New "Meet Kerri Walsh's Windows Phone" advertisement

The Windows Phone team has published a new advertisement for the platform on its YouTube channel, showing three-time gold medallist in Beach Volleyball Kerri Walsh and her family. The commercial shows the Walsh household making use of Windows Phone, including Kid's Corner and Microsoft Office. Featuring major advantages of Windows Phone is proving to be an effective way to show off what Microsoft has to offer.

Carrying on the celebrity campaign, Microsoft are continuing to push handsets into hands of not only consumers, but well known faces to help promote the platform. Not only that, but the company is also focusing on family life instead of just the individual. Pumping the audience to the backing track "Levels" by Avicii, it's bound to be a hit with trendy teenagers. That's a good thing.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I really wanna know when the Jay-Z commercial is coming lol...they can actually cut him and give me someone like Ciara or Rihanna instead actually ha ha..
  • Yea I'm waiting to see those too...
  • I didn't know she was training for Rio..thought she was retiring.  Is MIsty May also in it for the 2016 games?  Good ad, which Misty May was also part of the commercial for the "business" connection.
  • Missy May retired.............unless she changes her mind.  A one or two year break could do that.
  • Microsoft finally shows a Lumia in their commercial!? I'm shocked!
  • The Jessica alba commercial features a Lumia...
  • I'm talking about commercials that 80% have the 8x in it. You barely see a Lumia anymore. Just with the Christmas ads, Jessica alba and this one.
  • The 8x is shown most likely because they did the smart thing and made it available on most carriers.
  • And the AT&T Wil Arnett commercials...
  • Theres one in a UK advert too with the lovely Holly Willoughby :) The fat guy is using the 8X over here ;-)
  • Great AD!!!
  • This has to be the best ad. Alot of focus on the phone rather than the person, kudos big time. This better be on tv!!
  • Don't really care about walshes phone
  • Am I missing something here, Microsoft release this ad for WP8 on there YouTube channel, this would be the same channel that google is actively trying block on WP8 phone and we don't have an official app on our phones to view this, I really must google, sorry, bing 'ironic' :-)
  • The only reason Microsoft uses YouTube is because they know that many people visit YouTube everyday. Advertise.
  • They should flood YouTube with lots of advertisements... Sure Google gets paid, but imagine adds saying "How to transfer from your Gmail to the best email on the web, Outlook, for free?"
  • This is probably the most "real" of the "Meet" ads. I liked it. I just would have had her pick it up from a wireless charging pad. Now, where is this Jay Z ad that seems to be hiding?
  • I agree... I actually really liked this ad!  It shows a TON of features and why people can benefit from Windows Phone  :)
  • You guys should host the HD version of the video on Vimeo or Bing Videos so I can watch it on my Ativ S!
  • Finally they show more of the 920...
  • This is off subject, but I had to repost it....
    Microsoft should block Google from W7-8! That would really bite their ass.. Sure 90% of the world would go nutz at first, but once they saw the price for a Mac, and started to use Bing, in time they would forget all about Google. Trust me, the world would move on. If Google can block their services from a OS, then MS should be able to block its OS from their services! Seriously, if this were to happen MS would rule the entire computer landscape desktop, and mobile!! If Google keeps playing around MS is going to get in that ass,, I hope.. I smell a huge trial brewing.
  • They cannot do anything because EU Commission would f**** them for breaking consumers right to,choose its search engine.
  • Give it up already.
  • Sorry, but this is a terrible idea! I would be up in arms over this too. I use Bing on my phone only because I'm forced to - I usually have switch to google in the browser due to terrible Bing results and sometimes switch to the GMaps app for walking & bike routes. On my PC, Google search and Google Maps reign supreme simply because they work the best. I use Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook equally. You really think they'd block YouTube?
    MS have always been about partnerships and letting everyone in - let's not become like China or North Korea.
  • She is so ugly - this is antiadvert for Windows Phone
  • Who cares what she looks like... this isn't an ad for beauty products. She's pretty well known and they do a great job showing how the phone works for a family. Better than the Surface ads which hardly show what it does and spend more time trying to hypnotize you...
  • Don't be a dillweed. She's an Olympian 3x and adored by many. You can only wish to be half as successful or admired as her.
  • And who are you?
  • You are a poor excuse for a human being
  • +1000000000
  • Red 920's are sooooo sexy!
  • Love mine
  • Finally a good ad showcasing the OS. This should be on TV during NFL playoffs. WIll really help with the OS getting some mindshare wir with Mom's & families in general.
  • Finally they are showing in an ad sharing a pic with NFC. It's working for samsung.
  • I don't get the whole advertisements on YouTube thing. Seems like you'd have to purposely look for them as opposed to them being on in the middle of tv programs. Sincere commercial though. Probably more features shown than most Windows Phone commercials as of late.
  • Totally agree.  The whole Smoked by Windows Phone series and this kind of thing where the ads are 2 or 3 minutes long... they're sort of interesting but only if you know about it first.  Windows Phone's problem is that most people have yet to be exposed to it, and 30 second TV ads and billboards are where that happens.  I picked my brother up from the airport the other week and couldn't help but notice ads for the Galaxy S3 plastered EVERYWHERE.  I mean, you couldn't walk 20 feet without seeing another poster.  Ads like these are totally passive and totally pervasive.  Microsoft is finally doing a bit more of this, but my thought is that they need to do what Samsung and Apple have been doing - massive, extreme amounts of ads in places people will naturally be exposed to them.
  • Omg wpcentral late again
  • I saw this ad a few weeks back when I went to the theatre to see Rise of Guardians. It was a Cinemark theatre and they played it before the movie started.
  • Cool!  I always thought that WP ads shown right before the movie was a great idea.  I even suggested it on the Microsoft User Voice site.  WP would look glorious on the 'Big Screen'.
  • So a YouTube commercial but not on television (I haven't seen it in tv) and in usual MS fashion a bit late with this celebrity. Maybe a better time is when she and her partner were winning gold medals at the olympics.
  • Except WP8 wasn't out back then.
  • Best.Ad.yet.
    This is a good series and this one hit it out of the park. Not only shows the phone, but pretty much hit all of it. Office on phone opening a document, then turns around and there is the Surface accessing the same doc. Skype, Kids& Corner, tap-to-send to transfer a photo w/o Bluetooth or popping it into a message or email. Nicely done.
  • wonder when we will see "My name is Alex Jones and this is my windows phone" except they would not do that because he called bill gates a chicken neck *******. I wonder what he would have on his phone anyways. Drudge report and weave perhaps? (Sarcasm)
    Anyways, this is probably the best windows phone commericial i have seen so far without a doubt, and this would be a great one to show in movie theatures.
  • Kerri Walsh-Jennings was a pretty good choice!
  • Nice...
  • For those complaining that there is no lumia 920 in commercials... Its exclusive. They want to show phones everybody can get. The lumia 920 advertizes nokia, wp, and ATT. The 8X does all that but add in all major carriers.
  • Forget jay z kerri better. So awesome because she lives in my area and yes have met her before. If I ever see her I will ask her glad you have windows phone
  • I hope they get Miranda Kerr she still uses crappy BlackBerry
  • Now that'll have me hooked. And countless other males.
  • AVICII- Levels badass song
  • What I like about this ad is it puts a focus on the MS ecosystem and how the phone helps and ties it together. Great ad
  • I really love this ad, kudos to Microsoft for making awesome ads.
  • Really liked the ad. Was short, highlighted the strong points and drew a personal connection with the Kerri. Didn't even know who she was until this ad and all I'd like to say is that this one hits the right notes.
  • Just a quick announcement, I got my 920 yesterday and man I simply love it!!!! Didn't put it down until 2:30am. And I love the new commercial. I think they need to show what Windows Phone can really do instead of showing ads.
  • They had Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls advertising it out by me.
  • I LOVE this... personal, straight to the point and shows TONS of features... excellent job :)... I just hope they air this all over the place!  Love Avicii too :)
  • Great ad... Need to get it out there through different channels! My one problem with the ad is this: the "Elmo calls" app that she opens doesn't actually work on the Lumia 920 she is using.... It freezes on the second intro/instruction page.... Comments indicate this might be a wp8 problem... But in a way, its false advertising! Yes, I'm bitter because my 13 month old loves that app and I can't get it to work! :-)
  • These celebrity endorsement ads are legitimately terrible. This one is probably the least cringe inducing, but damn.
  • It's about 920...