New Office 365 TV commercial seems to be against workplace remote copter fun

Microsoft is turning its attention to Office 365 in a new TV commercial that centers on a workspace that has a rather interesting way of sharing secure files.

The ad shows office workers piloting a remote copter with a USB flash drive dangling on its bottom. Yes, this commercial has the conceit that using a remote helicopter to move a flash drive between cubicles is an efficient way to transfer sensitive content. It's fun, but definitely not the best option.

The co-workers continue this rather odd behavior until their boss comes in and says they should use Office 365 to transfer secure files via the cloud. Well, of course they should do that, but taking away their helicopter has to hurt a little bit.

What did you think of this rather silly TV ad for Office 365? Did it make you want to sign up?

Source: Office on YouTube

John Callaham
  • Moment of silence for those who think commenting frist is a victory.
  • What that has to do anything with the office 365
  • Everything and nothing. Do pay attention.
  • "Moment" of silence for spelling moment and first wrong... Epic fail.
  • Sam Fisher would be proud ;)
  • Lmaoooo
  • Whatever it is.. it sure is a frist.. :D
  • Lol
  • ...interesting way of 'shaing' secure files?
    Edit: OK corrected now.
  • Ummmm... Ok?
  • I just signed up after seeing this commercial. Awesome.
  • You're going to be so disappointed when you realise you don't get a free helicopter with each subscription.
  • Or a free USB flash drive :D
  • Actually you get a free Online USB drive with OneDrive. Lol epic Fail.
  • And that OneDrive Pro is not as good as OneDrive.
  • Worst than those stupid GEICO commercials. Realy hope they shelf that one.
  • Guess their marketing wasn't wasted on you. Just finished reading an article touting their encryption layers. All three of them are known to be NSA accessible. So, no thanks.
  • Except that Office 365 is not considered a secure way to store, transfer, or share sensitive files or data. Just ask US power companies.
  • It is if you properly implement 2FA. Which most enterprise customers don't/can't be bothered.
  • Looked like an Android tablet being used for the copter.... You would think MS would have used one of their own devices. Other then that... Kind of cute.
  • Actually it looks like a windows tablet. You can see the windows logo at 4 seconds... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • New office for WP is coming
  • They show their devices even though they are saying that Office 365 is cross-platform.
  • It's actually the Nokia L2520.
  • Ms should do the job with their WP office's apps
  • This is a pretty bad commercial to be honest. I don't like it.
  • Is like Do they want users to hate office? #MESS
  • I realize this is in jest, but it is kind of lame. Now that USB had been shown to be insecure, it is even less relevant.
  • We should all go back to zip, haha.
  • With a spacious 100mb in a housing that you can fit in the palm of your hand... almost
  • No. If large floppies are good enough to secure our us minute men nuclear arsenal, its good enough for security, lol
  • Haha.. That was funny actually..
  • Pretty lame ad.
  • It is funny.
  • Cheesy and Funny at the same time. :)
  • Worst acting I've ever seen, extremely phoney.
  • Eh... I'd like to see Microsoft go for something classier than this. Trying to be funny/goofy rarely works well in my opinion.
  • This commercial was painfully amateurish and should not have been allowed off the editing table.. This will probably be laughed at..
  • Yes, laughed at and talked about, which kind of was the idea..
  • It is pretty bad and I have no idea why it is newsworthy. Can I write a blog post for every video posted on YouTube and get a paycheck too? My genuine concern is that laypeople who land on this page will believe it is a TV commercial, which it clearly is not, and further lament Microsoft's marketing woes.
  • My Copter
  • That Microsoft logo looks way better without the four colored squares.
  • I thought it was clever since I knew what I was watching but it really didn't "sell" Office365 enough. If it wasn't here with the headline, I would have turned it off. It needed to be streamlined with Office more up front. I'm already a 365 subscriber for my family with having kids in school but I seriously doubt it would have made me sign up just from the commercial.
  • Finally a funny commercial from Microsoft. They should keep whomever did this one.   It still doesn't convince me to pay annually for Office 365, though. But then again, nothing will ever convince me to pay a annual subscription to anything unless they offer me girls and booze to go help me forget that I'm paying annually for something that I could just buy once. (And this isn't restricted to Office 365. I don't pay for software subscriptions, period)
  • I think if you upgrade every OTHER major release, you're saving money with the subscription and you'll always have the latest version. The TB of storage is a pretty sweet feature too.
    I used to say that about music and movie subscriptions. Now I'm a subscriber to Netflix and XBox Music and never "buy" or own music, movies or TV shows.
  • I have a pro account and I have msoffice installed on my work laptop, work PC, home untrabook, home PC, and I have one key left. Best of all my company pays the subscription and I get to use three keys as I please.
  • Thing is, I don't. Almost no one does, if you think about it. I upgraded to Office 2013 from Office 2003. And I only intend to upgrade now to Office 2023. Things like Office, namely Word which is my main tool of work, don't need constant updates. Furthermore, even if I have to buy 2 or 3 copies of normal Office, given the life-span it has, it compensates more than to have a yearly not-cheap-at-all-subscription. The 1 TB of OneDrive storage is useful if you do storage a lot of stuff in the cloud, sure. Which I don't. So, again, I don't need 1TB of storage. Also, I often work offline. So I wouldn't have access to OneDrive anyway.   Music and film subscriptions...those two I'm really against using. First because I like to have physical copies. I enjoy the artwork an artist puts into the CD covers etc. Secondly, again, internet connection. I have it at home/work. I don't have it on the go (because I'm sure as hell not going to be ripped off by the insane prices carriers over here charge for mobile data). So I do enjoy having the physical discs to play in the car, or to rip and put on an mp3 player to use on the go (no, I don't use my phones as players. I'm way to prone at dropping music players lol). Thirdly because if I pay for something, I want to own it. I don't want to pay for something that's somewhere out of reach and that, someday, because of some reason, may disappear and I lose my investment. And I hate losing investments. And that's why I'm completely against software-based subscriptions.
  • Normally, I don't like software subscriptions either. However, as far as Xbox music goes... Your typical physical CD has 2 maybe 3 good songs and the rest is crap. Digital music does give the ability to listen to the whole Album, add what I like to a playlist and ditch the rest. At the end of the month, I buy everything on that playlist. Much more efficient than trying to maintain my old 400 GB collection from physical CD's of which 85% is crap and I'll never listen to again.
  • It  was OK I guess and highlights an age old issue of controlling data within an office (So really aimed at 365 for Business as opposed to Home) and that US office staff still live in little cubicles although that was not probably the point of the ad.
  • Well office 2003 was retired so cannot register it, what is win 10 without office?
  • There's office 07 and 13 too y'know
  • Microsoft always tries to be dramatic. Does not help.
  • John, seriously man, please stop calling every single video on the internet a "TV commercial." This one is clearly just a web advert. Just because it ends with a logo does not mean it is formatted for broadcast, network, or cable television. There are standards (an easy one to remember is length: 15s, 30s, 45s, 1min, 1:30min, etc. are standard TV commercial durations).
  • Most videos longer than 30 seconds will never been seen on TV (with some excpetion like the Kristen Bell Galaxy ad which has a full ad break version)
  • Very true. I just wish WPCentral would stop calling every video on YouTube a "TV commercial." Simply because it gives off the impression that these low-budget web ads are actually part of Microsoft's TV marketing campaign.
  • Showing how Office 365 can help you be a bad manager? not the best move. It is a really crappy ad
  • I already have Office 365 Home so this ad makes me want the copter :)
  • Kind of like the 2014 version of what we used to call the "sneaker net".
  • With most of the MS ads I see online, it always boggles my mind why MS does not put them on television during prime time. This one.. I am begging MS to delete this awful thing off the planet and bury it deep.
  • Bought a new laptop on Saturday. Got $15/- off on the Office 365 subscription, so bought that too!!! Happy days with 1 TB storage. :)
  • She should have said "Guys, we just got office 365, so we can sync and save files over the cloud". The way it came across to me is that these guys already knew the company had 365 but flying helicopters with flash drives was still more efficient.