New Xbox console is on the way, as well as 'console-quality' gaming on any device

At E3 2018, Microsoft showcased its commitment to investing in gaming, announcing studio acquisitions, tons of new games, and much more. Notably, they also teased a brand new Xbox console, and their widely-expected streaming service.

Speaking on stage at E3 2018, gaming head Phil Spencer reiterated the company's commitment to industry-leading hardware, saying that Microsoft want to ensure that Xbox remains the best place to play, "setting the benchmark" for console gaming.

Additionally, Spencer said that the teams at Microsoft Research are working on new technology specifically to deliver "console-quality" game streaming to your devices, whether it's PC, consoles, or mobile phones.

Cloud streaming is the way AAA developers and Microsoft hope to reach the billions of mobile devices that are traditionally known for transitory experiences with predatory pay-to-win microtransactions. Given Microsoft's dedication to the cloud, they're quite easily the company most likely to mainstream this technology.

For more information on Xbox's announcements, head over here: E3 2018.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Windows Core OS based mobile phones Phil?
  • I doubt it will stream to MY devices, hp elite x3 and a palm pre 2 :P
  • Hopefully devs are hard at work on games for the new console already. I think Halo Infinite will slip to become a launch title.
  • Mobile games are the reason micro transactiona exists on console / pc games. I never supported any of them.
  • Consoles plural. A new s and a new x. Maybe the new s is less powerful than x and more than current s. But a new more powerful x too I expect.
  • Maybe portable one like Switch.... :) That would be Dream come true for me....
  • I wonder if the new consoler will also use Windows Core OS for it too, and hopefully support for WMR which is a long overdue. We will also going to see the promise of the same compatibility of games from Xbox One series. If that's the case, then it will be still x86-64 based system like currently is. Game streaming to phones is a long overdue also. They have to do this even before the next console. Maybe with Andromeda release?
  • We are in the last console generation. No matter what comes next or what they call it it will be Xbox one.
  • They need to put out some games for the consoles already out, before they think of newer consoles.
  • They are showing a wide investment. Not just in games but in tallent and hardware and cloud and AI.
  • Still say windows mobile could have been a gaming platform instead of a traditional mobile since it wasn't working in the battle against Android and iOS. Add something unique to with Xbox features, apps, phone capabilities and we had basically a advance Nintendo ds
  • If they are working on newer hardware like said, then they should have some kind of trade in or upgrade program for people that already purchases newer versions of the console. Buying a newer version of an Xbox One X every new console cycle can get pretty hefty over time. Another thing to look at is with development of newer hardware, is that going to force people to upgrade their Xbox One S consoles to newer versions to continue playing newer games. Or will they still continue having developers make games for the lower spec consoles and upgraded versions for the newer consoles? These are questions that need to be asked and answered for not just me, but I also got to think that is in the back of other people's minds as well.