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Rene Ritchie

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  • Is there an option to make Cortana actively listen to you at all times without having to hit any button?
  • Hopefully its sorta like Xbone Kinect where you say a command to start it up then its listening. (ie. Cortana whats the weather like this afternoon) the activate command could be "Cortana" just like the kinects is "Xbox"
  • I hope so. 
    Daniel, please let us know if it works like that.  Thanks,
  • He said Xbone he he he he...
  • I thought Nokia was having their own separate event today. Is that still happening?
  • Yes. 5 PM PT. We'll be there.
  • Thanks Daniel
  • Where can I watch a Live stream of that?
  • My hunch is it's not a presentation/keynote type of thing but just a chance for media to get hands on with the new hardware. If there is a formal talk, we'll live blog it, but otherwise look for our hands on videos/photos later tonight on the 630 and 930.
  • So they'll announce more? I thought the Nokia announcement was this one?
  • It would be awesome if they had some good news for us US folks. Not everyone wants to go sign up for Verizon to get our 930 colorless variant. 
  • Listening to Mr Elop, I think he hinted to the Lumia 1520 coming to the us in May-June with WP8.1,
  • Daniel, did you see an option to leave Cortana on all the time? So you could just say Cortana and have it start listening to you instead of hitting the search button or openning the app? Thanks,
  • It's not clear if that's there yet and if it is, it will be dependent on hardware.
  • Thank you Daniel for replying. Please let us know if you hear something. Thanks again for doing a great job covering the news today.
  • When preview for developer of WP 8.1 releasing in India....?
    Please reply. Y.Y
  • It would release simultaneously all over the world on 10 April most probably
  • 10april
  • Already midnight in my side of the world
  • Neowin has an article confirming that Jen Taylor's voice will be used for throughout the greater portion of the experience!! This just made my day.
  • I agree, that alone makes me more excited than some of the features.....Guess it doesn't take much. ;)
  • That's not a reliable source. Also, she may be used to get the voice tone but obviously she won't record the all the words in the Oxford dictionary ;)
  • Why not? Did nobody inform her her life belongs to us now and she's just a bag of flesh holding the voice box for our devices?
  • Honestly now, do 630 and 635 really need separate forums? It's not like they're not the same phone, except LTE.   You did not make 2 different forums for the Lumia 900, AT&T version and international. Don't do it now.
  • For that matter do the 930 and Icon need separate forums? They're about as different as the Arrive and 7 Pro.
  • Agreed. Devices that are just regional variants shouldn't have separate forums to clutter things up.
  • Maybe be ... but the Icon launched some time before, so it needed its own forum.   Not that the L930 will launch and with it being the more known version, it still needs its own forum.   If they would've launched toghether .... eh.
  • 630 witout flash?
  • Very disappointed in the Lumia 930. End of last years specs. With no sd card. And if the Lumia icon review is anything to go by it has average audio only. With average battery life.
    Why ???
    I'm a huge Lumia fan.
    I hope they have a better device than this to bring to the table
    Stick with my 920 till a real flagship comes out
  • What were you expecting? 4GB of ram? 2K display? Or some ridiculous gimmicks that you are never going to use? Those are good specifications for a flagship.
  • ???? What you on about. Are you telling me i won't use an sd card . The battery performance underperforms in the reviews. .
  • No, but 2014 flagship standards were expected: SD801, 2.3-2.5Ghz, around 3000mAh battery, microSD. I haven't confirmed it but I think Nokia didn't make it on time to deliver the "real" and so they just decided to present the Icon without the Verizon branding. If this was the "real" 930 as planned (well, I know it isn't, that was to be Goldfinger) they would have presented it at either CES or MWC since the phone has been ready for months.
  • Im still hoping such phone "gold finger" will bring some of that and be announced shortly. Need to replace a 920 and 1520 is not my speed.
  • But that Orange and Grey. Wow! I would probably buy it even on iOS. Ok, maybe I wouldn't go that far.
  • Don't you ever say that! ;)
  • AT&T will probably get the next flagship based on the Snapdragon 805 which has improved graphics control.
  • So its all about the specs now, right?
  • Any ETA on the Lumia 930 (and its color selection) for us north of the U.S. border and especially on Rogers Network? Thx.
  • Fuck Rogers! Bell needs a new Windows Phone! Haven't had anything since the Ativ S! (I'm being nice, not aggressive lol)
  • Dude, I was on Bell for 15 years but went to Rogers 1 year and a half ago because I absolutely had to get my hands on the Nokia 920. Now I NEEDS the Lumia 930's awesomeness! Whichever carrier, "I NEEDS IT!"
  • Yeah! I work for Bell so I wouldn't switch, but we desperately need some Windows Phone love! Bell network + Lumia 930/1520 = Magic
  • Cortana is a huge development in wp 8.1, just went through the keynote conference, cortana is more than what she is referred as ur personal assistant... The more u search, the more cortana learns about u... Pretty cool
  • Insert Porn Joke (HarHar)
  • She's going to learn a think or 2 about my shlong then...
  • You mean she has a thing or two to learn about your 2" schlong
  • Exactly ;) lmao!
  • I was rooting (á la Tyra Banks) for a better 630 variant, it should've at least a 8MP camera with LED flash and a 1.2 MP frontal camera. And the 930 is basically the international variant of the Icon. Anywho, still quite happy with all the new goodies from WP 8.1
  • The 630 replaces the 520, not the 620. The 530 will be an even cheaper device. All that you ask for is stuff for the 730/830 IF they happen.
  • It quite doesn't make sense, why even call it 630 if it's going to replace the 5xx? And if it really going to replace the 5xx variant, there will be no 530 (unless they introduce a 3.5 inch windows phone with no camera at all)
  • Nope they can make a still cheaper phone by giving a 4.3 inch display and Snapdragon 200 and no Gorilla glass, hell they can even make 430 if they make a 4.0 inch with snap 200 no clear black and gorilla glass...
  • Not really. The 920 came out with a bang. The first to have the award winning camera tech. Then the icon comes out having no indication that it was the 920 successor. Then we get the 930, oh its the successor, which its just the international icon. I was hoping the 920 replacement would have that wow factor. Nope! Just some new colors. The icon is not even better than the 1520 even. Sad!
  • Where can we buy the Cortana T-Shirt???? ;-
  • I don't see other wp devices, i just want 1520, love it
  • So if the Icon is essentially what the 930 is going to be (Not disappointed, the Icon looks and feels GREAT), does that mean the Lumia 930 won't have Glance support either?
  • Yeah did they talk about that?
  • My 1520 still reigns supreme :D
  • It'll be supreme till November I bet.
  • So did anyone notice that Nokia wrote on Twiter "But wait ... there's #moreLumia -- coming soon" 2 hours ago ? Is this the 1820 perhaps, with QHD display?????? I NEED ANSWERS!!!
  • Will devices under 4.5 inch display get the third column of live tiles?
  • No. 4.5" and above.
  • 520 also getting the extra column...
  • Does the 930 have an SD slot?
  • I'm disappointed. I was looking to get a Lumia 930 on contract through AT&T, but it looks like that's not possible and it wouldn't be coming till June anyways. Hopefully they announce something tonight for us US folks. I want a high end Lumia that isn't giant like the 1520, my contract is just about up so I can get upgrade from my Lumia 900.
  • I agree!
  • I wanted an AT&T version, I'm with darkness that the 1520 is too big. I had one for a week and loved everything but the size. 5" would be perfect! And an oled screen? Sweet! Man they screwed us att guys big time. Maybe they were tired of putting out att exclusives? Ha!
  • Besides that why did they launch an international only phone in the US?
  • Nokia just doesn't get it. No apps+,avg specs,= no market share.
  • At&t? I want a speced bumped L1020
  • If the Lumia 930 is the successor to the 920 it had BETTER have built in wireless charging and not require a stupid back cover, plus 32gb of internal storage. That's all I want. If it gets raped like the 1520 did, it will be considered a handicapped lumia. AT&T - Altering Technology & Torture
  • I have Nokia Lumia 1520 though superb lacks following features
    1.No Radio Transmitter like N-8
    Windows software lacking in
    2.No air printing facility through emails,apps or through documents
    3.Does not open web sites which use flash players
  • The 630 has 512mb ram which means 512mb ram devices are still supported and the limitation of 1gb app will soon go away. Cheers.
  • Agree
  • Do you folks think the iphone 6 will make a few steps above windows phone.....i mean besides the larger screen, maybe it will be real thin.....or something....i think that nokia should have done something with finger print scanner or security and also something with water proofing, otherwise they will need to catch up with that in 2015 again really late.....i do like windows phone 8.1 but it is really catching up with andriod and ios few years into the game...