 8. Even my school decided to finally go Windows 8, I was shocked to see it. but it felt nice to use, not like that boring 7 I hated. I know peolpe love trolling about start menu vs screen, about how they would love to stay in Windows 7 because it is enough(even if Windows 10 made coffee). But even if 8 vs 7 works 99% the same, Windows 8 is nicer to use thanks to small changes MS made. But anyway, it's nice Windows 8 keeps growing even if Windows 10 it's around the corner, maybe people believe the rumors that windows 10 will be free for windows 8 users? besides the cheap and small $100 windows tablets that have been released lately. one things I don't understand... I really don't understand why 8 and 8.1 are treated as different OS, only because it got some few small features. it's the same, you can use the same product key and all, 99.9% are the same. of course I like more the "8.1" label, "8" feels too lonely and empty. but I just don't understand why split it, since I don't see "windows 7 sp1" or something. I know there was a kernel change and all. but not enough to say it should be treated as a whole new OS. some people are using it, but they can update for free. if they get trouble making that, refreshing should do the job, if they don't want to lose thir desktop apps, well maybe they shouldn't have installed crap on it. but again, Windows 8 should be Windows 8 even if it's 8.1, that way it would have surpassed crappy XP time ago.  ^_____________^
  • Microsoft promoted windows 8.1 as a new OS for it to be successful and they put a lot of new and nice feature for that to happen. By the way that was a pretty dedicated comment you gave their.
  • Because they are different version of Windows. Vista was version 6.0. 7 was version 6.1. 8 was version 6.2. And 8.1 was version 6.3. So it's logical to separate 8 and 8.1 into different OS.
  • xp fall fast. hope 7 fall fast too when 10 comes.
  • I want w10 to my phone!.
  • I think windows 10 will bring back MS to its real place (which is the most valued company in the world).... :-)
  • How about Vista? XP, 7, 8/8.1... Vista never played a major role, did it?
  • No ways!!!
  • My father's laptop still running vista.I keep telling him to upgrade but he's not good with gadgets although he uses them a lot.
  • Patched Vista is really pretty good. 8 will run better though.
  • I still see some people PCs running Windows XP and they complain that their computers is not running smoothly. Makes you wanna smash their screens with a cricket bat.
  • Lol... That's too violent there are other subtle ways :P.
  • They should have EOL'd XP when they introduced 8 rather than allowing users to hang on to the dinosaur for 2 years longer. Perhaps more people would have realized that it was time to replace their vintage boxes and 8 would enjoy the market share it deserves.
  • well hatters gonna hate.
  • Now these 18% users will be converted to Windows 10 users as they'll get free upgrade and Windows 7 users will be directly converted into Windows 10 users....Win Win....
  • I hope its free for Windows 7 & 8 uses
  • Will be free just for Windows 8.x users...
  • I am wondering who is still running 8.0? 8.1 was a free upgrade pushed out to all 8.0 users. You would have to try really hard to stick with 8.0.
  • The update process for 8.0 Enterprise isn't as straight forward as it is for Professional. You have to get the update through a volume license reseller, MSDN, etc... Ideally, it requires a new image process. To do that, they need to update to MDT 2013 and / or SCCM 2012 R2. Even if they decided not to update their image, SCCM 2012 R2 is required to manage 8.1. To take advantage of some of the features available in 8.1, a Server 2012 R2 AD schema update may be required and if nothing else, they should also apply the latest admx templates for AD. In other words, it isn't just a simple matter of applying a patch.
  • Those who computer illiterate which doesn't know the upgrade is available at the store. And those who live at enterprise realm where upgrading might give them issues on their apps. Maybe... :)
  • A article said that XP's share was artificially high in the data previously due to some weirdo Chinese websites that have tons of XP users. Removing those sites from the stats produced the recent "plunge" in XP share.
  • I imagine that the appearance of "Windows NT" in the results may be indicative of people running a variety of beta builds of Windows 10. I seriously doubt that is the old NT 4 or older as implied in the article.
  • I work for a fairly large company, 1500 staff, all computers are still on 7 or Vista. Even on new purchases, the 8.0/8.1 is unwanted. It's like the dark ages.... Hopefully things change when 10 arrives.
  • I predict that Windows 10 will wipe out Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and make Windows 7 fall to half of its current standing. That is!
  • As far as the rise of NT4 is concerned, this is undoubtedly windows 10. MS announced that the build number was changing from 6.x to 10.x, when you compare these string value to each other 1 comes before 6, and most likely anything less that 5 is being added to the NT4 bucket.
  • I have 4 PC, 2 Have windows 7 and 1 have windows 8.1 and the other Windows 10 TP. after launch of windows 10 I will have 3 windows 10 and just one windows 7
  • You will have to pry my Win 7 from my cold, dead hands. When it finally reaches EoL, it's off to Ubuntu. Tiles do NOT belong on a desktop OS.
  • You mean continue to use Ubuntu. If you don't like the start screen and static icons that do nothing except launch apps, then boot straight to desktop. You managed to figure out how to post dumb comments, I'm sure you can figure out how to change a setting so your PC boots to your preference. If that's too challenging, you can get an app to do it.
  • > the rise of Windows NT dafaq