New look at Office on Windows Phone 7 leaves us mostly swooning

All you business-types who have been fretting over whether you're going to be able to crank out e-mails on the fly in Windows Phone 7 ... wonder no more. After the break are a couple of new emulator videos of Windows Phone 7, finally showing what the e-mail and Office experience may be like. Opening a PowerPoint presentation within an e-mail? Very cool. We're not sold on the on-screen keyboard just yet, but there's plenty of time for that, and we'll undoubtedly see a slider or two. [MobilityDigest Youtube via Engadget]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Boy, try editing a PowerPoint slide with a TP2 and Office Mobile...It would take at least 5x the amount of time to do this...
  • I like how they changed the look of the emulator so you know right from the start this is probably a new build. I wonder how new though? the one given out at MIX is 6077 iirc? It'd be good to know how fast MS is updating/putting out new builds internally.
  • That is pretty sweet, no doubt. They really need to use the 2 character press and hold HTC keyboard - by far the best onscreen keyboard our there, to say nothing about the great TP2 physical keyboard. WM7 is really looking nice for business travel use.
  • I've recently used a prototype of the does have the 2 character press and hold feature like the HTC keyboard
  • Also, there is a feature where if you tap and hold where you want to type, a little cursor comes up so that you can position it between words or letters since the keyboard does not have arrows to move the cursor.
  • I like the tap and hold for symbols keyboard, too, but I think no arrows makes positioning clumsy and imprecise.
  • yeah nice article but WHERES PODCAST 97?! someones slacking off here.
  • I like the new keyboard and I would prefer if the "tap & hold" feature for symbols was optional.
  • Looks pretty cool but don't you think its more complicated ? But I m impressed with its features and multi tasking functions.
  • It looks incredible and even Microsoft has been criticized for its admission that some highly requested features will not be available when the new Windows Phone 7 handsets ship.
  • Does the Office suite finally support the "Track Changes" tools? I'd love to see this implemented in a WM device but have so far been left hanging.
  • It looks like Mobility Digest has some new videos that show off the functionality of the Office hub on Windows Phone 7. I think Microsoft
  • a little cursor comes up so that you can position it between words or letters since the keyboard does not have arrows to move the cursor.