New data shows OS market share gains for Windows 8 and 8.1

The latest operating system market share numbers from research firm Net Applications show that both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 saw gains in August 2014, a month after Windows 8.1 suffered a slight loss in market share in July.

According to the new data, based on stats generated by unique visitors to its websites, Windows 8.1 went up from 6.56 percent in July to 7.09 percent in August. Windows 8 also went up from 5.92 percent in July to 6.28 percent in August. Combined, Windows 8 and 8.1 claimed 13.37 percent of the OS market share worldwide in August, up from 12.48 percent in July.

It's not a shock to see that Net Applications shows Windows 7 at the top of the OS market share list with 51.21 percent of PCs worldwide still using it in August. That is down just barely from the 51.22 percent it had in July. Windows XP, which is no longer being supported by Microsoft, went down from 24.82 percent in July to 23.89 percent in August. Windows Vista is still used by 3.02 percent of all PCs, according to the new August stats.

What do you think of these latest operating system market share numbers?

Source: Net Applications

John Callaham
  • The aero theme in Windows 7 is better than metro in Windows 8, I think
  • Sadly. I read "Windows Vista still being used by 3.02 pc of all computers" and then I looked across my room to that 7 year old laptop running Windows Vista. The pain...
  • The pain of what?? Vista going down or ye not being able to upgrade??
  • I reckon Apple have got this right. Very cheap/free to upgrade the OS means people are much less likely to lag and create long term support drag on the company. If you could install a separate IE6 on Windows 7 I'm convinced 90% of corporates stuck on XP would switch as well.
  • It's not free with MACs, those are Service Packs really, you also pay much higher prices for hardware, so basically they charge you more for the combined complete set.
  • That used to be the case, but nowadays they're quite competitive in the areas they're in. You can hardly compare the MBA to a 500$ laptop, after all. It is an ultrabook, and is priced accordingly.
  • The MacBook Air is easly compared to a 500$ laptop, and perhaps, you did a better deal when you would by a laptop. I'm note sure when the last time was you checked the MacBook Airs specs, but they aren't close to high-end like other Ultrabooks. The MBA is now just a mid-end device.
  • I'm going to try to find an i5 ULV with 8GB of RAM and a 256SSD 13" ultrabook for less than 1300$. If those are mid-range specs, I should easily find one. Non-touch, obviously, since the MBA isn't touch. Let's start with NewEgg and see if I can find anything that meets those.   Between 1000 and 1250: Every single one has a bigger screen, but 4GB of RAM.   It took me going up to a 1500$ model before they added the extra RAM. That one does have a higher clocked CPU, though. It also has a lower resolution screen, so there's that too.   The days when the Mac is the overpriced computer for the category it's in is gone.
  • It's cheaper, faster, touch-enabled and has three times the display resolution.
  • That does seem like a wonderful machine, and it shows that sometimes you pay a small premium for an Apple device. I do have to question the logic in putting such a high resolution on such a small screen, though.
  • Good luck getting the premium performance running windows on macbooks :P
  • Why pay double to get a Windows Licence at a much higher price of a Macbook in order to make Apple crap hardware functinal? When you simple can get a top Windows ultrabook with much better specs and be done with it?
  • A) Their hardware isn't crap. B) You don't have to be running Windows to have a functional computer.      
  • A) Lower spec at higher price make it crap no matter what! B) If it was so funtional why do most people install Windows on MACs?
  • A) That's your opinion, not a fact. B) I'd like a source on that, but I'm likely to not get one.    
  • A) Google specs and prices for Ultrabooks compared to MACs, simple. B) Out of 10 people I know with MACs, at least 6 have parallels or whatever to run Windows!
  • A) I did, and the fact is that FEW beat the Macbook Air in specs and price. Also, it doesn't take into account that OS X is more optimized. B) So I take it my ten friends that have smoked with only 3 getting lung cancer is now evidence that smoking doesn't cause cancer?          
  • If you're just going to use Windows, I wouldn't advise buying a Mac.
  • Exactly, no need what so ever for MACs!
  • Unless you like OS X, which a lot of people do.
  • Pretty obsolete OSX!
  • How is it obsolete?
  • In fact OSX updates are now completely free, and the OS itself is $10. However Apple have made it illegal to run on non-Apple hardware. So they get the money back by forcing you to pay exorbitant prices for the computer.
  • And every so often Mac decide that they are going to change platform and say, either you upgrade now, or fuck you all! And then stop supporting you completely.
  • +1020
  • In the past year, Windows market share increased 1 point... to 91.58.  Mac's market share fell 1 point... to 6.74.
  • The latest version of MacOS won't run on my four year old MacBook. It refuses to install if you try. Windows 8 runs great on my 10+ year old touch PC. Also, Apple has orphaned the four year old version of MacOS, whereas Microsoft just ended support for a 12 year old version of Windows. So, yeah, about 3x better across the board for Microsoft.
  • Requirements for Yosemite: MacBook Pro: mid-2007 or newer
    MacBook Air: late 2008 or newer
    iMac: mid-2007 or newer
    Mac mini: early 2009 or newer
    Mac Pro: early 2008 or newer
    MacBook: late 2008 aluminum, early 2009 or newer
    Xserve: early 2009   4 Years ago was 2010. Obviously you rrally meant to say 6 years old or so.
  • You're right of course. They did just orphan a 5 year old version of MacOS, though, which is frustrating. Snow Leopard, released in 2009, is now end of life. As previously mentioned, WinXP was supported for 12 years despite three successors (of which Win7 was extremely popular).
  • And as such, they're giving away OS upgrades these days,
  • Yes, Mavericks was given away for free, and that was a positive. Microsoft did so with Windows 8.1, and Apple smartly followed suit. Doesn't help my 6 year old MacBook any, though, whereas the Windows 8.1 upgrade was appreciated by my 10+ year old PC. :-)
  • Apple is a hardware company. microsoft is a software company. apple only makes the software so that their hardware will work and you will buy it. they also have a tendancy to make their software more resouce intensive so that if you install it on older hardware, it will run slower and you will want to upgrade your hardware. microsoft only makes money on software. if they give it away for free, where will they make their money? they would either have to include crapware or adware to make money.
  • Microsoft doesn't make much in the way of money from OS upgrades. They'd continue to make money from OEM licensing on new computers and volume licensing to businesses, but only a tiny number of users manually upgrade their OS; people tend to get the most recent version when they buy new hardware. Since MS is tying in their services more tightly to new OS versions, and because it'd reduce support headaches, there are some real benefits to getting everyone on the most recent version and there's not much downside.
  • It's rare to read such ill-informed and manipulative rubbish, and even rarer for me to be defending Apple but you, sir, are talking out of your arse. Apple only make software so that their hardware has something to run??  Troll, begone.
  • My company still use Vista, so that's 4,000 computers. And our remote desktop access (RD web access, Windows Server 2008 R2) cant be connected to from Windows 8, so I have to keep a dual boot of Windows 7 at home just for snow days. And if I want to use my surface, I have to remote desktop to my pc, then remote desktop from that to work. A bit of a phaff. No idea why it doesn't work on 8, but it doesn't.
  • Why aren't those Windows 8 people upgrading to Windows 8.1?  I guess those are probably the people who aren't even aware they're running Windows at all.
  • There is no issue connecting to Server 2008 R2 from windows 8 I do it all the time. Assuming you are meaning from a surface (not pro) its probably because you are trying to use the web gateway which is an ActiveX control and doesn't work on surface/arm hardware. What you need to do is either download the remote desktop app for the modern environment and you will need the server name and gateway address you are connecting to or type mstsc in and use the desktop one again need connection details.
  • I am using a surface pro, Sony laptop, and custom pc, none will connect to RD web access. The first time you try it prompts you to install, then when you try to connect, nothing happens. There may be some simple setting which is blocking it by default, but I cant find it, and the help files on the internet only go as far as win 7.
  • And the IT helpdesk at work don't support windows 8, they just advise to roll back to win 7, which works flawlessly out of the box on a fresh install without issues.
  • Agreed but the icons of WIN 8 along with the tiles ofcourse!!
  • Windows Vista's aero theme was much cooler than 7's and rest. Miss the concept, it was gorgeous :'(
  • Personally I find Vista's theme very dated. Quite early-iOS style.
  • Interestingly I prefer the clean and opaque theme of Win 8 to Aero, coupled of course with the lovely way it changes color dynamically with the desktop wallpaper. And the opaque theme is a salute to XP lol! Anytime I boot my Win 7, the Aero theme now feels so noisy and distracting and somewhat unnecessary. Of course I won't mind options, but I don't think I'm going back to Aero!
  • Amen, no more Aero. Unleash the Metro!
  • That's exactly how I feel.
  • XP long gone. Win 7 was very good. Win 8.1. The best. My PC works like a rocket. Seems that most of the ppl just don't understand how to use it.
  • Why must good news for windows/windows phone always be in single digit gains...*sighs*
  • You'd expect double digit gains from one month to another??
  • Considering the position Windows is already in you expect double digit gains? WP on the other hand...
  • WP user still suffering bugged.... Freeze.... Not responsive screen.. Etc.
  • Ye using PFD??
  • Why can't people just stick to the article?! Smh.
  • I did Hard Reset and the problems vanished
  • Why do people still use Xp.
  • Because it still works (along with all their old software).
  • same thing i wanna know, i got friend that's web developer and still uses windows xp up to this day, beats the hell out of me, and i talking about on his main pc at home, haven't even tried win8 also
  • Smug.
  • It is mostly about those stubborn/rigid enterprises, not home users.
  • No, Older applications that will not run on Windows 7 or have problems. Also updating all corporate is a big ordeal costing a lot of downtime and traning. It's not a $75 upgrade by any means... With that being said, most I know, who are upgrading, even now, will go to Windows 7, they wont even look at Windows 8...
  • I know many stubborn people who still use XP haha, it's sad when I see the hmm Olive theme? like if that made the OS look nice and better xP
    anyway taking about design I think by only removing the borders of any window in Win9, just that would make the os look better (like Office 2013 did)
  • Compatibility issues usually. Working for a local authority, we are bogged down using software that has been approved by our digital services team. One of those pieces of software is our database system that hasn't been updated in years to the point that where the rest of the local authority has moved to win7, we are stuck on XP because the database software doesn't work on win7 until it has been updated.
  • Talk about completely tying your hands. It's worse holding you back this way, since the test of the world is moving on to what is now "Back to the Future" time. Everyone else still working like it's 1985 =P
  • I feel your pain! This is exactly what happens when clueless management skimps on funds for IT and goes with the cheapest possible solution with no forethought involved (if they are even capable of it).
  • lol windows 8.1 has more users than all versions of mac and Linux combined.
  • Almost double. And, yet... the tech press would have us believe it's the biggest failure in OS history. *sigh*
  • 99% of the so-called tech press is less qualified and capable of critical judgement than the poor schmuck you see dumpster-diving outside a McDonalds. All they do is regurgitate press releases and copy-paste what some other jerk wrote.
  • People must have read the news that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for windows 8 and 8.1 users and hence switched now itself.
  • Sorry wrong article.............
  • The windows phones will also succeed if they ditch metro ui wich i dont think will happen
  • If they ditch metro UI and become another android-like OS, they drop to near-zero in no time.
  • Yeah.... No.
  • So you think the metro tiles is the problem with WP? Do u own a WP?
  • I thought they did drop Metro design for Modern design. It's made ask the difference in the world.
  • They changed the name, that's pretty much it.
  • Yes i own a lumia1520 and i think they still can drop tiles and stay different from android , my idea is to make desktop looking OS on touch devices just like in wondows RT with start menu and stuff old school people are "familiar with"
  • You're dumb, that's what they were doing before and it didn't WORK, or did you forget that Windows Mobile went NOWHERE?! =/
  • No you re the dumb one ! Windows mobile went nowhere because MS didn't care and stopped focusing on mobile that time WICH THEY BADLY REGRET as ballmer said
  • No thanks. I like the live tiles. If I wanted little round boring icons, I could just get an iphone or an android device.
  • Lol, the tiles are why people use Windows Phone! We love it!
  • Dumb comment. Drop the differentiator and become yet another bland copy.
  • Windows 8.1 is awesome. FTW
  • 91.49%
  • Windows Threshold is awesome...just wait a few'll see (but you don't get it)
  • We'll all be saying that by years end and wondering why anyone would want to use Windows 8.1.
  • My argument is why tread water and stay in place? I have a boss who just DOES NOT like change at all, if something is different, he'll cry like a baby until he can get someone to change it back for him EVEN though it's a simple thing to do. He just doesn't care to learn, but then how in the heck can he run a business by remaining ignorant?? =/
  • If it wasn't for we humans who could change and adapt the rest of us wouldn't be here.
  • Oh... I know a few people like that, I have stopped responding to their idiocy and just use auto-text when they call - "text me if urgent" since i don't get a text then it is not urgent :P. These are the people that will take your help and royally stitch you up just to save their own backside. Unfortunately for them, such attempts have always dramatically back fired lol.
  • 13.37%...
  • I wonder, what was Windows Vista acceptance when it was out, I bet it was a lot higher than Windows 8/8/.1.... In a Microsoft world, they would call that a failure.
  • Accept W8, accept WP8. That's why the iOSes and the Androids fight to death against it.
  • Its faster than 7... Identical to 7... With the option to use Windows phone/surface functions. You need to let all the cry babies get used to it. The later updates sure are helping, im sure.
  • It makes them feel like they are using WP8 which they hate so much
  • No, it makes them actually use their brain :P that is why they hate it so much.. joking aside not all people are that lazy. most people are not technically proficient and their complaints disappear once they start being able to navigate around the O/S to accomplish their tasks.
  • lol, 1337 :-)
  • It still baffles me why people complain about Win 8/8.1. The only way I'm going back to Win 7 is bound, kicking and screaming! Like the mere thought of 'closing' myself in Win 7 scares me lol! Anyways, I'm eagerly waiting for Threshold, will be the first on the dev preview, and I'm installing that over my Win 7 partition asap. Win 8.1 has proved stable and super reliable so I have no need to keep 7 around any longer..
  • I'm with you on that! I know my way around W8.1 better than I do win7 now haha
  • Waoooooooo Microsoft is still the leading computing company.
  • Looks like MS's decision to stop support for XP is working. Good news for MS fans.
  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone market share numbers are like watching the stock market after you've invested $1000. Just keep adding more to your portfolio and quit reading the daily changes if you want to have peace of mind.
  • Almost as many Windows 8.0 users as Windows 8.1 Bearing the brunt of an aweful decision to push the update through the store. Good luck next time.
  • I agree. But why split it? Windows 8 is windows 8. But then look at wp 8 and wp 8.1. Very different
  • Is windows vista still being supported ??
  • Sadly yes
  • Yes, around 2.5 more years to go for extended support to end.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 ate my battery life... Potentially defected OS I've ever used... Windows 7 is very good on that category...
  • You don't know what you're talking about...
  • I agree with MediaCastleX.
  • I agree with Nicholas Maguire. :)
  • It boggles my mind that anyone is using Vista... For what? My dad had it on his PC, was the OS of the unit when he bought it, worked fine but then as it got older it developed issues. So I got him upgraded, but since we never got 7 as a retail upgrade, I just had him do go to 8 when it was being offered as the $200.00 pro version for JUST $40.00! I tried to get as many of them as possible, it was just smart... Now everything is as up to date as I can get them to stay updated. Not too hard since its mostly automatic anyway. =]
  • latest Vista works just like 7
  • This... is actually not too far off the mark.
  • Lots of noise in the data. Not much meaning in these numbers.
  • Vista....y vista??!!
  • maybe it is just those back-2-school sales boosted the market share.