The new version of Microsoft Edge might come to Linux

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What you need to know

  • The version of Microsoft Edge powered by Chromium might be coming to Linux.
  • The Microsoft Edge team is "fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux."
  • A Microsoft engineer sent out a survey asking developers for information that could help in Edge's development for Linux.

The Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge might be coming to Linux in the future. The Microsoft Edge team is "fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux" and has sent out a survey for Linux developers (opens in new tab) to find out more information. Sean Larkin, a Microsoft Engineer who works on Edge and other projects, shared the survey on Twitter.

The survey is short and only asks five questions:

  1. What distribution(s) of Linux is most important to you for web development?
  2. What scenarios do you primarily use web browsers on Linux for?
  3. If you use multiple distributions for different scenarios (CI/CD, personal, work, development), please specify which ones are important to which scenarios.
  4. How do you expect to install web browsers on your Linux devices?
  5. Please share any other details or needs you have for a browser on Linux to meet your development, testing, and/or CI/CD needs.

These questions will help the Microsoft Edge team determine the best route to take moving forward regarding Microsoft Edge and Linux. Chromium is already very popular among Linux users, but only time will tell if users would migrate to a Microsoft browser powered by Chromium.

Microsoft Edge is already available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Mac in either public or preview form. Bringing it to Linux would mean the browser is on every major platform.

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  • Meh. Bring office to linux and you'll have my attention
  • No thanks, we're good.
  • If having Edge on Linux means that MS will be slurping up my browsing habits and trying to monetize my activities while using Edge, then I won't use it.
    I must admit that I am skeptical that MS can place a no-tracking version of Edge in the Linux world. It's not in their DNA anymore, just like Google.
  • Very excited for this. As someone whose constantly bouncing between VM's, as much as I've loved chromium-Edge, not being on linux has been a hurdle to fully adopting the browser.
  • I think Microsoft should just wrap all their Linux ports together in one big Microsoft download: edge, Skype, visual studio code, asp dotnet... and make Linux people swallow it all as one pill.... all Linux people are hacker programmer types... therefore Microsoft should cater to them by including Microsoft web dotnet dev tools with edge browser... it’s not really for non/computer science types...