New Lumia 730, Lumia 735 TV ad plays a game of hide and seek with selfies

Microsoft's recently announced dual-SIM Lumia 730 smartphone and its single-SIM LTE-enabled cousin, the Lumia 735 is the main subject of a new TV commercial posted on the Nokia YouTube page, where the.phones are used in a game of hide and seek.

In this case, the five megapixel front facing "selfie" camera on both phones are used by a woman who decides to get up and meet her boyfriend out in the city. However, she also wants him to find her via her selfie pictures. The general theme of the commercial is that the larger megapixel number on the Lumia 730 and 735 will offer more details in the photo compared to an ordinary selfie, which in this case allows the boyfriend to finally locate his girl by discovering her in a close up of his own photo.

Do you plan to take a lot of self-shots when you get the Lumia 730 or Lumia 735?

Source: Nokia on YouTube

John Callaham
  • Actually a good tv advert. Show one of the main features of this phone.
  • Kind a wish the UI has the same fluidity portrayed.
  • Yeah ..!!! More faster and fluid than reality in this advt. !! XD
  • No they cut the "Loading" & "Resuming" part from this video.
  • I have no issues on my Lumia 820. It never has to "load" or "resume". I'm on Lumia Cyan.
  • Maybe denim with 730 will have that fluidity...
  • assume,maybe
  • Nice commercial, love the orange phone
  • 730 is looking gorgeous in design in advertisement
  • Yeah... It looks better in the video than on recent pictures
  • Right Lumia design is the best in smartphones..
  • cute
  • Not a bad ad. Hyping the selfie phone with selfie ad. Now let me take a selfie ;)
  • Wish the phone ux animation flow is as fluid as portrayed in the ad.
  • That's actually not a bad ad (which is saying a lot for MS :P, but they need to actually put them on TV.
  • Yeah, because internet only ads aren't doing anything for market share
  • Love it, both the commercial and the phone! So fun! Anyone know what city this was filmed in?
  • Looks like Berlin to me. The new government buildings. That's my guess.
  • They really put the camera's abilities to the front, like it.
  • And the actors are beautiful people, but without being too pretty, like in Apple's commercials.
  • This was filmed in Berlin ❤ by the way ...
  • That green one will be mine. Now hurry up Verizon!
  • In what way is it a "TV commercial" if it's on youtube?
  • Nice! Loving the lumia line-up.
  • It's an ad, but it's not really a TV ad, unless, you know, Microsoft actually buys TV ad time to air it. If they're going to wait for Verizon to push it, they're going to keep waiting a long time..... Verizon didn't advertise the Lumia 930 or the HTC M8 for Windows, why would they go out of their way for a lower priced, lower specced low end phone?
  • Well, they didn't advertise the 930 because they have the Icon and they DID advertise the M8. Remember the "buy the new HTC ONE M8 for Android or Windows"?
  • Is there any way to download you tube videos from internet explorer ?
  • Download the youtube downloader app :)
  • Yes...after going to desired video page just type ss after m. In the address bar will take you to another page....wait few seconds..... Then choose resolution.. that's it.....
  • Use IDM
  • Yes. Add ss before youtube.** and you'l get a link.
  • Cool !!!!!John can u reedit the video link ;) there are two links... @wpcentral
  • I think wen the devices r actually launched in countries, it will b aired in tv as ad.
  • I saw it before u posted :D
  • I would love to have this phone besides my 930 but only if Microsoft plans to include a freaking headset with the device. I only got a standard charger and a cable with my 930. I was so surprised that there was no headset with the phone.... Buying a pair of headset is not a problem for me, never was, but you know, there are always something that pisses you off...
  • Is anyone else having issues with the metrotube player when going to choose what to watch the video from?
  • Am I looking at the phones animation to much when I say it was completely different as it is now. It was much closer to original "8". It also looks much better.
  • My 13 year old daughter would LOVE this. I was browsing her OneDrive account the other day, she has HUNDREDS of selfies.
  • What phone does she have now?
  • Lumia 925
  • Nice ad, the dual SIM has my eye, n pocket, wondering though if that earphones come with it... He had one but not her...
  • That would be gay, if I get a green one? I don't know whether it's a masculine color. Opinions? I'm a 18 yo male.
  • I'd say as long as it's not bright pink with the words "I am gay" on the back, then it's safe to say that it's not gay.
    As a side note: I'm more interested in the 830 than the 730 and I prefer orange.
  • If you feel a colour can make you less masculine then you need to man up!
  • You know green is the color of money right? You can always buy a case. Professionals tend not to buy green, blue, red, or yellow phones. I know this device is not aimed at them so much,
  • Not at all at least you'll have taste come on IPhone 6 aluminum body color yawn cough L925 copiers'
  • Well! That sounds awkward because I like the bright orange and green colors, as per the new color scheme by Microsoft, more than the simply old played out Black and White. I am a 21 years old male weighting at 164.8lbs and have a girlfriend. Am I still gay?
  • Thank you guys, you're right! However I'll go with the grey one, because that fits with every theme colour, the green doesn't that much. :)
  • Why don't Microsoft show this kind of adds in India...
  • +1000
  • Great plz release lumia 730 in will be a hit if priced correctly.
  • Microsoft should have open to dale in India before moto g2. Then it must have done too much better.
  • Good and true advert as Nokia announces phones and we don't see them in the US for months but Apple announces them a and you see the a week later.......And they wonder why market share in the US isn't growing like they want, hopefully Microsoft gets this crap straight!
  • Amen....I agree exactly...well said!
  • Yes! The iPhone 6 I'd already released and it was just announced. I could never switch from Windows Phone, I've gone too far. I love WP, but I wish they'd get their crap straight.
  • i never thought i would like green on a phone this commerical forced me to like it
  • Lumia 830 ad?
  • Will probably boost about the PureView camera and might be on its way.
  • Hope so , and fast !
  • 830 maybe .. I mean I have a 1520 and a 930. Maybe another pure view phone .. I think I get my gf one ^^
  • I'll never understand this selfie thing...
  • What the heck MSFT could you compete with other OS's that even launching a new products will take a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time available in the market. Im not comparing u MSFT and other OS's/company but look at them, when they launched a new product there's already a time schedule avail in the market. I just feel jealous with APPLE launching a new device while the 735/830 w/c was introduced way ahead to the world is until now never heard. Maybe its too late MSFT and maybe those devices wil be called sorry to say that...
  • Great great great ad!!!!!
  • That was actually a pretty cool ending
  • That would annoy the hell out of me. I would be like "stop playing games woman!  Tell me where the hell you're at!".    But that's just me.
  • Yep, that's just you. A middle aged boring man without romance in your life.
  • Judgemental much?! Chill, You don't even know the guy. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • On a side note does any know what brand of ear buds the gentleman was using in the ad?
  • Nice commercial...
  • im thinking about upgrade from my L520 to something higher like 1020 or 920/925. what will be the price of 730? is it the best choice for this money?
  • Awesome Ad! :)
  • I can easily see the 735 being the phone with the most sales between the 15/9/8/7/6 lines maybe 530 outsells it.
  • I read it first as if there was a Lumia 735 TV as all those cell phones with tv antennas.
  • We have to be a bit more frugal with the use of "TV ad" and attaching it to promotional video material. Based on the tone of the video, I think this is just a web video.
  • Green Looks great but only in Adds?
    I need and will buy one to see in real ;) Posted via Windows Phone Central App