New software tools from Vuforia could bring catalogs to life via Microsoft HoloLens

Vuforia, which offers software development tools for making augmented reality apps, has released its newest SDK. Vuforia 6 adds support for making AR apps with Windows 10 and its UWP platform and with the HoloLens headset.

A pre-release version of Vuforia 6 was demoed during one of the Build 2016 keynote events in March. The demo showed how an AR app on a Surface tablet could view a flat product catalog from Caterpillar and see a full 3D version of one of the company's front loaders from within the app. Then a person could wear a HoloLens headset and view that same front loader as a full size 3D object, which could be walked around completely.

In a blog post, Vuforia said:

Vuforia introduces an important capability to HoloLens – the ability to attach experiences to specific things in the environment. When combined with HoloLens native capabilities, AR experiences can be expanded and transported to actual size in any environment to provide a virtual showroom. When combined with VuMarks, this capability can be used for guided step-by-step instructions for products or machinery. These experiences have the potential to reduce or even eliminate dependence on cumbersome manuals used by technicians.

The release of Vuforia 6 is also the first version of the SDK to work on Intel and x86-based processor devices.

John Callaham