New to Us: Didiom for Streaming your Desktop Music

One big gripe about our devices are they don't hold enough music. One big solution: get access to the massive library you've got sitting on your desktop. Companies like LobsterTunes and Orb realized that and got a head start on streaming your entire library to your phone. Didiom plans to hop on that bandwagon with a little more oomph.

To begin, its a free download (in beta) that lets you stream your entire music library to your phone over a cellular network. Didiom is hoping that you'll install their software for you own music and then head on over to their marketplace, where they've got a library of over 1.5 million DRM-free tracks.  They've also added in something they're calling "adaptive bargaining" where you name what you're willing to pay, Priceline-style, and their "sophisticated algorithm" will let you know if they'll sell at that price.

 They just added support for VGA WinMo devices, too.  Seems like a decent enough service, though it would be nice if they had a wider selection of music (not that we don't heart CD Baby) and if it worked outside the US.

Video after the break for those looking for more info. Anybody given Didiom a shot?  


Dieter Bohn
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  • I have used it sporadically for the last few months and it works pretty good. The interface is snappy. Your computer at home must have be logged in to the service to work, which on occasion had not been logged in when I was away and trying to listen to Itunes. I also have yet to find any music on their site worth buying, but it has been a few months since I looked last.