New study shows more people love Windows 10 than hate it

We're closing in on a month since the official launch of Windows 10. Millions of people have had a good amount of time to react to it, and it looks like overall impressions are positive. According to a study done by Brandwatch, which measured the response to Windows 10 on social media, the number of people who love Windows 10 far outnumbers those who hate it.

In all, 92% of responses have been positive, but Brandwatch does note that hostility is growing slightly, with 100 people expressing negative reactions for every 500 the profess a positive experience.

Windows 10 Love vs Hate

BrandWatch also took a look at which features were the most popular according to positive and negative mentions. Cortana is in the lead, with just over 80% of people expressing love for the digital assistant. Following behind Cortana (in order) are Edge, Xbox integration, Start Menu, Multiple Desktops, Action Center, and the taskbar.

At the bottom of the list is the Office Suite, with right around 40% of people in the study expressing a positive experience.

Windows 10 Feature rankings

Keep in mind that this study comes from a relatively small sample size of just 7,000 persons, and is by no means definitive given there are many millions of Windows 10 users out in the wild now. However, the study does provide an interesting look at how Windows 10's features are doing, as well as the OS overall.

Source: Brandwatch

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  • Well that's good then.
  • haha Cortana is most loved by iOS and android users.
  • No.
  • I am an Android user, and I love Cortana. It works better for me than Google Now. I cant wait to get Cortana on my Android phone.
  • I'm really surprised that the start menu isn't the first. Then again, people were ticked about Windows 8 being different, but people were also ticked that Windows 10 is not like 8 because they had just gotten use to it.
  • I'd say 10 is more like 8 than it is like 7. Aside from the crippled OneDrive and the hackneyed start menu, Windows 10 really is just an outgrowth of 8.1.
  • I can agree with that in some aspects. The tablet mode for Windows 10 is pretty much really similar to Windows 8 except you could access the desktop. Which, I really like in Windows 10 that you don't go to the desktop anymore in tablet mode anymore so its better as a tablet environment.
  • Except they stripped just about all of the gestures that made tablet mode easy to use.
  • Well, I for one am glad they stripped down the gestures. Trying to navigate Windows 8 on a little trackpad was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! And that was on a 2-in-1 with touch capability. I When using it like a desktop, those features made things super difficult! Now, I suppose the optimal solution would be to have all the Windows 8 gestures and more be available on 10 when it's in Tablet Mode, but then have them be disabled in Desktop Mode, with no more (or few more) gestures than 7 had. That would be the ideal. Absolutely. But since even on my 2-in-1, I use it as a netbook way more than as a tablet, if it's gotta be all or nothing on the gestures, I say nothing. No question! I will agree that I'm glad they made a stark contrast between desktop and tablet mode in 10. One of my chief complaints with 8 was that "8 desktop" was way too much "tablet", "8 tablet" was way too much "desktop", and there was virtually no perceptible difference between the two. 10 definitely fixes that objection! But features aside, while I have no problem with them changing the orientation of the tablet start screen from horizontal to vertical, I do have a problem with how limited the new start screen is in terms of space for apps. The horizontal scrolling on the 8 start screen was more or less potentially infinite, was it not - limited only by how many apps you had pinned to it, right? It stands to reason then that the vertical scrolling on 10 should likewise be theoretically unlimited. But it's not. Instead, it gives you that three or four cluster setup, and that's it. That's no bueno! So fix the start screen app space, and make it so that gestures will work again in Tablet WITHOUT making them also work in Desktop (or give us ample hamburger menus), and we'll be mostly set! :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You can resize the start menu both horizontally and vertically if you want more room, i added an extra column of tiles to mine
  • Oh, I know you can resize the start menu. But it doesn't change the total number of tiles you can have, it just changes the amount of scrolling you have to do. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • i loved windows 8.1 too but then again i used clasic shell, but after spending months on 10 desktop i was forced to use 8.1 for 24 hours, going back to 8.1 i absolutly hated my 24 hours with it, so yeh its alot to do with what you get used too.  I just wish theyd stick program files back on the start menu
  • Windows 10 for tablets is a disaster.. It really sucks..
  • Tablet mode is really bad for many who regularly use 8.1 on a tablet. I'm very curious what a purely tablet satisfaction rating would look like
  • Meh its okay on my nextbook
  • I also have it on a Nextbook. I'm rockin the 11, are you on 11 or 10? But I have hardly used tablet mode on it, so I only know it superficially. Maybe I need to spend more time in that mode, eh? I LOVE that tablet mode and desktop mode are so very different from each other in 10, and that desktop is so very desktop while tablet is so very tablet. That was one of my chief complaints about 8: desktop mode was way too tablet, and tablet mode was way too desktop, and while there technically distinct desktop and tablet modes, there was virtually nothing that distinguished them. 10 totally fixes that complaint. But if 10's tablet mode needs some serious work, then rather than staying even closer to desktop, I should probably dig in to tablet, and see for myself, in order to make intelligent contributions in the feedback app. Cheers! p.s. if you're on the 11, I wonder if you are having the same issue I am. Functionally, Win10 works perfect on mine, but there's one cosmetic problem that is a real bummer for me: when you have 10 set to pull a color from the background and then have your background on a slide show, the color of the start menu etc is supposed to change every time the background changes. Mine will pull a color when you first boot up the computer (or when you first enable/re-enable) the setting. But then it'll just stay on that color even as the backgrounds continue to change. I've contacted Nextbook about it, they told me to roll back to 8, make sure I get every update in 8, then upgrade again to 10. I did this and it still didn't fix the problem. Do your colors rotate okay? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Taskbar still doesn't autohide
  • It does for me
  • Does for me and a bunch of others.
  • Mine does
  • Haters gonna hate
  • It does not hide for a bunch of people. The interesting thing in regards to is if you toggle it on and off and actually look at it. by default the toolbar is black solid and if you turn auto hide on it becomes semi transparent. I'd say MS broke something in regards to that somewhere. I'm not sure if you did an update or a clean install though ( i did an update and see this happen, i dunno if the people having it work did clean installs though) 
  • Its NOT black and non-transparent.  I've not touched a single setting related to it and its darkish and slightly transparent.  Far less intrusive than the bright sparkly bullshit in 7 and 8.
  • Sorry, what? I prefer Windows 7 because it actually works and looks nice. I hate solid colors. They're just solid colors. Nothing more, nothing less.  
  • You can enable it just by pressing right click on the task bar and then press properties and you will see the option to enable it with other cool options
  • That literally doesn't work for a lot of people. A number of my friends have the same exact issue where it just goes semi transparent unless there is 0 stuff active really. Like if skype has ANY notifications it will not auto hide. Any kind of "update" does this . 
  • Trust me, we know how to activate auto hide. It just doesn't work properly. Mine stops hiding once I press the Start button. Then I have to disable and enable autohide again.
    Mind you, I've only done an upgrade from win 7. Not a clean install. Don't know if that will make a difference.
  • I had this problem before I did a clean install. It seems to be 95% fixed after the clean install.
  • Yes, it's intermittent. Disabling then reenable autohide seems to fix it...until it happens again.
  • I did a clean install and I have ZERO problems with this OS.  It is quick and snappy and I could not be happier. Desktop.
  • lot of times it is Cortana - that steals away the "attention focus" - e.g. after sleep - you can try to click on Cortana search bar - and then elsewhere - often works - that's one problem at least I'm having
  • Why would people hate multiple desktops lol, its like the most subtle feature of windows 10 haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tried using it and always crashes the other desktop when I drag and drop an app from the active one to the new one for some reason. This was two updates ago, so it might have been fixed since then.
  • I did upgrade to 10 on top of 8.1 just in case I wanted to roll back wait a while and I did though it's only temporary. I didn't get Cortana to work until I did a reboot and I am thinking the taskbar issue maybe didn't get fully loaded for some reason. Generally when upgrading to a new OS from Microsoft the process reboots about 2-3 times so thinking folks who is still have issues give it another reboot and if continues one more reboot. I say this especially if upgrading on top of another OS. If the problems still exist then there is a problem somewhere but it's not happening to everyone. 
  • Because it doesn't work as you expect it to.... Try this, open an edge on one desktop, then try starting a new one on a second desktop....
  • Not available in tablet mode, which is confusing when you're looking at a desktop.
  • It is not supposed to work that way.
  • It works identically to the OSX multiple desktops.
  • I don't think this is true. It works exactly how OS X multiple desktops USED to work. There aren't multiple desktops on OS X anymore, as far as I can tell. There is only full screening applications and they show on their OWN "desktop" now, except they're full screen so there is no desktop. When you unfullscreen them they go back to the only actual desktop. Basically, its retarded. Multiple desktops is WAY better in Windows 10 than that.
  • Nothing has changed, they're still like that. You can create multiple desktops in OS X just like in Win 10, and a fullscreen app behaves like another "desktop" (with no real desktop, obviously).
  • I've never liked it since the power toy in XP and don't find any advantage over just using one with many applications on it. Monitors are fairly cheap so I added three of them to my setup making 4 desktops on my SP3. When you can spread out real estate it is much more useful.
  • Same here. There were always quirks. The best implementation I ever found was in the Litestep replacement shell, but replacing the shell has become impossible now.
  • Multiple desktops are helpful when you need to switch context, even with multiple monitors. For example, a programmer might be coding on one, have build / deployment tools on the other and testing -specific stuff on the third. These are specific tasks that relate to the same thing but might be complicated enough to warrant multiple applications / windows, and presence from user, so it's better to get them out of the way when they are not needed but still quickly accessible. Basically, multiple desktops help in any situation where you have more than one moderately complicated things to do in a relatively short timeframe.
  • Because it is not available in tablet mode, won't come to phones, accessibility is rubbish, and there are no widgets/tiles. The whole UI-implementation of W10 is overly complicated. I'd hopes, that they would turn the desktop into an Android-like environment and simply offer the choice between a full-featured start menu or full screen app drawer. MS luck is, that desktop users will keep "sales" up, while for mobile users it is simply garbage. Maybe, in the end most people will finally upgrade, but wasn't W10 supposed to be MSFTs last chance in the mobile sphere?
  • they have 70 billion of last chances, but as far as im concerned windows 10 nails it, its fantastic and a great comprimise for someone like me that liked my live tiles and metro system and salso wants my phone and desktop to be closer linked.  I love windows 10 so to me and im guessing alot of people we are very happy with windows 10 desktop.
  • For me personally, there is nothing to hate about it for desktop use. I love Windows 10.
  • Same. I love it so much! Much better than Windows 8.1!
  • I'm liking it too, but I'm having several issues with playing videos that I hadn't with 8.1. The movies app crashes 90% of the times and sometimes the system gets slow. I'm assuming it is because I updated instead of fresh installing it and because my laptop is quite old. When I have time I'll do a fresh install to see if things get better.
  • You should use VLC to play video files. And try getting CCleaner and clear all the registry issues, I'm sure you'll get your speed back.
  • i use vlc its free and then kodi and  powerdvd.  I wish theyd included dvd and blue ray suport in their media player.  My movies app doesnt crash and i did a fresh install.  I just dont use it cause it doesnt shouw thumbnails of my movie collection like kodi does and well its just that power dvd and vlc do everything so.
  • Other than the new OneDrive I agree with you =).
  • I hated it designed for tablets! yuk! win 7 the best and well 7 does what i need so no point upgrading. Windows phone on other hand way better. 
  • W-10 Phone will love it or hate it?
  • I love the desktop Windows 10, with some caveats. But Windows 10 mobile is the worst mobile OS I've ever used. It's so inferior to 8.1 I'm astounded they even let it out in the wild.
  • I know right, it's almost like it's not finished or something.
  • It is obviously unfinished need to understand the meaning of preview first...especially technical preview
  • I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is the point Nik was making.
  • Sarcasm is lost on some people Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Duh, it's unfinished, but that's not what's wrong with it. The design is a travesty, especially of things like the mail app, which is in pretty much every way inferior to 8.1. Too, performance is shit, though that may be merely a matter of optimization at the end. Windows 10 mobile as a whole, though, is a step backwards from 8.1, and not for the better in most cases.
  • I don't get it. Why do you say it's a step backwards? What feature(s) does WP8.1 have that W10M doesn't?
  • I like it. I just wish I could have a dark theme for mail. I hear its being considered.
  • I agree, just as Windows 10 is a step backwards for the desktop. It's funny how people complain that Windows was stale, gave them something new, hated it, gave them something old, loved it again. Windows 10 is exactly like the Coke classic phenomenon.
  • Hmmm. That's a pretty lame analogy, to be honest. First, is it laughably reductionist to draw a one to one correlation between 10 and 7, as in "Windows went back to 7". In fact, if anything, there's still more "8" DNA than "7" in the new Start menu, as well as the OS's reliance on apps and the store, not to mention that there even is a tablet mode. 10 is still quite a bit more more like 8 than 7 even if it has brought back many of the 7 trappings that the people pined for. Second, as you appear to be one of those voices that says "8 was better", you kinda shoot yourself in the foot with your own analogy because by necessity, if Windows 10 is "the Coke Classic phenomenon", then Windows 8 is the even bigger "New Coke debacle". Windows 10 strives to be a best of both worlds between 7 and 8. Is it perfect? Absolutely not (though thanks to "waas" we will never have to wait long for updates). Is it even a perfect "best of both worlds"? No. There are good things about 8 that are missing in 10, and good things about 7 missing in 10. But big picture, it's a great best of both worlds compromise, and will only get better from here. Therefore, I think rather than talking Coke, I think the better analogy for 10 is Baby Bear's porridge. Seven was too cold. Eight was too hot (or vice versa, if you prefer), and Ten is [more or less] juuuuuust right! And besides, progress is generally good, of course. But what of progress for progress' own sake when you're heading for a cliff? 10 doesn't abandon progress by any means. In many important ways it's more progressive than anything else out on the market - period. But steering the ship right after you've steered too far left is nothing but a matter of good course correction. p.s. I rather like Coke Classic, thank you! :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I don't use Windows Phone as my daily driver. I use a Galaxy Note 3 Android phone. However, I do have a little Lumia 520 with no cell service (just WiFi) that I used, initially, to play around with Windows 8.1, and now, to play around with Windows 10 - to see if I might want to make my next phone a Windows Phone (I'd say the chances are pretty good). So take this with the caveat that I haven't really had a chance to TRULY immerse in either 8 mobile or 10 mobile, but I am liking 10 significantly better than 8. The looks, the feels, the store....everything. It's one thing to understand a position that you can't sympathize with, but I'm not even sure I can understand why one would like 8 so much better than 10. I guess I just can't see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • And after it's finished, the story will change to "It just came out, of course it's not perfect yet."
  • Yeah, its like Marmite here in the UK. You either love it, or you hate it.
  • Lol you just reminded me of a clip from asdf movie saying marmite
  • "Nobody loves marmite" or how it goes. Seems to be the same stance most people on here have about windows phone.
  • i have it on windows 10 phone and wile somethings are very nice it doesnt even come close to 8.1 on the phone, i found that 8.1 phone awsome, unfortunatly the latest version of 10 mobile is even buggyer than any other the other 3-4 builds i have tried.  And im on a flagship 930.  I hope they can bring the great desktop version closer into the phone as its not buggy and very smooth.   just look at the outlook mail and calender on the mbile 10 and youll get a good idea how some things have been ruined.
  • Windows 10 Pro on my Dell XPS 27 desktop is impressive. I bypassed the "phased roll out" and downloaded Windows 10 directly from Microsoft's website.
  • Yes. W10 on my XPS 2720 is slick as hell.
  • What so slick about it?
  • Surprised by % of people who hate multiple desktops!
  • Isn't multiple desktops pretty much every damn Android tablet?
  • Um, no.
  • Android doesnt have a desktop at all.