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Microsoft HoloLens can bring a Caterpillar loader from a flat catalog to a full size 3D model

During its Build 2016 day 2 keynote address, Microsoft showed off another use of its HoloLens augmented reality headset. It was used to help make a product catalog from Caterpillar come to life.

Caterpillar loader

The demo began with the flat catalog page viewed from a camera on a Surface tablet. The page showed a large Caterpillar front loader, but as viewed through the app on the Surface, the page turned into a 3D model of the front loader. Then a person came on stage with a HoloLens headset, and saw the same 3D model that was shown on the Surface.

Then, with a flick of the finger, the HoloLens user brought the 3D front loader out of the page and put into onto the Build keynote stage in a full-sized rendering, complete with sound effects and animation. Users can walk around the entire model and even change aspects of it, such as switching the shovel for a forklift. This kind of app will likely help companies sell large items like Caterpillar's products without having to see them in a physical showroom.

  • The demo would have been better with a 992 Wheel Loader on stage. I used to weld the lift arms for those particular beasts. Here is one for reference: BTW, John, it isn't a shovel. It's a bucket. ;)
  • Man, that thing is massive. O_O
  • When I took the lift arm out of the welding robot (which spent 2 1/2 hours welding non-stop), it weighed around 25,000 pounds. Yeah, it's kinda big. ;)
  • While that is neat, my wife works on designing the skid steers so they picked the right line of machines.
  • Wish I could highlight the link and actually visit it. Windows 10 app still needs a tiny bit of work.
  • One day,we will place objects in our reality before buying from amazon, furniture etc
  • hahaha.
    Laughing in Spanish
  • Bet Ikea charge for 'virtual delivery' haha
  • Laughing in Spanish is jajaja :)  
  • PornHub?
  • Can you not link to videos of these happenings?  Several posts on this site have talked about what happened on stage, but provide no paths to view it for myself. 
  • THis is the Build conference where it costs $1000s to attend. The talks are happening live, recorded by Microsoft and made available later to the people who paid to attend, and eventually they make the video available on a wider basis, but that video is owned by Microsoft and not sites like this one. They can't just post videos belonging to others.
  • I had seen other sites (CNET, IIRC) post vids that Windows Central only talked about, ie the Skype Bot demo.
  • Lol & their uber expensive msdn sub
  • Here's a link to a video of this:
  • This will come in handy. I'm always struggling with catalogs when buying loaders and bulldozers, on a daily basis. On a more serious note, this is actually very cool.
  • 3000$ for coolness though!! :(
  • The future for HoloLens appears limitless. This is a phenomenal product that has the potential to revolutionize sales, marketing and gaming as a bonus
    Hololens, bigger than Ben Hur
  • What a fantastic idea and as its already been said this will be great for education and entertainment also in the retail industry.