New Microsoft Edge might bring your 'set aside' tabs forward as favorites

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Microsoft Edge logo on card (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • It appears Microsoft Edge will carry your "set aside" tabs forward as favorites at release.
  • The option was spotted in the current "stable" release of the new Edge.
  • The "set aside" feature won't be available in the new Edge, though it may be added later.

One of the features from the legacy Microsoft Edge that isn't available in the new Chromium-based Edge is "set aside" for tabs. While there's no indication that the feature will definitely be added in the future, Microsoft appears to be planning a way for you to migrate any tabs that you've set aside to the new version of the browser.

As first noticed by Techdows (via Neowin), the current Edge "stable" release, which isn't available through official means, moves any tabs you've set aside to your favorites list upon installation. If you right click a tab to open its context menu, you'll now see an option labeled "Find tabs you've set aside in 'Favorites'" at the end of the list.

Without a dedicated "set aside" feature for tabs at launch, it makes sense that Microsoft would add the option to preserve any collections of tabs you've set up by moving them forward in this way. Going forward, the new "Collections" feature, which will be available at launch, operates in a similar way to how some people have used set aside. Collections are a robust way to gather links, images, and text in one spot for any reason, such planning a trip or keeping up with work projects.

We could see the "set aside" feature return in some form in the future, but it's unclear for now whether Microsoft has it in the works. The new Microsoft Edge is set to launch on January 15 for Windows and macOS, completing the journey for the overhauled browser's move through the testing phases to launch. At Ignite 2019, Microsoft also revealed it plans to bring Edge to Linux "in the future."

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