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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a feature for Edge that simplifies the process of installing progressive web apps across different devices.
  • After you have installed a PWA on one device, you will see an option to install it on other devices with a single click.
  • The Apps section in the browser's menu will also show "available apps" that you've installed on other devices.

An upcoming feature for Microsoft Edge will allow you to install your favorite Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with a single click. After you install PWAs on one device, you'll see a list of available apps when browsing the web on other devices. Each of these available apps appears next to an install button. This should make it easier to get your favorite PWAs onto all of your devices.

The option, which is in testing on Edge Canary, was first spotted by Leo Varela, who shared screenshots of the feature on Reddit.

People will be able to view their available apps on the settings page within the Apps section as well as through the ellipsis menu for Edge. In both cases, you'll be able to manage your favorite progressive web apps with just a few clicks.

As is the case with many Edge features, this new experience is in a controlled rollout. That means that even if you have the latest build of Edge Canary, you may not see the feature at this time.

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Microsoft Edge allows you to install progressive web apps onto your PC. Soon, you'll be able to install your favorite PWAs onto new devices with just a single click.

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