New Windows Phones featured in the WPCentral Forums

So you've battled the elements, traffic and long lines and have gotten your hands on a new Windows Phone. While you're waiting for your new Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 or HTC 8X to charge up you can head over to the WPCentral Forums and chat it up about your new phone.

We have a new HTC 8X forum where you can discuss everything from Verizon's offerings (opens in new tab) to performance issues with the 8X. (opens in new tab)

Then there's the new forums for the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820. Discussions are ranging from availability (opens in new tab) to tips on picking the right color. (opens in new tab)

We also have new forum areas for the HTC 8S and Samsung ATIV S. So if you're in the mood to chat or are just looking for some insight on your new Windows Phone device, just kick back, relax and head on over to the Windows Phone Central Forums. (opens in new tab)

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  • I see an issue...with 920. Hopefully it is not a problem, but the phone is running hot. I am used to Samsung Focus, which always runs cold.
  • That's dual core for ya.
  • I got myself a 920 (Black) today, on EE 4G, and I've only noticed it run hot depending on the softwarre I used. This is the same as my old Samsung Omnia 7, which used to run hot depending on the app I ran. Bejewelled 2 was a killer for the battery, and made my Omnia run pretty hot.
  • Cany WPCentral open up a forum for Verizon's Nokia Lumia 822? It would be much appreciated!
  • IF You like your windows phone like I do please do not visit or download (the verge or Engadget ) weg site or their app they don't deserve for us to even read or see what they have to say of any WP after the bad reviews they did of the Lumia 920 wich is a wonderful and powerful device so please run the voice to every site you visit pleaseeee we have to let them know that we know why they are doing this bcuz apple is advertising their products in those sites. And is olso obvious that the money thay are making have more Value than their moral thanks a million