New Windows Phone Mango square logo gets official

Back in May, we first saw the new flat, square (tile) look to the Windows Phone logo when we managed to get our hands on an exclusive back decal for our Focus (yeah, we're in the club). And when you boot up "Mango" from build 7710 and up, you can also see the new logo on display (see the Nokia Sea Ray video).

Therefore it should come as no surprise that Microsoft is now endorsing this as the official new look to Windows Phone going forward. It's obviously non-3D, no chrome and visually represents the "tile" system in a minimalist way. To that end, we really like it. NanaPho have done a real good job of recapitulating the continued sightings of the new logo, going back a few months.

Although we do wonder, will it change upon every new re-release or is this just a late re-adjustment? Anyways, sound off in comments on your thoughts. And should Microsoft get a logo/mascot ala Android? (Personally, we're against it).

Source: Shinobu Takahashi's MSDN blog (opens in new tab) ;via Nanapho

Daniel Rubino

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  • Where can I get that case for my Focus!
  • It's just a decal. Microsoft has 'em, they had very few when we met with them--in fact, we had to ask/beg to get one, but they were very accommodating as usual.
  • i like the round one better even if this is a better METRO UI style. ( round looks better on my Se.Xy round corner FOCUS )Edit .. why does it Filter **** !
  • I wish they would have stuck with the circle logo. I know, the square is more signature-tile-ish. But I find the circle version more appealing.
  • Yeah i like the circle logo more too. It's unimportant I guess but we like what we like.
  • @ Se1fcr3ation: It must be too S E X Y LOL
  • Bypassing the naughty word filter is a 'bannable' offence :P
  • lmao! he dint notice mine ;) . ok fine you win , I find the round logo more *attractive* on my *Attractive* Focus
  • What's in the boooooox!
  • I like them both. But unless they are going to change the tiles from squares to circles, it's seems like the right thing to do.
  • Looks good, but I thought the windows logo inside the box would be square as well like the windows store this:
  • For the moment I find the round logo to be more pleasing to the eye. But I guess they do have to stick to the motifs of the UI. About the mascot, I think it has helped android quite a bit, but maybe if they tried making the phone itself a mascot, people would liked it. I mean have commercials with the phone actually "walking" around, looking at different things and "bing"-ing them to see or hear what they are. To personify a phone is to make it more appealing to alot of people.
  • Personally, I am Team Square.
  • I like square one more - it is a bit less Start-button-like ;-)
  • Mascots? I sort of took a liking to the little creatures AT&T uses in their adverts for now. But on the square logo, I'm on board with it as the official WP7 logo.